With Friends Like These, the Rerun

While I’m dealing with an uncooperative hand that doesn’t lend itself to Photoshopping, I thought I’d post some stuff that I originally posted at American Street.   I read a story about Chimpy and Captain Underpants today, and I thought of this entry, which I posted back on May 7, 2008.  Scroll down, and read the story that I read today.


With Friends Like These….

Hey, kids, you know that old saying about how you are known by the company you keep? Well, it seems that Captain Underpants John McCain has been trying to distance himself from Chimpy George W. Bush, but I have uncovered evidence that they go way back and probably will always stick together. Let me show you the evidence.

The McBush McCain and the Chimpy Bush families have known each other for many, many years. In fact, I bet they go back to the time when dinosaurs and men walked the earth together!

I guess it was just natural that Captain Underpants John, Chimpy George, Sticky Fingers Cindy Lou and Pickles Laura would meet up centuries later and hit it off from the start. They spent all their time together. Why, it was almost as though they were on some kind of honeymoon!

The couples did everything together–even travel!

Why, they are so close that it seems that they even think alike, at least eventually! That’s what happens when you’re almost family!

Just like all families, there are little spats. Just a few years ago, there were horrible things said, but, in the end, Captain Underpants came crawling like the whiny little wuss he is, and they made up.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?


Well, kids, we know that there wasn’t a happy ending for Capt. U and Cindy Lou.  In fact, there wasn’t a happy middle either!  From THE UPSHOT at Yahoo News:

Former President George W. Bush has said his upcoming memoir isn’t about settling scores, but he may have made an exception for onetime GOP rival John McCain.

In “Decision Points,” set to hit shelves Tuesday, the former president takes dead aim at McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, which he implies was run very badly.

Among other things, Bush questions why McCain, his rival for the 2000 GOP nomination, didn’t better capitalize politically on the ’08 financial crisis.  As Politico’s James Hohmann reports, Bush writes that he was puzzled by McCain’s handling of the crisis, which included suspending his campaign and calling for a White House meeting on a proposed rescue package.


Bush says he asked McCain to hold off on a meeting, citing concerns that it might jeopardize talks between congressional negotiators and then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. But Bush says McCain ignored his appeals–and thereby handed Obama an opportunity to describe him as “erratic.”

At the subsequent meeting, Obama’s “calm demeanor” and willingness to work through gridlock impressed Bush and his aides, according to the book.  But when it came time for McCain to talk, Bush says, the Arizona senator had nothing to say. “I was puzzled,” Bush says in the book. “He had called for this meeting. I assumed he would come prepared to outline a way to get the bill passed.”


Another McCain decision that irks Bush: his choice of Sarah Palin as his ’08 running mate. This doesn’t make it into the Bush book, but the New York Daily News’ Tom DeFrank writes that the former president, like his former strategist Karl Rove, has told friends that he doesn’t think Palin is qualified to be president and blames McCain for giving her a national platform. “Naming Palin makes Bush think less of McCain as a man,” a Republican official familiar with Bush’s thinking told DeFrank.



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16 responses to “With Friends Like These, the Rerun

  1. jean-philippe

    Get well soon, Dr. Strangelove.

    Fantastic to see Bush in Fred Flintstone, sums up the character perfectly – or maybe he’s more the Barney kind ? Well, anything in the caveman area fits enough… 🙂

    • thanks, j-p. i found some menthol patches in the medicine cabinet, so i put one on my elbow to see if that will help. the box said they’re for pain relief, but i think they may be for breaking one’s addiction to vick vap-o-rub. 😉

  2. jeb

    What does that say for Princess if the dumbest man to hold office doesn’t think you’re qualified to hold office?

  3. McCain *might* not be as nuts today if Bush and Rove hadn’t played so dirty. That said, the super rich are just fucking weird.

    I think the All in the Family shot is my favorite, but I get a kick out of them all. 🙂

    Pitiable note, McCain looks so sadly sincere in that hug. And they gutted him in ’99.

  4. Can’t imagine why I never thought of “All in the Family” in this context before. Archie Bunker was something of a proto-teabagger. And of course McCain would be Meathead, part of the family even as he can see how dumb it all is.

    It’s kind of sad really — McCain will almost certainly be remembered primarily as the man who foisted Palin on the country.

    • that’s what i think is the sweetest irony, infidel. capt underpants has so desperately tried to outdo his father and his grandfather, and now the bitter nasty old fart is only going to be remembered for inflicting that shrew on the world if he’s remembered at all.

  5. Well, this is one way to get the devotees to read the archives, which any raisin should check out on a slow day. My musician sense tells me that suggestion to roll up that patch might require addition of some sort of ingredient or “substance”. Dr. Weil says that tobbaco addiction is harder to break than opiates. I should give up cigs, but it’s my last indulgence, having given up drink, wild women, and, for economic reasons,”substance”. Millions of ex-smokers will tell you the same thing, that you never loose the craving. On the positive side, you save wads of cash and you breath much better but alas, now we can never stay up late and smoke cigarettes.

    • i should read the archives every once in a while, too, as i’ve forgotten more posters than i remember. there are some that i should probably redo.

      quitting smoking is really hard. they put so much nicotine in ciggies today that the addiction is unbelievably strong. the trick is to just go minute by minute without a ciggie. i quit on august 5, 2003, and i crave the damned things to this day. however, i know that i’d probably puke my guts up if i actually smoked one of the evil things. have you considered getting the electronic cigarettes? i’ve actually considered getting them, because i actually miss smoking. don’t get me wrong, i don’t miss coughing up a lung every morning, spitting out all kinds of shit, and smelling like a nasty ashtray. i like being able to breathe and not having yellow fingernails. however, i still miss the actual mechanics of smoking. there’s something of a ritual in smoking that relaxed me.

  6. I’ve quit in the past going a year, sometimes two. The last time, while working a the jewelry store I noticed myself leaning close to cutomers smoking like trying to get a nose hit. After a month of this, I socumbed and brought home a bag of Bugler, rolled a nice fat one and sat there on the bed smoking, noticing the odd phenomena that no smoke was coming out of me!! And it made me higher than a kite!