Food for Thought: Have Another Drink Edition

Continuing with our drink selections.  If you aren’t a fan of Dr. Pepper, like Princess Sarah Palin,…

geography2Original image

…have no fear, Raisinettes, there are plenty of other options.

For example, you can take the Nestea Nastea Plunge.  People like Mike Pence, Batshit Michele Bachmann, Little Eric Token Cantor, John Boohoo Boehner, and Steve Chicken-a-la King say no to everything, but even they can’t resist all this hateful refreshment!

nesteaOriginal image

sourgrapesOriginal image

Perhaps you’d like something just a wee bit stronger.  Cindy Lou McCain would tell you that this Bud’s for you!

budweiserOriginal image

Little Eric Token Cantor, Paul Helmet Hair Ryan, and Boohoo John Boehner would agree.  Even if you’re on a budget!

budweiserthisbudsforyouOriginal image

However, if you’re a Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Kenyan-born elitist like Obama and me, I think this is more up your alley.

redmenacealeOriginal image

Hey!  Chimpy’s not around, so let’s break out the pretzels!  Cheers!


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14 responses to “Food for Thought: Have Another Drink Edition

  1. My favorite sign from the Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity was “I like tea, and you’re kind of ruining it.”

    Not entirely related, but I was reminded.

    How are you feeling, by the way?

    • i love tea, and i was born on the anniversary of the boston tea party, so i’m doubly pissed off that the imbeciles hijacked the tea party name.

      i think i’ll live, wken. thanks for asking. my hand is still really bad, and it’s affecting my arm as well. i got a new computer chair today, and i’m getting a new desk a week from tomorrow (i would have gotten it today, but i found a leaked black friday flyer, and i’ll get 30% off if i wait a week. that’ll be almost a hundred bucks, so my hand will have to suffer a little while longer). i think the way i’m sitting is what caused the problem and exacerbating it. buying new furniture is cheaper and more fun than going to doctors and getting a hundred stupid tests done.

      be back soon, kids. have to put in my time on the treadmill.

      • Well, I hope that you do get better soon.

        And I’m a tea-drinker myself, iced and hot. The tea, not me.

        Anyway … I did really want to go to the Literal Tea Party in Boston, but couldn’t make it work. That looked like a whole lot of fun.

        In case anyone hasn’t heard of it …

        A group of people showed up on the Boston Common during the TP Express rally to have a tea party. With actual tea and cookies. Many dressed up in their fancy clothes like an old afternoon on the commons.

        • thanks, wken.

          i remember the pics of the boston tea party (the good one). it looked like people were having fun.

          i can drink tea all day, but always iced, except on the rare occasions that it’s cold here or when i’m sick. i have regular iced tea in the afternoon, water with dinner, and then iced green tea (a mixture of regular and lipton’s honey green tea) in the evenings. i just love tea!

  2. Whoah! I think all this drinking will yield a hangover.

  3. I do feel sorry for Cindy McCain. By all evidence she’s a decent person and has spoken out against bigotry when she could expect to pay a higher price for it in her immediate circle than many people who do. She must have come under considerable pressure to jump back onto the sinking ship with the DADT thing. I can well believe she would have a Palin dartboard.

    • Friend of the court

      rich folks don’t pay a higher price for anything.

    • i don’t feel sorry for her in the least bit. she’s in a position where she doesn’t have to rely on anyone else to live very, very well. if she honestly believes in something, she should stand up for it, and if someone disagrees with her, too bad. it’s not like she’ll lose her livelihood or not be able to feed her children. she’s not hanging around with unwashed mouth-breathing teabaggers who hate gays. her friends are a more sophisticated lot, and i would venture a guess that most of them support the end of dadt as well as same-sex marriage. she shouldn’t matter at all, but rich people get the microphones in this country. she could have done something really good. she did, but then she backtracked. she’s a coward, and i have no respect for her.

      all that said, i think you’re a very kind person, infidel. not too many people would cut cindy lou much slack.

  4. I had no idea you had so many food and beverage-related posters. You and Weird Al Yankovitch have something in common–food as inspiration for parodies!

    • i had no idea either, neon vincent, until i started looking. i probably missed even more, because photobucket is being such a pain in the ass. it’s amazing how many themes i’ve realized i can put together and make believe i have something coherent while i’m still on the disabled list.

  5. All good raisins should delve into the archive on occasional browsing. You all are missing some good stuff!

    • it was so weird when i looked through the archives and photobucket. i had no idea i had so many pix to fit in so many different categories. i didn’t realize how many images i had of drinks and food.