Hoops Oops

From 44 at The Washington Post:

A holiday hoops outing with friends and family on Friday turned a bit rough for President Obama, who ended the game with a visit to the White House Medical Unit for a dozen stitches in his lip.

Original DVD cover

Obama and his basketball crew, which included presidential aide (and former Duke University forward) Reggie Love and family in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, arrived early Friday at Fort McNair for a full-court game. On his return to the White House a few hours later, Obama headed for the doctor’s office located on the ground floor of the White House, where he was sewn up.

In a statement, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, “After being inadvertently hit with an opposing player’s elbow in the lip while playing basketball with friends and family, the President received 12 stitches today administered by the White House Medical Unit.”


According to the Associated Press, the White House has identified the person whose elbow injured Obama as Rey Decerega and he works for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

The White House also released a statement from Decerega, who says he enjoys playing basketball with Obama and is sure the president will be back out on the court again soon, AP reported.

Not quite as macho as when George W. Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted, when he fell off a Segway, or when he fell off his bicycle. Chimpy was a real man.


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17 responses to “Hoops Oops

  1. okay, not my best work, but if i had to photoshop something, or i’d go out of my mind.

    • He looked really shaken in some of those pictures. You used the good one. 🙂

      How bad would you feel throwing the elbow that gave the President 12 stitches?

      • it’s all part of the game. better to have someone else’s elbow hit you in the mouth than to have your own foot in it.

        • Very true. Basketball can be a little rough. I played once with my class ring on and jammed that finger so bad I had to get the ring cut off.

          Hope the President heals fast.

          • i got bitten on the finger by red ants many years ago. the first thing i did was take off my ring. good thing i did, because my ring finger swelled up to 3 times its size, and i would have had to have the ring (or my finger) cut off.

    • Sara

      looks pretty good to me… how’s the wrist?

      • thanks sara! how nice to see you. i hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

        the wrist feels okay, but the hand is still pretty bad. i am trying to put together the new desk (which is not doing the hand much good, but hopefully will once i get to use it), so i’ll keep my fingers crossed. then again, maybe not, because that might screw up the only 2 fingers that are actually working. 😉

  2. jean-philippe

    Well Nonnie you just inspired me 🙂

  3. Hello Nonnie!!
    I have changed the theme to pilcrow. WordPress will automatically change it tomorrow anyway. It is better to change it ourselves and make sure everything is working, than to let wp mess with stuff that isn’t theirs 😀 😀

    P.S. I think I’ve sussed the blue comments.
    Your comments will always be blue (because you’re the owner of the blog). Everyone else gets either grey or white.

    • as soon as i clicked over here, i noticed the difference immediately. i thought wordpress had done it, but it was you! at first, it made me all kinds of antsy, but i got that under control by replacing the search button in the sidebar. that made me feel better. by the way, i like having the recent comments further up the sidebar, and i like having 10 instead of just 5. only 5 were allowed in pressrow. the calendar is still rather shoddy looking though, so there are pluses 🙂 and minuses. 😦

      i just spent a couple of hours fixing all the youtubes that disappeared. there are a few that still refuse to work, and i cannot figure out why. some of them didn’t work, and all i did was click ‘quick edit’, did nothing, and clicked update. suddenly, they worked again. i had to change all the embed-coded ones, and they all work now. i messed up one of j-p’s though. i thought i had copied the correct code, but apparently, an old code had been copied, and i pasted the wrong one. that should be at least 5 demerits for me. 😦

      now if i say something really stupid, it will be highlighted in blue? 😯 i guess i had better watch what i say.

  4. At least he got injured playing basketball. Could you imagine if he’d been hurt golfing? He’d never hear the end of that.

    • it will be interesting to see if the conservatives pick on him for getting injured. talking about basketball might make them feel even wimpier than they already appear, so they might stay clear of the subject. will rushbo dare to even mention a sport that would give him a heart attack should he even attempt to dribble?

  5. i think he would rather be playing basketball than being president

    did you get my photoshop?

    • i’d rather play basketball than be president, and i don’t like basketball.

      i did get your ps, dcAp. thank you. one of these days, i will work up a post. i have to get back to my desk-building now. i’ve procrastinated long enough.

  6. B-ball has moves that would get you ejected from a football game. The original cover reminded me of all the hysteria about the film after Columbine. When it finally came around on the tube, I wanted to see what all the fuss was. Much to do about nothing. I would recommend any adolescent watch it and then talk about aberent influences any creepy people that want to stick things into you.