Cereal Liars

I’m watching the Food Channel at the moment, so I thought we’d continue on with our exploration of Rethuglican cuisine.  I thought we could take a look at cereal.  After all, everyone loves cereal, just ask Mikey!

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I bet it tastes even better when topped with Chuckleberries.

We saw a box of Chimpy’s Shredded Wheat yesterday, but did you know that it was really Deadeye Dick Cheney Shredded Wheat repackaged?

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Deadeye Dick sure likes to shred stuff, but I guess it didn’t work very well on that heart disease.

Of course, Chimpy doesn’t really go for what’s inside, he just gets excited by what’s on the box.

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It seems like everyone’s forgotten the guy who the Rethuglicans used to love to have at their breakfast tables, so let’s give a shout-out to Jack Abramoff and give him his very own cereal.

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Of course, Little Jackie Abramoff has been replaced with organizations like the Club for Growth and its president, Chris Chocola.

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(Scary wingnuts, top, left to right:  Dick You and what Armey, Jim Demented DeMint, Michele Batshit Bachmann, Princess Sarah Palin.  Souring the milk in the bowl:  Rick Man on Dog Santorum, Glenn Blechhhh, Michelle Malevolence Malkin, RushBo, Mean Grampa Fred Thompson)

What would a Rethuglican breakfast be without Michele Batshit Bachmann?

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Don’t worry, kids, I didn’t forget the milk!

I hope that, unlike the Mark and Jenny Sanford marriage, it hasn’t gone sour.

Well, kids, that’s it for breakfast.  Remember, it was brought to you by…

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Next time, lets have pancakes.




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25 responses to “Cereal Liars

  1. I’ll have the Puffed Rice! All that other stuff makes ya irregular in the worst sort of way. 😀

  2. Friend of the court

    who needs milk, those cereals require koolaid in order to be swallowed.

  3. hey nonnie – i just did a food post too
    great minds….

  4. I like the Cheney shredded wheat & the Milk carton w missing Sanford.

    Fun going through the pantry of archives.

    • i don’t even know where some of them were posted. in the early days, i had no idea the raisin would be around this long, so i never bothered to really keep track of anything. maybe jerry melton or mighty mikkOmouse will know, if they ever come back. i miss them. 😥

      • For we will never leave or forsake you (somebody really important said that). I just saw MikkO on yesterdays browsing and I’m still trying to get caught up. Today and yesterdays postings were seperate HR topics in the 07-08 era and still funny today’ My favorite is the shot from guns which I will make a poster of and put it up on the wall by the puter as soon as the new Dell arrives so I can hook up the new Kodak printer (bite me H/P) and finally get off this silly little wordpad of the sister person.

        • i knew you’d know! 😀 that puffed rice one was done in a bum’s rush so i could post it over at the big orange in a comment thread. i think it’s the first time i posted it here.

  5. Texanna

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  6. Speaking of Count Chocola and the Club for Growth, when Inspired and I were watching Pat Toomey’s acceptance speech, we both thought he looked like a vampire. He even has fang-like canine teeth.

  7. Also, there is a movie out called “Casino Jack” about Jack Abramoff. You might not even have to photoshop that poster.

  8. jean-philippe

    Cheney’s cereals reducing the risk of heart disease… 😀

    You’re pure evil genius…. 😀

  9. Cap’n Trade was my favorite. So clever of you.
    My envy continues to grow,

  10. Brilliant, Folks, simply brilliant! Thanks for the chuckles!