Harry Reid Mans Up!


The race for Senator in Nevada came down to which group was motivated to vote more for their candidate. The winner is incumbent Harry Reid, who was able to beat back a formidable, Tea Party-backed Republican opponent. Preliminary results from the CBS News exit poll in Nevada showed that 11% percent of the electorate decided whom to vote for within the last three days or sometime within the last week. A majority of this group went to Reid, the Democratic incumbent […].

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Those who made their decisions earlier were divided about voting for Reid or for his Republican opponent Sharron Angle. Angle is the darling of the Tea Party movement with an endorsement from Sarah Palin. She campaigned portraying Reid as out of touch with Nevada voters, and she was able to tap into voter anger, frustration and fears of the lagging economy.


Three out of 10 Nevada voters say they’re very worried that they or a family member will lose a home because of foreclosure, and 51 percent of this group supported Angle, while 24 percent were somewhat worried and 52 percent of this group support Reid.

Angle angered the Republican business community and moderate Republicans in the state, and many business leaders and the Chamber of Commerce endorsed Reid. Some of her stands are perceived as strange, like massages for prisoners going through drug detox, linking abortion to breast cancer and eliminating the Depts. of Energy and Education, plus making racist comments.

From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won re-election with overwhelming support from minority voters, an Associated Press analysis of preliminary exit poll results showed Tuesday night.

The Democrat bested Republican challenger Sharron Angle among all nonwhite voters surveyed, including about two-thirds of Hispanics, about eight in 10 blacks and about three-quarters of Asians.

Polls show minorities made up more than four in 10 Reid voters.

Seven in 10 voters overall were white, and Angle was supported by more than half of them.

Race became a visible issue in the nasty campaign after ads and gaffes by Angle generated complaints from Reid’s campaign and some voters. Angle maintained that it was Reid who was fixated on race, not her.


Reid retained a higher percentage of votes from voters who called themselves Democratic than Angle garnered from those who consider themselves Republican. Reid also won despite attracting far fewer voters calling themselves independent than in 2004. Half of them voted for Angle.


Nearly six in 10 Nevada voters said the nationwide tea party movement wasn’t a factor in their vote in the 2010 Senate race.

The exit and telephone poll of early and absentee voters showed nearly four in 10 voters say they support the conservative movement. That was slightly more than the number of voters who said they oppose the movement.

Nearly one in four voters said they have neutral feelings about the tea party. As expected, tea party backers overwhelmingly picked Angle. Reid was picked as strongly by those opposed to the movement.

More than seven in 10 voters surveyed said they were either dissatisfied or angry over the way the federal government works.

Fewer than four in 10 voters said they strongly favored the Senate candidate they voted for — about as many said they disliked the other candidates. Nearly one-quarter said they liked their candidate, but with reservations.


The top issue for voters this election was the economy, with two-thirds of voters naming it as more important than the war in Afghanistan, health care and illegal immigration. Those who picked the economy were split about evenly in their support of Angle and Reid. Nearly six in 10 voters who said illegal immigration was the top issue backed Angle, while more than two-thirds who identified health care backed Reid.

I am so thrilled that we no longer have to listen to that radio talk-show shrew Heidi Harris go on and on about how Sharron the Obtuse Angle is going to win.


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32 responses to “Harry Reid Mans Up!

  1. Obtuse Angle never should have done so well. Helps having money pour in from mystery donors to the tune of millions.

    (Love the teabag! 😀 )

    • hello blue gal,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      it’s an honor to have you here. i am a frequent visitor at your site. thanks so much for the kind comment. hope you’ll stop by again soon.

  2. GreenApples

    Let’s hope Harry keeps up the fight. There’s going to be one!

    • i think he will. however, i think there will be a degree of standing aside and allowing jim demint, yertle mcconnell, and their respective teams to attack and damage each other.

  3. jeb

    Now if Harry can just grow a pair and be a real Majority Leader (although I doubt it). Still, beats having a stark raving mouth-foaming lunatic in the Senate (well, another one anyway).

    • i think harry gets a bad rap. he’s certainly not perfect, but there has to be a reason why other senators voted for him to be majority leader. we only see what goes on in public. i think harry is much different behind closed doors. he finagled the obtuse angle winning against sue lowden and then out-maneuvered the obtuse angle when everyone counted him out, even when she had money pouring in from everywhere. he seems to be pretty good at strategery.

      • jeb

        Sure he’s not perfect, but there have been times where it seemed the better strategery would have been to tell the Rethugs to F-Off. Especially during the dark years of the Bu$h administration when he was the minority leader. There are times you give them enough rope to hang themselves and there are other times where you plant your feet and refuse to budge. I felt he was a little too much like Daschle at times, willing to compromise too much with those bastards who weren’t really compromising but screwing the country and the opposition for sport and fun. He’s going to have his hands full now because even though he’s got the majority, they’re already talking about their mandate (a mandate for the Rethugs is when they find out one other person agrees with something they said).

        • we have to remember that he not only had to deal with the rethugs, but with the blue dogs and the likes of joe mcliebercain. i think he tried to work some of the moderate rethugs who couldn’t come out into the open and say anything against their party but were trying to fashion some kind of deal. he also has to consider the white house and what they want. i think in some cases, he was actually covering for them.

          i don’t mean to defend everything harry did. he made plenty of mistakes. however, there has to be a reason why other senators keep voting for him to be leader. it could be that harry is a lot tougher and sneakier than he appears to us, or it could be that nobody else really wants the job. let’s just hope that the dems correctly interpret the kick in the ass they just got. ~sigh~ what are the chances?

  4. fabucat

    Dems should examine Harry’s ground campaign and replicate it thousandfold!

    • hello fabucat,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i think you’re on to something. dems should study harry’s campaign, beginning when sue lowden entered the picture. now would be a good time to begin, because there will be even more money being poured into rethug campaigns next time. kkkarl rove and his thugs have already said they’ll be running ads during the entire lame duck session.

  5. That was the most pleasant surprise of the night–Reid stomped Obtuse.

  6. Congratulations on Reid’s re-election and the defeat of the obtuse angle. I’ll hoist a cold one for ya later.

  7. So glad Angle didn’t win and Harry Reid prevailed. I think that this is the one bright spot in this election! (That and Christine O’Donnell losing). Angle was truly scary, even though she was not a witch like Christine. 😉

    • there were a few bright spots–the ones you mentioned, raese losing in west virginia, bennet hanging on in colorado, and patty murray in washington. i loved paladino getting his ass kicked in new yawk, and thank goodness the hatemonger tom tancredo lost in colorado.

  8. jean-philippe

    The forces of evil had only one thing to do to get rid of the Senate leader: put a decent human being against Reid. A cardboard image of Reagan would have done it as well.

    This is going to go in history books as one of the dumbest political moves ever.

    • sue lowden would have won, but harry somehow manipulated the rethugs in nevada so that they voted against her and for angle. some of it was luck. if lowden hadn’t made the chicken remark, there would not have been so much to ridicule her with. however, after that, harry’s team got the job done.

  9. we really do have to thank Palin for helping the Dems keep the senate – after all – Miller, Fiorina, Angle, ODonnell, Buck, Raese — that is 0 for 6

    yes she had some wins – but she lost ALL the big ones. except Todd’s, which probably isnt that big…

    with mcchins ALREADY saying publicly he is out to get rid of obama – lets see what these guys do to show some fight

    i am not holding my breath

    • dcAp,

      she had some wins, because she waited to see which way the wind was blowing before she made most of her endorsements. in the case of miller, she only endorsed him, because she hates murkowski. i’m no fan of lisa, but i love that she won, just because it will be a huge annoyance to princess for the next 6 years.

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  11. The lesson of how to screw up a sure thing (1) run a dunderhead in a race Reid was so ready to lose and(2) primary out a sensible long serving moderate in Delaware for little cutsie Pristine who defines the term shit-for-brains.

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