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I didn’t feel like picking out an old post to rerun, so I thought I might do a compilation of food products we’ve seen here at the Raisin.  Since the Raisin started during the Chimpy administration, I thought we’d start with some of products from back then.  Speaking of Chimpy, let’s begin with a hearty George W. Bush breakfast…

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Of course, where there’s Chimpy, there’s Deadeye Dick Cheney. And where there’s Deadeye Dick, there’s…

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Of course, Deadeye Dick wasn’t the only one who was slicing the bologna pretty thick.  Condoleezza Rice was dishing it out, too, even if she spelled it a little differently…

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But let’s not just focus on the Chimpy administration when Chimpy has such an interesting family life.  There’s little brother, Jeb…

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And Barbara Bush, who will make her boys a nice hot bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter’s day when she’s not shoving fetuses in their faces

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Of course, we can leave out Pickles Laura Bush…

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Well, that’s all for today, kids.  There’s no more room in the pantry, because they had to make room for Georgie’s book.


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27 responses to “Food for Thought

  1. sorry so late, kids. whaddya think? more food tomorrow, maybe followed by drinks or candy?

  2. You know I’m loving the Quaker Oats! What a hoot! 😆

  3. It was Babbs who said the Katrina refugees

    “And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway,” she said, “so this is working very well for them.”

    Change that “heart healthy: to “Heartless”…..

    Anyway, I’m loving the archived indigestion parade of edibles you got goin’ on here.

  4. Good thing I’m on a diet. Otherwise, I’d notice that I’d lost my appetite.

    • maybe i’ll put those all on refrigerator magnets and call it dr. nonnie’s diet system. once you call it a system, as opposed to a plan, you can charge more.

  5. jean-philippe

    This administration sold a lot of baloney…

  6. Good stuff, except I don’t think Bush deserves to be associated with something as healthy as shredded wheat. Maybe a bottle of Thunderbird.

    Limbaugh would be a whole roasted pig, with a giant oxycontin pill in his mouth instead of an apple.

    Michele Bachmann would be some kind of nut, of course. Rand Paul would be an entrée from a segregated lunch counter. O’Donnell would be a sand-witch, or maybe a Devil’s Food cake. Meg Whitman would be a bag of movie-theater popcorn — way overpriced, unsatisfying, and leaving a sour aftertaste. Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, and George Rekers would all be one of those things like a pumpkin or a squash that leaves people arguing about whether it’s really a fruit or not. Joe Miller would be a half-baked Alaska. And Palin would simply be bananas.

  7. My early favorites are your food label parodies. I developed a fondness for them from the old Lampoon ads like the one for “Terrier, from the center of dogs”.