The Macaca Awards! And the Winners Are…

In this last post about this round of the 1st Semi-Regular Macaca Awards, let’s remember what the award is all about.  Once again, I will borrow the words of my handsome and talented collaborator, Tengrain, of Mock, Paper, Scissors:

It seems so long ago that George Allen uttered the words that moved a generation (and sank his political career), and forever seared the word Macaca into our collective brain.
And so we honor all that is appalling in American Politics with the First Semi-Regular Macaca Awards.

macacaawardannouncement-1(Image courtesy of Tengrain)

Welcome our special presenters who will be handing out the awards.

The first category was Outstanding Achievement in Grifting, and to present the award, we have Dick Armey, the Granddaddy of all grifters. Armey joined FreedomWorks, because he “came to recognize that grassroots action is the most important factor to winning at politics. That’s what FreedomWorks is all about.” Of course, the “grassroots” organization is funded by billionaires, Big Business, and Big Oil. But that doesn’t bother an old lobbyist like Dick.


And the winner is…..


Princess Sarah Palin!  Princess Sarah was here earlier to pick up her Macaca, but she had to leave, because she has to return the dress she bought for the event before the store closes.

The second category was Outstanding Achievement in Race Baiting, and to present the award, we have Pat Buchanan.  Who better than the guy who penned A Brief for Whitey?


And the winner is…..


Glenn Beck!  Glenn would say a few words, but he can’t seem to stop crying.

The third category was Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism. I bet you already know who will be presenting this award!  Of course, it’s Rush Limbaugh, and you all know why.

rushlimbaughpresenterAnd the winner is…..

rupertmurdochmacacaRupert Murdoch!  Uncle Rupie could not be here, xbecause, let’s face it, he’s rich as hell, and he doesn’t really give a shitx but he sent a picture of himself waving.

The fourth category was Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Fundamentalist Christian Theocracy and Pooping on the First Amendment, and we could think of nobody more deserving to present the award than Pat Robertson.  Is he grinning or just grimacing at the mega-hernia he got from lifting 2000 pounds with his legs?


And the winner is…..


Tony Perkins!  Tony was here earlier, but he had to run back to his Family Research Council and shine his halo.  With hundred-dollar bills.

The last category was Outstanding Achievement in Humpin’ While Bible-Thumpin’, and if anyone other than Newt Gingrich presented it, it just wouldn’t be worth winning!

And the winner is…..

OMG!!! Look away!!! We don’t know what the hell George Alan Rekers is doing with that statuette! Get that image out of your mind by checking all the poll results over at the MPS link at the top.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 1st Semi-Regular Macaca Awards. We’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. Thanks to all who voted and commented. Well, I guess this is the end…
Hope to see you next time.

Allow me just one personal note…


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33 responses to “The Macaca Awards! And the Winners Are…

  1. Oh, Wow! An original Raisinette for me?!

    I’m not worthy…



    PS, Thanks Nonnie for everything: you totally rule.

    • you most certainly are worthy, tengrain, and i couldn’t have done this without you. thanks so much for such a fun experience. i can’t wait to do it again. 😀

  2. jean-philippe

    Poor Christine. That’s a lot of losses for a single night. At least now she can go teach constitutional law at Harvard.

    • i’m watching her concession speech right now. she’s so moronic that it’s not even funny. she never wanted to win. she only wanted the notoriety so she doesn’t have to work for a living. she wants to be a tv pundit who only has to pop up on faux news every once in a while and say something imbecilic. 🙄

      • jean-philippe

        I hope for her she won’t be told she’s too dumb for Fox News.

        • i don’t think she’ll get a job at faux news. she might show up every once in a while as a guest for a sound byte, but what would she add? the network is already packed with bimboes who are better looking than she is. i doubt she has enough of a following to make it worthwhile to have her around.

  3. jeb

    ROFLMAO! Nonnie, the now serving number 3 on Newtie’s tux is priceless!

    Thanks to both of you for putting together such a vital and important awards show and congratulations to all of the slimeball winners.

  4. “Now serving 03.”

    That is nothing short of brilliant!

    Very well done, both of you. This is good stuff.

    • thank you, wken. i decided to dress the presenter guys up a little bit, and i had no idea what to do with newtie. as you can see from what finally occurred to me, i spend much too much time waiting in line at the deli counter.

  5. One of the best presentations ever. Kudos to you, Nonnie, and that baby-faced assassin, 10G.


  6. George Alan Rekers

    Arrghhhhhhhhhhhh. It burns. It burnses. 😯

  7. Late to the party but i will look up what this award is all about…

  8. Now, that’s an impressive awards ceremony. It almost makes up for election night.

  9. Shit! My tickets were not at Will-Call! So I had to watch this fabulous show on the series of tubes thing in Washington D.C.; but I can see now I missed one hell of a great party!

    And hey— that little honky lawn jockey is way too thin— Tengrain needs to add a couple hundred kilos to that little tool.

    I can’t wait for the next semi-regular presentation, dammit!

  10. I love this and need a laugh today after the demise of my two favorite Congress Critters: Grayson and Feingold. 😦

    • i’m heartbroken over russ feingold, and i can’t believe most of the results in floriduhhhh. however, it will be fun watching the rethugs/teabaggers fighting amongst themselves.

      • I will say this. Losing Feingold put tears in my eyes last night. I am still in shock that WI got so stupid last night. Kohl would be no loss, but Russ is a huge one.

        • that’s the loss that really and truly breaks my heart, tattoohero. i think that there’s going to be an epidemic of buyer’s remorse a year from now, if not sooner.

  11. jenn/ jlms qkw

    you and tengrain both rock! thanks for all the smiles on this!

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  13. this was brilliant and one of the best smackdowns evuh!

    hats off to you nonnie and tg….

    i cant wait to see when Rand and DemInt win their awards next year

  14. You’ve got a real hit here and the Newt ticker is perfect! Reminds me of the tale that Sally Fields told of dating Burt Reynolds, saying she would go out to his house and there was one of those deli number things. “It had number 88 on it”she said, “but the line moved fast!”

    • the newt ticker turned out to be one of the most popular things in the entire series. it was a surprise to me, because it was a last minute addition. i had accessorized all the other presenters, but i couldn’t think of anything for newtie. i finally thought of the counter and added it out of desperation.