Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my dearest Raisinettes, those who comment and those who lurk, Have a glorious Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to wear those pants with the elastic waistband…

happythanksgivingraisinOriginal magazine cover

…and remember that there’s no disguising how much Mighty Mikk0mouse and the Raisin appreciate you…thanksgivingraisinmikk0mouseWhen Rethuglicans like Mitch Yertle McConnell and John Boohoo Boehner are sitting at their tables filled with all the food anyone would want, I hope they think about all the people who are without this holiday season. What are the chances? But don’t let them spoil your holiday.


Original cartoon

They’re just a couple of turkeys.



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38 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving__Thank You for making me smile everyday and belly laugh most days!

  2. Happy Turkey Day, Nonnie! Always grateful for the funnies! 😀

    • thank you and back atcha, melissa. love ya, kiddo! 😀

      • Hearts, hugs, candy kisses. xxoo, Melissa

      • A day late, but I hope your T-Day was good.
        Mine certainly was- just my siblings and their mates and one nephew, but we have everything down to a science.
        Big Sis fills an entire soup tureen with gravy because we don’t like to have to keep getting up and down and schlepping more to the table.
        And we believe in starchy carbs. We had bourbon-laced yams with candied pecans & marshmallows, mashed potatoes, dressing AND corn pudding.
        …and cranberry martinis.
        I think I grew a few stretch marks after that meal.
        And you know you’re in the right place when part of saying grace included expressing gratitude for Tom DeLay’s guilty verdict.

        • my t-day was very nice. went to my sister’s, ate a little too much, watched a couple of football games, and cemented my position as my sister’s boyfriend’s 6-year-old daughter’s bff.

          funny you should mention corn pudding. i had never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago when my son said he has some at his friend’s house. for some reason, on wednesday night, i had a sudden urge to cook (my sister doesn’t really want me to ever bring anything, so i didn’t tell her), and corn pudding sprang to mind. i searched the internets, found around 7,000 recipes, and took a bit from here, a bit from there, made my own recipe, and hoped for the best. the ingredients didn’t cost a lot, so if it was nasty, no big loss. it turned out so good! i also made some kasha varnishkes, which i hadn’t made in ages, because my son loves them, and so does my sister, so she couldn’t be mad at me for bringing stuff.

  3. Hey, Nonnie! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Same to all of the other readers!

  4. jeb

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Some much to be thankful about including this. http://www.texasobserver.org/cover-story/the-verdict-on-delay-guilty

    • did you eat too much, jeb? watch any football?

      i’ll have to find some old tom delay pix to dust off to celebrate the verdict.

      • jeb

        I did Thanksgiving for the kids Sunday night here and even had them invite their mother over. Yesterday the two boys went to join their sister and brother at her house for TDay and I stayed home and ate leftovers, watched football (my Cowboys lost) and quaffed beers. A good time was had by all.

        I was glad to see you took the day off.

        • jeb,

          😀 i’m so happy you spent a thanksgiving with the kids (the hell with exact dates). i was wondering if you were going to, but i didn’t want to ask. well, i did want to ask, but if the answer had been no, i didn’t want to remind you so you’d feel even worse.

          i didn’t get home until after 1 in the morning, and i forced myself to get on the treadmill, because i felt like a stuffed pig. i read the comments over here, but i was so exhausted, i didn’t have the strength to answer or to find a pic to post. i think that’s the first time i didn’t post (except when the internets were broken or when i had no electricity). i went to get my new desk today, then hung out with the little kids who live next door and their moms. it was fun, but i am so wiped. however, i had to commemorate the good news about delay, so i brushed off some old posters (i admit i did a few corrections on them. i just couldn’t bring myself to post them as they were, because i think they were either done in mspaint or in my very early photoshop days, and they looked horrible).

          • jeb

            And now they look fantastic but you need to rest that hand young lady!!!!

            • maybe not fantastic, but better. i will rest my hand. even that little bit of photoshopping took its toll. i have my new desk in the car. just waiting for the offspring to bring it inside and put it together. hopefully, that will do the trick.

  5. I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Don’t over eat and if you do, do it right and really over eat. 🙂

  6. i am so thankful we are cyber buddies and for all you do to make me smile and laugh

  7. In your honor I’ll drink a couple mooseheads and watch the Maple Leafs lose…Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Hahahaha!

    I’m thankful to have you as a friend, Nonnie!



    • 10G, i am very thankful that the stars aligned so that out paths would cross. working with you on the macaca awards was so much fun, and i can’t wait until we collaborate again.

  9. jean-philippe

    Enjoy the meal and the relatives you won’t have to bear until next Thanksgiving… 🙂

  10. Love the graphic #1.

    Happy T day to you m’dear. Thanks for shedding light & laughs on all the news thats printed to give you fits. I mean fit to rant. I mean printed to rip.

    Guess who has been hitting the cheap Chardonnay?

  11. Friend of the court

    i’m late, again. is there any pie left?

    • is sweet potato okay? my sister gave me a whole pie to take home. i really wish she hadn’t, because that’s my favorite. i’ll be glued to the treadmill all week.

  12. From all of us at USojo:
    Happy happy joy joy, everyone.

    Nonnie, looking forward to the day when we can all sit down together and have a real feast!
    You ROCK, girlfriend!

    • thank you, terry. you know i love the usojo gang. wouldn’t it be awesome to have bloggers convention where we could all meet and watch as we comment in each other’s blogs? oh wait! something just occurred to me–maybe we could have actual conversations instead! 😉


  13. Another good holiday with family. That second poster reminded me to get to work on that sign to hang on the fence for the moo cows: Eat More Chikin!