Food for Thought: Hey Big Boy!

Well, kids, we’ve been focusing on food, but how about fast food?  What’s your favorite place?  Bob’s Big Boy, perhaps?

bobsbigboyOriginal image

If they had that statue of St. Ronnie at Big Boy, I bet all the Rethugs would be eating there!  If it gets too crowded, though, maybe they should consider rolling out this version…

Captain Underpants is enough to make anyone lose their appetite!  Of course, little Johnny isn’t Bob’s big boy, he’s Roberta’s!

bobsbigboysigncopyOriginal image

If you’re in Illinois, you won’t see Ronald Reagan or John Mccain.  After all, poor Rod Blagojevich has to make a living somehow!

bobsbigboyblagoOriginal image

More fast food tomorrow!  It’s good for you.


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26 responses to “Food for Thought: Hey Big Boy!

  1. jean-philippe

    Blagojevich was born to be photoshopped on this… 😀

  2. The Big Boy kid’s hair looks like it was modeled on Reagan and Blago. They’re naturals!

    The McCain is bust-a-gut funny!!! 😆

  3. Too tired to eek out a comment– UGH! will have to do!

  4. hey kids! there seems to be a problem with youtube. not sure if it’s a permanent thing or not, but using the embed code is not working. i just posted a new page. look above the header, and you’ll see HOW TO DO STUFF IN THE COMMENTS! it’ll tell you how to insert videos and do all kinds of fun stuff in the comments. if anything isn’t clear, just leave me a comment there, and i’ll try to fix it. i also added a list of the 5 most recent comments right under the pic of mighty mikk0mouse rescuing raisin.

    the present theme that the raisin is using is being retired, so i am going to have to pick a new one in the next week or so. there’s one that’s very similar to this one, but it has a few glitches that support needs to figure out, so i’m waiting until the last minute. maybe we’ll try out a few themes and see what everyone likes best. there’s one i like, but the header pic goes away. do you guys love the header pic, or could you live without it?

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  6. Nonnie –

    I suspect the one with Saint Ronnie might be a fraud!

    You see, he decreed that Ketchup was a vegetable, and he and Nancy told the poor that they could eat cheese. So there’s no way that he would serve cheese, and I see no Ketchup.

    QED – and this is how I got straight A’s in Logic and Geometry.



    • but, 10G, the ketchup proclamation was made when john heinz was still alive. he was a rethug, so ketchup was, too, at the time. however, when teresa heinz married john kerry, a democrat, ketchup became something to be avoided. no longer a fruit, just a lowly condiment. so sad. 😥

      p.s. how can you look at st. ronnie and see anything but pure cheese?

  7. where is Lindsey-poo dressed up as Wendy’s??

    • if only i could photoshop. i’m going crazy. i have a list of stuff i want to do, and by the time my hand is working again, my list will be outdated. 😡

      • i can do some for you
        and give you the credit of course!
        (you know how much we love you!)

        • thanks, dcAp! 🙂 i got my new desk today, so i’m hoping that will help. i just have to get it out of my car and assembled. otherwise, i’ll have to drag my computer out there, and it’s awfully hot in the car. plus, i don’t have an internets connection there, so there will be lots of wires to trip over from the house to my parking space.