Food for Thought: Fast Food Edition

How much more American can you get than fast food?  Just don’t have to get all bent out of shape over condiments like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Mark Steyn do…

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What fast food places do you like best? Sharron The Obtuse Angle and her buddies, Mitch Yertle McConnell, Tom I-Hate-Haitians Coburn, John Captain Underpants McCain, and John I-Can’t-Keep-It-In-My-Pants Ensign seem to like McRonald’s…

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I’ve heard that Rush Limbaugh has been eating there since he was a kid…

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…but that might only be because they love the mascot.

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By the way, here’s a tip:

Tip: If you work for McDonald’s, they will feed you for free during your break.

Just ask Cynthia Davis, Congresscritter from Missouri…

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If they’re just looking for St. Ronnie, though, they might want to skip the burgers and head over for some fried chicken…
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Of course, if you want some good fried chicken along with a side of potato salad, you should head over to Michael Phathead Steele’s place…

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That’s where you’ll find Todd Family-Planner Tiahrt, Little Jeffy Beauregard Sessions, and Uncle Pat Buchanan, because they’re all about hangin’ around the hood being all diversified.

If you ask me (and I’m sure Bill O’Reilly will heartily agree), forget the fast food;  there’s nothing like a good old motherf#¢&in’ diner!
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Bon appétit!


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23 responses to “Food for Thought: Fast Food Edition

  1. i’ll be back later. between wordpress and photobucket, i’m ready to throw this f#¢*ing computer out the window. i’ve formatted and reformatted more than a dozen times, and it keeps screwing up over and over again. i’ve had it.

  2. Ronald Reagan: the cocaine years. 😆

    But the motherfucking tea party with O’Reilly is a first for me. I have tears from giggling. Was that from when O’Reilly first learned that black people use utensils and sit in chairs?

    • Shit. Shoulda said, “Behind the Blow with Ronald Reagan.” Then I woulda made a pun. 😀

      • the blow behind st. ronnie was nancy blowjob queen davis, as she was known in hollywood.

        • There’s the double entendre I yacking about. :0

          • (talk about Freudian slippers) 😀

            • i could use a nice pair of freudian slippers. tonight was the trifecta of wtf?!

              first, photobucket was a pain in the ass. i don’t know why they call what they’re doing improvements, because everyone is complaining. it’s almost impossible to find anything without doing 5 more steps than is necessary. on top of that, wordpress was acting up, and i had to format the fucking post at least a dozen times (probably more, and i’m not exaggerating). after that was finally taken care of, my internets connection stopped working until about 10 minutes ago (fucking comcast! 😡 ). oops, make that a daily double instead of a trifecta, because right after the internets started working again, the tv stopped working (again, fucking comcast! 😡 ). it’s a good thing that the walls are very thick in here, because people would have sworn that sam kinison had come back to life. my throat is sore from screaming at the computer all night. 😐

  3. Of course O’Reilly would never use such language. But I can well believe he’d bring a slice of watermelon for his guests.

    The Limbaugh-as-Dudley-Dursley image is truly disturbing. And was it Ensign who brought the KY to McRonald’s as well as the Trojans, or is there more going on amongst other members of the party than I ever suspected?

    • of course, billO wouldn’t use that kinda language…

      i think yertle mcconnell brought the KY jelly. it’s the kind that comes from kentucky. he uses it whenever he screws the country. ensign did bring the condoms, but i don’t know who he plans on using them with. i guess he’s eying the girl behind the counter, because i don’t think sharron the obtuse angle is even doable. 😛

  4. I see ol’ Rush has a side order of Oxy.
    Nice selection of fast “food” entrees.

    Methinks the indigestion is setting in though….
    need TUMS!

  5. jean-philippe

    I LOVE what you did to Rush with that famous obese kid picture… He fits right in… 😀

    I guess a Happy meal isn’t complete without oxycotin…

  6. Texanna

    I like the Bill O’Reilly m.f. diner…..that’s my favorite!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my diary last night. As for an OND explaining why Comcast sucks, no that’s not science. Business, on the other hand, would be a good way to look at it and I do follow business news as a hobby.

  8. Having cyber anxiety? Help me develop an idea about placing a large red button device that will just make everything STOP and go back to 30 seconds ago. This would stop me destroying my old HP printer that would suddenly with no warning go into binary diarhea, shooting out page after page of solid numbers. Click it twice and figures of the guys who designed the thing show up on the screen, then you pick up a mock .45 auto and let ’em have it as they try to flee to safety. Just a thought. (you could adapt your squirter)

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