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With Friends Like These, the Rerun

While I’m dealing with an uncooperative hand that doesn’t lend itself to Photoshopping, I thought I’d post some stuff that I originally posted at American Street.   I read a story about Chimpy and Captain Underpants today, and I thought of this entry, which I posted back on May 7, 2008.  Scroll down, and read the story that I read today.


With Friends Like These….

Hey, kids, you know that old saying about how you are known by the company you keep? Well, it seems that Captain Underpants John McCain has been trying to distance himself from Chimpy George W. Bush, but I have uncovered evidence that they go way back and probably will always stick together. Let me show you the evidence.

The McBush McCain and the Chimpy Bush families have known each other for many, many years. In fact, I bet they go back to the time when dinosaurs and men walked the earth together!

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