The Raisin Galvanizes for Steele!


The race for the absolute top-spot in Republican fundraising is heating up this week, as contenders for the Republican National Committee chairmanship seem more eager than ever to oust the organization’s current head, Michael Steele. Yesterday, at a debate organized by a Tea Party group, four likely contenders for the chair denounced Steele’s spotty record of fiscal and fundraising mismanagement. While it remains to be seen whether Steele will seek a second term, many of his presumptive adversaries have already formally declared their intentions to depose him.

I don’t know about you, kids, but I think Michael Phathead Steele should run again and should be reelected. Why? Glad you asked. For one thing, nobody can rock a Carmen Miranda hat like Phathead…
Original image
The Rethuglicans are always trying to reach out to the Hispanic population, and how could they not love that?

Besides, just ask Michele Batshit Bachmann–Phathead be da man!
Original painting
He’s all geared up to deal with bull!

Not to mention that he’s already got the headware…
Original image
And don’t forget that he’s promised to be good…
Original image
Other Rethugs, such as Lamar Alexander, have schooled Phathead on what he should and shouldn’t be doing, so why start with someone new?
Original illustration (by Frances Tipton Hunter)
The best reason for keeping him, though, is that he knows all the best places to go!
Original DVD cover


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21 responses to “The Raisin Galvanizes for Steele!

  1. This is art! But why are you making fun of the GOP’s first Egyptian-American RNC head? Because he’s Muslim?

  2. jean-philippe

    I like the way Steele handles the raging bull.

    Is there ANY picture of Bachmann in which she doesn’t look &*$*?$? nut?

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  4. poor Carmen Steelanda – so misunderstood
    you owe me another keyboard

  5. Six toes? Must have been related to the Goliath family. When regular shoes don’t cut it, try moccosans.

    • i practically live in sneakers these days. i have flat feet, so moccasins aren’t a good choice for me. while they feel all kindsa comfy when i put them on, they really aren’t doing my back or feet any favors.

  6. I’m glad you spelled that correctly. Can’t find my little dictionary or my thesaurus since the move and fatigue is making my spelling suffer. Don’t want to appeat to be ignert.

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