The Hammer Comes Down on the Hammer

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“It’ll never stand up on appeal,” a defiant but obviously shaken Tom DeLay told reporters moments after his recent conviction for money laundering and conspiracy. […] DeLay’s crime ripped a hole in Texas democracy. It’s serious. His conviction carries a penalty of up to life in prison, though no one really expects him to do hard time. As a politician, however, he’s deader than a truck-squashed armadillo.

DeLay spent his early life as an exterminator. He entered local politics in 1978, eventually rising to become Republican House Majority Leader and earning the nickname, “The Hammer.” In 2005 he resigned in disgrace after close ties to another politics felon, Jack Abramoff, and after this set of charges was filed. He has pompously proclaimed his innocence ever since, while quietly using trick after trick in a cowardly attempt to put off the trial.

Tom DeLay made an entire political career out of insider dealing. In retrospect, it’s likely what got him elected in the first place. And this was the consummate insider deal. The purpose of his money laundering was to elect more state representatives so they could gerrymander federal election districts so that the Texas congressional seats remained forever in Republican control. His seat included.

Here’s how it worked: Business people gave large donations to Texans for a Republican Majority, a political action committee created by DeLay. Texas law didn’t allow these funds to be given to local candidates. So DeLay worked out a conspiracy with the Republican National Committee. RNC would deposit the funds in its bank account then write checks back to local Texas candidates. I know what you’re thinking, “This is the strategy DeLay imagined would outsmart campaign finance law?” Crazy huh?

On September 12, 2002 A DeLay operative delivered a $190,000 check to the RNC along with a list of Texas candidates and specific dollar amounts. Former Montana Governor Marc Racicot was chairman of the RNC back then. On October 2, 2002, Racicot ordered checks totaling $190,000 for the seven candidates, matching the dollar amounts on the list. No one from the RNC has ever been charged, but with DeLay facing hard time – and looking to make a sentencing deal – that may change.

DeLay’s defense turned on the idea that he’d turned an illegal act into a legal one – by money laundering.


The original 2002 criminal complaint was made by Texans for Public Justice. After the verdict was announced, director Craig McDonald said, “We can’t undo the 2002 election, but a jury wisely acted to hold DeLay accountable for conspiring to steal it.”


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31 responses to “The Hammer Comes Down on the Hammer

  1. Hard not to be partial to Tom’s Dumb. 😆

    Too bad he did so much damage and too bad it took forever for a little accountability.

  2. jean-philippe

    Wahaha 😀

    The Jerk and DeLay are a perfect match…

    Made me think of the kitten scene… 😛

  3. Great minds. I just unearthed his latest To Do list.
    I just love it when pricks like him get what’s coming to them.
    I doubt he’ll ever go to prison, but he’ll always be thought of as a convicted felon, and he’s out of politics for life.

    • i just went over to your place, zippy. too funny! 😆

      the best part is that the feds had nothing to do with it. this was a texas jury, so the rethugs can’t scream that this was the justice department at work (we know they only look forward, not at the past).

  4. jeb

    He defined hubris. He was all powerful; The Hammer! Nothing could touch him. In my best Rumsfeld: “Would I like to see him spend the rest of his miserable life in prison? Sure. Will I happily settle for the disgrace of being a convicted felon? Of course.”

    Tom DeLay set the bar lower for Congress than most of us believed it could ever go. So long you convicted scumbag.

  5. Tom Delay was the poster boy for “Conservatives without Consciences.” That book scared me to death.

  6. Apparently, Delay did not know shit from shineola.

    Loved him ranting about abuse of power! Tell us all about it, Convicted Felon, Tom Delay…

  7. remember these:

    1) “So many minority youths had volunteered that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like myself.” –Tom DeLay, explaining at the 1988 GOP convention why he and vice presidential nominee Dan Quayle did not fight in the Vietnam War

    2) “Now tell me the truth boys, is this kind of fun?” -Tom Delay, to three young hurricane evacuees from New Orleans at the Astrodome in Houston, Sept. 9, 2005

    3) “I AM the federal government.” -Tom DeLay, to the owner of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, after being told to put out his cigar because of federal government regulations banning smoking in the building, May 14, 2003

    4) “We’re no longer a superpower. We’re a super-duper power.” -Tom DeLay, explaining why America must topple Saddam Hussein in 2002 interview with Fox News

    5) “Nothing is more important in the face of a war than cutting taxes.” -Tom DeLay, March 12, 2003

    6) “Guns have little or nothing to do with juvenile violence. The causes of youth violence are working parents who put their kids into daycare, the teaching of evolution in the schools, and working mothers who take birth control pills.” -Tom DeLay, on causes of the Columbine High School massacre, 1999

    as much as i despise Palin – nothing comes close to sheer arrogance and asshole-ness than Delay. Just the fact he was even convicted is unreal – i bet he really did not believe it could ever happen. i could care less what happens to him in prison (if he goes, which he wont) –

    his actions over 20 years in politics have made our lives much more miserable – time to turn the tables

    • he’s a slightly smarter version of princess sarah, but without the boobs, hair, and glasses.

      • jean-philippe

        Everyone in the GOP is a smarter version of Sarah… Which doesn’t say much… 🙂

        • there are a few who have the same low level of intelligence as she does. virginia foxx, batshit bachmann, steve king, louie gohmert, rick perry, richard shelby, shimkus, and ben quayle come to mind, just off the top of my head.

          • jean-philippe

            Come on… Gohmert is not that…

            Oh… wait… maybe he is… 🙂

            • j-p,

              i apologize. i’ve been trying to fix all the youtubes that mysteriously disappeared, and i accidentally replaced the youtube you posted (which didn’t show up–i’m really getting pissed, because there’s no rhyme or reason for some of them not working) with one that had nothing to do with louie. do you remember which youtube it was? just let me know, and i’ll correct it.

              • jean-philippe

                It’s easy… the one he’s yelling at Anderson Cooper about terror babies… 🙂

                At that yelling without facts… as if he was on Faux News…

                • i thought that might be it. once again, the video didn’t show up until i edited it. and by editing it, i mean i didn’t do a damned thing but update it. time to write to tech support again. 🙄

  8. jeb

    Everyday can wake up secure in the knowledge that Delay is a convicted felon.

    Is money-laundering a rethuglican family value?

  9. Been waiting a long time for this punk to go down. Amen!

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