Food for Thought: Have a Drink Edition

popetartsWe covered lots of food here lately, but we need something to wash all that stuff down.  If you don’t want to choke, you can count on prayer…

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…but I suggest you have a drink.

Joe Barton can tell you that there’s nothing like good old water, especially if it has extra carbon dioxide!


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Unless, of course, you’d rather have a CO2ke!


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Or maybe you prefer Dr. Pepper…


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Speaking of Dr. Pepper, it’s so misunderstood.  So is Princess Sarah Palin, so it makes sense that it’s her favorite soft drink.


sarahpalinandpiper2Original image

She doesn’t just share it with Piper, but with Bristol as well…


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Maybe that’s why she’s the only contestant who has actually gained weight while Dancing With the Stars.

Perhaps you’d like something a bit more nutritious.  No problem!  We know that Sharron Angle has juice!


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Then again, you might like a nice glass of proud right wing terrorist Kool-aid  or tea served by Congresscritter Wally Herger.

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(To be continued tomorrow)


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31 responses to “Food for Thought: Have a Drink Edition

  1. antsrants

    love it! Very clever stuff and the design work is great.

  2. “A full big glass of stupid” made me chuckle.

  3. Friend of the court

    and with a sore hand, too.

    • as if my hand isn’t bugging me enough (i was about to just cut the friggin’ think off today), photobucket has decided to change everything, and it sucks majorly. it’s impossible to find anything or change anything. i wrote to them, and they wrote back to say the only problem is my inability to deal with change. 😡

  4. The Pope tarts are over the top, although given some priestly track records, I’d be suspicious of the creamy filling. Ewww!

    Sharon Angle must have donated her beverage of choice to Sarah P.

    • the pope tarts are pretty restrained. i didn’t show the red prada shoes. now, that would have been over the top. 😉

      i think princess sarah has her own great big glass full of stupid. no need for the obtuse angle to go thirsty.

    • given some priestly track records, I’d be suspicious of the creamy filling. Ewww!

      Almost as bad a “Fresh DeMint flavor”…..

      I can’t believe Angle would touch anything with “fruit” on it. Considering how she views the world, it’s probably opium tea, with LSD mixed in.

      • Angel & Palin clearly drink from the same well.
        Although Palin suffers from spotlight fever….
        she wants to be in the headlines.
        Funny though her effing kids keep doing stupid things to trip her up.
        First the unwed pregnancy, then more recently Willow’s homophobic tinged rant on Facebook.

        Kids say & do the darndest things dadgummit!

        I can’t believe we will have to endure a Palin for president session in 2012.

        It makes me cringe just to type it.
        All those winky blinky “debates”.

      • the obtuse angle drinks tea, but it’s made with holier-than-thou water. 😉

  5. Nonnie –

    And not a sweet sip in the lot of ’em!



  6. Some of you’re best archive stuff! It occured to me after posting the story of my household fluid that we are using goldwater. Fortunately, we don’t drink it (we fill 5 gallon jugs with San Andreas city water). And remember, it is the season to be nice to cows, no tips pleeezzzeee! The moo cows that visit me, some with little calfs, are just so lovable.

    • i love using old ads. i really need to look through more of them.

      like i said, the other day, the water was off, so i asked the offspring to stop and get a gallon of water from the store. i just poured myself a glass, and i happened to look at the label. the damned gallon probably cost almost 2 bucks, and it says on it that it’s zephyrillis, floriduhhh tap water.

  7. Should have bought some NYC tap water,rated as some of the best available and of high quality (from the Croton resevior)

    • when i lived in the catskills, there was a spring on the side of a road where we’d go every year to fill up bottles with water. it was free, and it was the best water i’ve ever had. it was ice cold, even when it was warm out. not sure what the source was (i was just a kid and those things didn’t matter to me). i wish i had a glass of it now.