Pulp Affliction

From Bill Press at THE HILL:

[…] I do not hate George W. Bush. But I still disagree with most of his policies, I still think he was a mediocre president — and I’m not going to change my mind just because he’s out there trying to sell a self-serving book.

Hey, kids, my hand is still being a pain in the…hand, but our buddy and fellow Raisinette, Tengrain, had a challenge over at Mock, Paper, Scissors that I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t overexert myself.  I just took some old posters and put them in the template of Chimpy’s Decision Points (because he’s the Deciderer).  Make sure to check out all the dust covers at MPS. They’re hilarious!

No matter what smiley face he tries to put on his presidency, this is still the same man …

Who turned a huge budget surplus into a record deficit in order to give millionaires and multimillionaires an unearned tax cut;

who presided over the biggest expansion of federal government since FDR, without paying for it;

whose economic policies put this country in a tailspin and destroyed the life savings of millions of Americans;

who told a pack of lies in order to build support for his invasion of Iraq; and …

who put John Roberts and Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court.

He’s still the worse and least successful president of our lifetime.


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52 responses to “Pulp Affliction

  1. Ha!

    Is that second one a still from an old Dennis the Menace episode?

    Inquiring minds want to know…



    • yes it is. it was originally posted here. and how embarrassed 😳 am i now that i just realized that i had already posted the pix from 2 days ago over here? i went to photobucket instead of searching the raisin, so i didn’t realize that that post was a rerun of a rerun. (but scroll down anyway in the original post, because it has one of my favorite pix at the end.)

  2. jean-philippe

    Interesting take for the first one, as W is the least intellectually curious person I have ever seen.

    To me, nothing can beat a pretzel for cover of that book… 🙂

  3. I love the inCurious George! When was that first posted?

  4. I certainly don’t miss George W. Bush. It amazes me that many conservatives refuse to acknowledge his mistakes.

  5. eddie61

    The last poster with the inverted phone and the tag designating “right hand” sums it all up rather nicely. We know that if he had written this book himself, it would have been in crayon.

  6. dogcicle

    Bush plays the role of a buffoon but i hope we do not forget that he is a diabolical war criminal who has, for the present, escaped any serious inquiry into his evil actions.

    • i don’t think he’s playing a role. i think he really is a buffoon. he was a useful buffoon, though, for a bunch of war criminals, and i don’t think he really cared as long as he got to be preznit. therefore, he’s just as guilty as the rest of them. if he wants to be the puppet preznit, then he should be the puppet defendant in a war crimes trial.

    • He could have just been the Enron/America was attacked on his watch President/launch war based on cherry-picked bullshit President. But he went for it all. Torture President. Fuck Habeas Corpus, Wiretap without a Warrant, Read Folks Mail without a Warrant President. Katrina President. Housing Bubble President. Outsource the Military to your friends President. Destroy the Economy President.

      The man is a shit magnet.

      • he’s like capt underpants. he wanted to prove that he’s just as good or better than his daddy and/or granddaddy, and he’d do anything to do that. he thought fighting a war would be just the thing. screw everyone else.

      • What writechic said. to the ten times tens.
        This world criminal said his history wouldn’t be written for fifty years; but what they’ll write is just what writechic wrote. . . oh and throw in destroyed the middle class, president.

  7. I swung by MPS….. some great stuff there.
    Still, I wish the guy were behind bars… all this would be a whole lot more enjoyable.

  8. The worst thing about the shoe incident was I had to quit using my favorite description-he doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the way!

    • there’s a difference between sense and instinct. he had the instinct to duck, but if it was a matter of thinking, he would have a loafer sticking out of his ear.