Hello Dollies!

Since it’s the holiday season, I’m thinking about toys, specifically dolls. We’ve seen a few of them in the last few posts, but I thought I’d find some others we might have forgotten about and brush the dust off them. There are all different kinds of dolls. For example, there are the ones that talk…and talk…and talk…
Original image
…even when they have nothing of value to say.

There are dolls that share a theme but look different, such as these…
Original image
(l to r:Β  Virginia Foxx, Shelley Moore Capito, Michele Bachmann, Ginny Brown-Waite, Sarah Palin)

Of course, there are all kinds of Barbies.Β  Here’s the Laura Bush version…
Original image
(Xanax sold separately)
…and the woman who always wished she could have been in Pickles’s shoes, Condi Rice…
Original image
(Shoes, daydreams, and idiots sold separately)
Then there are the Barbies that reflect current events. Remember Octopussy the Octomom, Nadya Suleman? Her story was a potential gold mine, because there are so many accessories that can be sold with the doll…
Original image
(Silicone for lips sold separately)
There are also dolls associated with popular movies. Remember Kay Bailey Hutchison in Czar Wars?
Original image
I know what you’re saying–what about dolls for boys? No worries, kids, I have the perfect one. Just ask John Ensign…
Original image


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31 responses to “Hello Dollies!

  1. πŸ˜† Great (grate?) display! πŸ˜†

    The Senator Ensign doll…ewwwwwww.

    • you know me, i’m all about fairness. i couldn’t leave out the guys.

      • I spotted the tiny princess kbh down on the left corner. Awesome attention to detail. πŸ˜†

        • πŸ˜† that’s funny, because i had forgotten about that graphic until i started searching in desperation for a theme for tonight’s post. when i saw the czar wars kbh, i had to look at it closely to see what i had changed, and i was glad that i paid attention to the little details (otherwise, i know i would have opened up photoshop and aggravated s.h.–that’s short for stupid hand). i even recognized widdle ewic token cantor in the corner with kbh, but i didn’t remember why i put him there. i had found the image in photobucket, so i had to come here to find the story. widdle ewic wrote an op-ed at wapo in which he talked about obama’s “virtual army of β€˜czars.” kbh followed up with an op-ed of her own saying the same bs. the only thing i really remembered about that graphic was that kbh’s hair was a real pain in the ass to make look right.

      • ‘…i’m all about fairness. i couldn’t leave out the guys.’

        Good for you, Nonnie!

        Otherwise, their easily bruised feelings might lead them to do something impetuously madcap that they would regret later, perhaps in the cold morning light of a jail cell.


    • It’s even more distubing in the original, with a little kid pushing the blow-u doll around.

  2. jean-philippe

    Nutz… πŸ™‚

    Every time a see a picture of Princess Sarah, I’m wondering if it’s not one of Tina Fey… I can’t tell the real farce from the farce of the farce.

  3. On an almost-unrelated note, there’s this story from NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” blog a while ago …


    The comments are gone, I’m afraid, but I was rather proud of my Sarah Palin doll suggestion.

  4. the coffee is all over the keyboard – i even called my father to look at this- i cannot stop laughing – esp Xanax Barbie

      • I know “the kind of person *I’d* like to come home to everyday” is one that says “n****r” 14 times or so before being cut off by their producer.

        But that’s just me. Perhaps for some of Dr. Laura’s listeners it’s 10 times; for others it’s 20. This freedom of expression is why America is such a great place to live — no government is going to tell *us* how many times in a row we can say n****r on air.

        Nor, apparently, any sort of internal censor or sense of decency, either. America — f*ck yeah!

        • i hate to sound like a snob, but saying the n word more than a dozen times is gauche.

          • But only after Labor Day?

            On a related note, I find it highly risible that Americans only care about civil liberties when it’s paired with prudery. Wiretapping is ok, but not “tapping that”.

            • sorry to take so long answering. i was just finishing my daiquiri.

              ironic how all those teabaggers are so worried about individual freedoms, but only so that everyone else has the freedom to do only what the teabaggers think they should be allowed to do.

  5. All I can think is, “How long did she spend perfecting that pucker in the mirror?”

  6. If the voice chip in your George W. Bush figure gets messed up … how can you tell?

  7. There’s that KBH doll that brought me to the raisin! Why did I refer ti it as StarWhhores several days ago? Must be from watching that Carrie Fisher special on HBO.

  8. Same here. The set up is very important to the storyline. I thought she was hot playing Jakes jilted bride in Blues Bros. Should have won an oscar for that supporting role. After finding a copy of Postcards from the Edge and reading it, I thought highly of her creative ability. Thay middle part about the coke addict falling off the wagon should be manditory reading in drug education class.