Food for Thought: Cookie Monsters Edition

When Cindy Lou McCain isn’t flip-flopping on DADT in order to not make a fool of her hubby, Captain Underpants (note to Cindy Lou: It’s too late!), she’s busy stealing recipes from famed terrorist Rachael Ray, and baking cookies for Capt. U and his little friends, Lindseypoo and Joe McLiebercain…

She fires up that Easy Bake Oven, and there’s no stopping her!

Original image

Original image

Original image

Of course, Cindy Lou isn’t the only one who’s cooking up some half-baked cookies.Β  We already saw Little Jebbie’s Nutty Bars the other day,…

…but did you know that Michele Batshit Bachmann has her own version?

I bet she serves hers with tea when she has friends like Orly Taitz over!

Original image

Let’s just hope they were really careful when they were picking out ingredients.

Original image

I know they don’t need E. coli to give me a stomachache!


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20 responses to “Food for Thought: Cookie Monsters Edition

  1. The Tea Party was a fave.

    But what the hell is Cindy McCain’s deal? I’ve only read the headlines because it’s too ridiculous. She needs to find her cause, and fucking stick with it. Poor little rich girl. πŸ™„

  2. jean-philippe

    A multimillionaire flip-floping doesn’t make any sense. I thought the point of becoming a multimillionaire was to be able to tell everyone to go &?$&%%?$ themselves…

    I’m so naive…

    • her flip-flopping to appease that nasty old fart she’s married to is even more befuddling, because she’s the one with the money. she has nothing to fear from him. he just won reelection, so she doesn’t have to worry about losing her status as a senator’s wife. maybe someone is blackmailing her. πŸ˜•

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  4. Cindy lou is the quintessential Stepford wife.
    Makes me want to toss my cookies!

  5. Nonnie –

    This post made me feel crumby (hahahaha – best I could do given the limited time to work on a pun).



  6. She pays more for a dress than I earn in my working life? Must be tough. And he’s definately off his rocker.

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