Food for Thought: Slimming Down Incentive Edition

Well, kids, we spent all week eating and drinking, and I don’t know about you, but I feel bloated as all get-out.  I just put in some time on the treadmill, because I want to be able to fit in the latest stylish fashions.  I thought we could all use a little inspiration so we can stay on our diets and continue with our work-out routines.  What better inspiration could there be than the person who wears clothes so well.  I give you…Lindseypoo!

I ask you, who else could pull off a look like this?

lindseygrahamgonewiththewindbarbieOriginal image

Anyone else would look hippy!

I know what you’re saying–a dress like that covers up a multitude of problems. It’s just an optical illusion, and Lindseypoo Graham couldn’t possibly look that good in something more revealing! I have proof that that’s wrong. There’s no hiding anything in this!


Lindseypoo looks good in everything! Check out his Cinco de Mayo outfit…

Original image

Lindseypoo loves hanging out with the girls and getting all gussied up. Here he is with Princess Sarah, Christine Can’t-Touch-This O’Donnell, Sharron the Obtuse Angle, and Batshit Michele Bachmann having some makeover fun…

Original image

(Click on image for larger view)

Was all that fuss worth it?  I’ll let you be the judge…

eveninggownOriginal image

Va-va-voom! Is it any wonder why he’s dancing for joy?

Original image


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14 responses to “Food for Thought: Slimming Down Incentive Edition

  1. For someone who is such a drag, Lindsey-Poo is really fun to watch get dressed up.

    • thank goodness i still have lindseypoo to dress up. at least, for now. i think he’s going to feel the rage of the teabaggers when he comes up for reelection next time. i bet jim demented doesn’t like being the junior senator from south carowhiner, so he’ll sic his army of idiots on poor lindseypoo. maybe i should find him a nice black dress to wear. 😥

    • Wouldn’t you love to be standing next to him when he sees Nonnie’s rendition of his many couture modes?

  2. Friend of the court

    i would hang the makeover one on the wall if i could print it. great ART. ” G.O.TEA “. it looks like the belly could cause the ankles to snap in the bathing suit competition,

  3. Friend of the court

    i just read yesterday’s comments. comcast does most certainly suck. the guy who put it in here said he would have to go under the house and drill more holes or he couldn’t do it otherwise. i said “no”, and low and behold he could do it after all.

  4. Nonnie – Great minds!

    We did a Gone with the Wind tribute to Senatorette Lindsey Graham a while ago, too, but I like yours better:



  5. great stuff…i used your pick of the Quaker Oats box in a post this morning….couldnt resist

  6. Sis has us on the Dish out here at Raisin Ranch. I showed the guy where all the existing lines were, he did a continity check and criped new connectors and saved him so much time, he gave us an extra controler and a new pack of AAs. Real nice guy, very professional. It took a while to get the hang of their system though after using DirecTV for so long. I will go without before signing up with another cabal outfit.

    • i’m tempted to go with dish or directv, but i don’t like the idea of having to sign a contract for 2 years. i just got showtime (i love dexter and don’t want to have to wait a year to see the last season) and cinemax for 8 bucks, but i changed the internets speed (there is absolutely no difference, even though it’s supposed to be so much faster–offspring says it’s because it’s wireless) for a special deal they have for 6 months, so my bill will actually be a little less each month. i’ll cancel it when the offer is up and switch over to at&t before then.