Okay, kids, I just got home, and I didn’t have anything planned. I dipped into the old American Street files, and I thought we might look at a few of the possible candidates for President in 2012. (And, no, I won’t include Princess Sarah Palin!)

sarahpalinpresidentbarbieOriginal image


There’s been talk of Michael Bloomberg running, but maybe he’s just clowning around…


Then there’s Mitt Romney.Β  Was a little dab of Mittsie enough last time?

brylcreemmittOriginal image

I wonder if Rudy 9/11 Giuliani will be running again,…


and if he does, will it be as a man or a woman?

rudycircusWe know Mike Huckabee will be running.Β  Here he is with his campaign adviser, Chuck Norris:

chuckleberryFinally, you can’t have a Rethuglican primary without Ron Paul…



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55 responses to “2012?

  1. Hello Raisins, Been a long time like the Boston song, I see your still clinging to your Hopenchange. Good for you.

    Communism is bound to work one of these days…

  2. Jeebus; we’re up to our assets in illiterate buffoons.
    And now they’re leaving barely sentient comments.

    That Barracuda Barbie would scar up a kid in record time; but it’s a gift that will never stop giving, and for that we thank you, Satan.

  3. After watching the Gore/Bush debate in 2000(?) with some friends in Ohio, it was obvious for those of us who value reason that Gore won, and Bush was, well, Bush. I never thought he had a chance at winning the presidency.

    I sometimes get the same feeling about Palin in that despite being exposed as a superficial fraud every time she speaks, people seem to like her. I’m worried. Please reassure me I’m completely wrong.

    • Given that even a majority of Republicans consider her unqualified to be President, she probably couldn’t win against Obama in 2012. However, we’d be foolish to count on it. Remember that Sharron Angle came within six points of Reid, and Rand Paul actually won. There may be no such thing as a candidate so nutty as to not be electable under any circumstances. If Palin is the Republican nominee, it’s remotely possible that some weird combination of events could lead to her being elected, though I think that’s very unlikely.

      Far safer for the country if the Republicans nominate someone sane, even if it means a greater risk of them winning.

      • people pay more attention when there’s a presidential election as opposed to a midterm. that’s part of the reason that angle got the nomination in the first place. that said, now is definitely not the time for complacency.

      • If she does run I hope Obama hires James Carville and a few Daily Show sketch writers and puts them in charge of creating anti-Palin campaign ads.
        I can see it now, written on the palm of her hand–“We have to keep our pact with our allies in North Korea.”

        • he wouldn’t have to pay anyone. he would just have to google princess sarah’s name, and he’d have tons of material from bloggers who despise her. there are so many.

    • i share some of the same fears, cynic. she’s way too stupid to be president, and i think the majority of rethugs think so, too. however, look at christine o’donnell. when one of the imbeciles are their candidate, the rethugs will always choose party over country, and they’ll put all their resources into getting a moron elected. with all the money being poured into elections since the citizens united ruling combined with the racism that is still prevalent in this country, i don’t want to think about what might happen.

  4. Ron Paul here looks rather like a Ferengi to me. Which is quite fitting.

    Huckabee will need an action hero to rescue him, once his opponents start bringing up that cop-killer he let out of prison.

    And as for Comrade Buffoon, he’s right — he’s not doing much for the atmosphere around here.

    • Silly Infidel, while I may not visit as often as I should, I have a lifetime invite (forged of course) from Non herself.

      While I completely disagree with most everything said here, I do find it a friendly place to see what the left is thinking and consider it.

      I try to keep it lite…

      As for the atmosphere, I hate it.

      Its turned into a real trouble maker.

      After all, it never gave the earth any problems until man started using fossil fuels right? And surely taxing cow farts and trading in airs elements on the filthy capitalist markets will save humanity, right?

      As for Palin – Why do you guys hate her (and her family) so much?

      Put side by side with Dear Leader Obama, which one of them has the republics best interest in mind? Palin who values the Constitution and Liberty?

      Or Dear Leader, an open anti-American Communist?

      Oh yeah, VIVA CHENEY!

      • jean-philippe


        Why are you coming here if you don’t like the website?

        If you have that much time to waste, why don’t you go take a walk or something?

        • kids, don’t fret over the buffoon. he used to hang around here all the time. he’s like a kid with his nose pressed up against the glass at the candy store. he’s been brainwashed by hate-talk radio and faux news, but there’s something inside him that knows that b.s. is b.s., and he secretly yearns to be a liberal. πŸ˜‰

          • Jean-Flip,

            Who said I don’t like the website? And, thanks for addressing any of the legitimate questions I asked.

            Hi Nonnie- Yeah I know I’ve been away a long time… apologies.

            As for any secret yearnings I may have… they DO NOT involve Distributor Cap, a distributor cap and a gallon of buttermilk.

            Still wondering why you guys hate everything Palin and love everything Obama…

            For the record, the next President will be a present-day Republican Governor,,,


            • buffy,

              i’m giving you some slack here, but i warn you not to insult any of the raisinettes. you know that i don’t like to censor anyone, but just make sure that you’re respectful. it’s not nice to poop in other people’s punchbowls.

            • jeb

              Well CB, I’ll take a shot at your question about Palin, speaking only for me of course. I could go on-and-on about why and where I disagree with everything about Palin, but I’ll keep it simple. As someone who tends to vote Democratic, I’m sure you won’t believe this about me, but I have values. As a veteran I honored my commitment that I made to my country. I don’t like quitters. She quit on the people who elected her for a four year term for no other reason than she wanted to remain in the eye of the press and to make money. Are those the values that Republicans/Conservatives value? Because, if they are, God help us all!

            • I hate Palin because she’s an ignorant phony who cloaks herself in the American flag with a Bible in her hand talking about family values when she’s never at home taking care of her floozy whore daughters and special needs baby.
              I hate her conceit and over-inflated self confidence, when she doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea, has to write “tax breaks” on her hand so she doesn’t forget it, and thinks it’s okay to use GOP funds to buy silk boxers for Todd and a Louis Vuitton bag for her 6-year-old.
              I hate her for her deplorable diction, her mangling of the English language and her cornball bullshit about shopping at a consignment shop.
              I hate her for shooting animals from a helicopter. I hate her for being a quitter as governor of Alaska, yet still having the balls to think she could beat Obama in a presidential election.
              I hate her because she appeals to the stupidest Americans who buy her line of faux Christian horseshit lock, stock and barrel.
              I hate her because she’ll do anything to get her face in the news, and even if she’s saying something stupid as Hell she never apologizes or corrects herself.
              I hate her for winking into the camera lens and dropping the “g” from “ing” words.
              I hate her for embarrassing that poor fool John McCain so often, in spite of the fact that he put her dumb ass on the map.
              I hate her for claiming to be a journalist, working for Fox news, and bitching about the media all at once.
              I hate her persecution complex. I hate her haughty ignorance, like being stupid enough to diss Barbara Bush.
              I hate that she used her influence to try to get her ex brother-in-law fired.
              I hate that she’s a fucking liar, i.e, being against the bridge to nowhere when she was all for it.
              I hate her for being so stupid she can’t tell Katie Couric even one magazine or newspaper she reads.
              I hate her for saying she can see Russia from her back porch.
              I have more, Buffoon, but I’m assuming your attention span has already been maxed out.
              Simply put, anyone who likes Sarah Palin and believes in her bullshit is actually stupider than she is.

              • i think i hate her most of all for making rape victims pay for their own rape kits. and her being self-defecating doesn’t make anything about her any better.

          • Oh, I don’t mind Comrade Buffoon. I think he’s actually funny, even if he doesn’t agree with us. Besides, as I think I’ve said before, his handle is truth in advertising. That’s more than one could say about most on the other side of the aisle.

      • buffy,

        even if my hand wasn’t really screwed up, i don’t think i’d have the patience to answer all that. i get too bored with faux news/rushbo talking points.

        • Non I never ever intend any malice or insult. Just kidding. I pop up now and again because *GASP* your in my feed and every now and again a post catches my eye and I appreciate your pic parody. I do the same thing at the Peoples Cube and my own blog.

          So we vent our frustrations in similar manner.

          And no I don’t seek attention, I really am curious as to what could possibly make anyone believe in big Govt oppression.


          A fan of what you do but completely confused as to why you do it.

          PS- “Bristol’s fat ass”? Smells like liberal tolerance to me….

          • jean-philippe

            A buffoon who doesn’t understand the why of buffoonery… so buffoonish…

          • jeb

            Finally we agree. I hate “big Govt oppression” too:

            Deciding who can and can’t get married

            The Patriot Act

            Starting illegal wars

            Wanting to tell us who can sue whom and for how much

            Telling women what to do with their bodies

            I could go on forever.

            • Deciding who can get married-
              if the gay community stopped insisting on calling it marriage and opted for civil unions, you’d be surprised how many so called fag haters got on board.

              • why shouldn’t gay people have the right to call their unions marriages? there are people who don’t believe in arranged marriages, but they don’t force people who enter into them to call them something else. if someone doesn’t believe in gay marriage, they should refrain from marrying someone of the same gender. other than that, it’s really none of their business what gays call their unions. i think we’ve learned our lesson in the past that separate but equal doesn’t work. calling it anything other than marriage creates a class of people who are separate and, therefore, not equal.

                • It’s simple, the faithful don’t like it being called marriage, and the gay left are calling it that out of spite. Show me a bible, torah or kuran that say’s same sex marriage is in keeping with there faith.
                  Being a Deist, I could care less, but I understand why the right gets so agitated.

                  • and why should the faithful be the ones to call the shots? if they don’t like interracial marriage, should we outlaw that, too? how about if they decide that everyone is dressing too skimpily. do we change the law so that we all dress like fundie mormons? should they determine what music we’re allowed to listen to, what movies we’re allowed to watch, and whether kids need to be homeschooled? who the hell are they to decide for everyone else. just because they kiss the asses of rethuglicans, that doesn’t mean they get to decide everything.

              • As a lesbian, I cordially invite you to mind your own goddamn business when it comes to gay marriage.
                If gay people are expected to pay the same taxes as straight people, then we are entitled to the same rights, period.
                Tell you what, buffoon, give me a 40% tax break and you can have marriage AND the military.

                • funny how rethuglicans can marry over and over again, and they’re allowed to call those unions marriage, even though it appears that they have no respect for their spouses or the vows they take, but a gay person shouldn’t be allowed to call a monogamous, loving relationship marriage, because it would upset the sensibilities of a few asswipes.

          • i know you never intend malice, buffy, but you have been known to go a little too far in the past, and i’ve had to slap your wrist.

            bristol’s fat ass is neither liberal tolerance nor intolerance. it’s a fact. she’s the only contestant i’ve seen on the show who actually gained weight.

          • She does have a fat ass.
            That’s not intolerance, it’s a simple observation.
            She’s the one who opted to put her fat ass on TV, so she shouldn’t be shocked that it gets mentioned.
            It’s like saying she got knocked up by a loser. No intolerance, just the damned facts.
            People who buy the Palin’s snake oil salesmanship are the same kind of people who think convicted felon Tom DeLay was innocent.
            It must be exhausting to be that gullible.

    • do ferengis make cookies? to tell you the truth, i really don’t think ron paul does.

      if chuckleberry needs to be rescued, he should depend on the missus. she’s bigger than chuck is.

      don’t worry about the buffoon, infidel. as i explained before, he used to hang around all the time. he just likes to stir things up for attention.

      • don’t worry about the buffoon, infidel

        I don’t, really — he’s well named — but when one comes here anticipating the normal raisinesque level of wit and nuance, it’s jarring to be reminded of the depth of dumbth that lurks gibbering in the darkness below.

        Palin who values the Constitution and Liberty?

        …..who no more understands what the Constitution actually means than she could probably spell it? …..who values “liberty” so much that she wants to use the power of the state to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term?

        …..who, if she were President now, would probably be ordering an air-strike on East Korea?

        Or Dear Leader, an open anti-American Communist?

        …..who has undermined his own Presidency with endless efforts at bi-partisanship with the likes of Boehner and McConnell.

        CB’s vote in the next election will count for as much as yours, and there are others like him. See why I’m not so sure that Palin, or a baboon for that matter, would unelectable?

        • thanks infidel. i’m much too tired from overeating to think straight.

        • My God, if Palin actually got her hands on a copy of the constitution and read the bill of rights without anyone telling her what it was, she’d go nuts saying it was some kind of socialist manefesto.
          Does anyone actually believe she’s ever been curious enough to read the constitution or even scan an American history book?
          She wants to see Obama’s birth cetrtificate? Yeah, well I want to see her college transcripts–from all five of the colleges she dabbled at.
          If her GPA was higher than a 2.5 I’d faint.

  5. we laugh at Palin
    the media will not let her go – no matter how stupid, ignorant, evil or insane she is (and she is worse than all that – look at that piece of crap daughter she raised on DWTS)

    if the media wants her to run (and they do – she brings lots of viewers to trainwreck television) – she will – the only the grifter from wasilla will have a hard time with is the money – presidents only make $400K, much less than the fools at Harper Collins pay her. also if she quits mid way through her term – she will have to spend a lot of her money excising that from history books.

    and just think – she could pick Rand Paul or Michele Bachmann as her running mate for a truly 3 ring circus of insanity

    • i cringe at her, i don’t laugh. i do take some solace in the fact that she couldn’t get her teabaggers to overwhelmingly make sure her fat-assed daughter won dwts. if she can’t get a few million people to pick up the phone and vote for brisket enough times (including all the cheating), how is she going to win a nationwide election? that said, she’s still dangerous, because even if she doesn’t run or doesn’t get the nomination, she is still controlling the media and the message, because the media allow her to.

      the money won’t be a problem because faux news will subsidize her. she just has to have a ghostwriter scribble a shitty book, and she’ll make millions. look at little randy paul. his first act as senator-elect is to sign a book deal.

    • -She is to politics what TV wrestlers are to sports.
      -She is to politics what Kool-Aid is to organic fruit juice.
      -She is to politics what rotting fish is to fine cuisine.
      -She is to politics what the Yugo was to automobiles.
      -She is to politics what Tom DeLay is to politics.

  6. jean-philippe

    Please Lord don’t let Mattel sell a “Palin edition” Barbie… I’ll do anything…

  7. Just when I’m getting drowsy catching up, the official pet troll shows up! TRM set a high trolling standard back in the old MS paint days. He always reminded me of that dark haired guy on the old Bob Newhart Show, the one in the group that was always snarky about everything. He’s kind of quaint and amusing compared with the all cap oral fixation perv who recently showed up. Now I feel the sudden urge to go out in the yard and build a baricade while singing the Internationale, of course.

    • the tv probably went on the blink, and he couldn’t get faux news for a few minutes, so he decided to drop by here. i remember that guy on the bob newhart show–eliot carlin (i had to look it up). the actor’s name is jack riley. he always seemed to play the same character, no matter what show he was on. here’s some trivia for you that i just found. he played eliot carlin on the newhart show, but he was also eliot carlin on st. elsewhere and on alf! i thought that maybe that was his real name, but his real name is john riley.

      this just in–wiki says that the eliot carlin of newhart and st. elsewhere were the same character. i loved st. elsewhere, but i don’t remember anything other than the characters and the general story. i don’t remember jack riley’s appearance. i wonder how well st. elsewhere would play now. i wish they’d rerun it. the acting was top notch. this is from wiki:

      Two of Hartley’s more memorable regular patients were the mean-spirited and neurotic Elliot Carlin (Jack Riley) and the milquetoast Marine veteran Emil Peterson (John Fiedler). (Carlin was ranked 49th in TV Guide’s List of the 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time, and Riley reprised the character in guest appearances on both St. Elsewhere and Newhart.)

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of info..and thanks for looking up Rileys name that I couldn’t remember. And you know his receptionist is one of the regular voices on The Simpsons. Yep, the hospital show was a big hit and started the trend of targeting demographics for advertisers to hit particular age groups like ours. I picked up a quirk from his later show from the scruffy handyman and his dumb and dumber brothers. Whenever Daryl Waltrip is in the booth doing color for a Cup race and his brother Micheal Waltrip is driving in the race, for simplification, I always refer to Micheal as “the other Daryl” just to keep things simple.

    • i had to google to see who the waltrips were. when it comes to nascar, i have zero knowledge. bob newhart is a genius. his sitcoms were so different, but they were both hilarious (though i preferred the first one). the last episode of the second was one of the greatest moments in tv history.