Food for Thought: Candy Is Dandy, but Liquor May Be Required

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I said candy, not Condi!

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No, not Candy Crowley!!

I don’t know about you, but when someone says religion and freedom, my mind goes automatically to Mitt Romney and candy…

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But it’s not all about Mittsie.  Back in 2008, the Rethuglicans thought John McCain deserved some candy, too, because sometimes you feel like Captain Underpants, sometimes you don’t…

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Yeah, they were pretty crazy.  Maybe it was all that sugar.  I wonder if sugar-overload can explain this…

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Let’s not forget the Teabaggers’ favorite candy to suck on…

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I need some insulin.


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27 responses to “Food for Thought: Candy Is Dandy, but Liquor May Be Required

  1. sorry so late, kids. i’ll be back soon.

  2. Ha! These are great Nonnie! Something about Mitt Romney freaks me out.
    Is it the creepy Mormon vibe.. or the fact this

    Mitt rhymes with….. shit rhyme I can’t seem to get out of my mind.

    In any case, Mitt rears his ugly head every now & again & I fear he will attempt another presidential run in 2012.

  3. I’ll have me a Rethug Boy, because sometimes (after reading too much news) I feel like a nut. 🙂

  4. Friend of the court

    sweeeeet. i’m having ice cream for dinner.

  5. ‘Wolf Cowlickzer’ 🙂

    I miss Condi. She was so ‘versatile’.


  6. jeb

    Careful with those Birthers. They cause the most vile and foul flatulence that lingers much too long.

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  8. Ha!

    I’d hand out these for Halloween and scare those little monsters!



  9. Thanks, nonnie, that made me laugh. And I really needed it. Well done.

  10. You got your religion on my freedom – You got your freedom on my religion ? Holy Shite, that is insanely funny. And Mitt being Mitt is bad enough, hearing that name sets off a chain reaction of thoughts none of which are good but the visual of the guy with that cartoonish looking head and hair and teeth. Caricaturists will all vote for him just to have that to draw for 4 years.

    • mick, it would be funny if mittsie hadn’t been serious when he said it. i don’t think he really believes it, especially because it makes no friggin’ sense whatsoever, but he’ll do or say anything to still be relevant.

  11. That new material is all willardy. Now we have exactly one and three quarter years to listen to the exasperating Moe-wanna-bees that is the field of contenders for the goper nom, and they might as well save their collective breath: The nomnee is Romney, by seniority, that’s the way they always do it but he can’t win. The deep south would vote for the bigest rainbow and boa adorned flamer before they would vote for a mormon.