It’s Comical, Part 1 (Updated)

Hey, kids, yesterday we focused on books.  Today, I thought we’d cover a different kind of book–comics!  When I was a kid, one of my favorite comic books were the ones about Chimpy Archie and his gang. The Betty and Veronica series was probably my favorite, but the Alberto Gonzales and Monica Goodling Berty and Monica ones were pretty funny, too!


Original comic book cover

Then there was Karl Rove’s Archie’s buddy, Chimpy Jughead…

Original comic book cover
Of course, you might prefer the other version, the lobbyists’ best pal, Fred Thompson…
fredhead jughead

Original comic book cover

Kids, I’ll be away for the next few days, but I am going to try to get a few posts ready in the hopper, and hopefully, I’ll be checking in periodically so we can continue our look back at the classic comics.

UPDATE:  How could I forget Mr. Weatherbee?  A comment by Al reminded me.  Thanks, Al!


Original image


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23 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 1 (Updated)

  1. jean-philippe

    I used to spend my allowance of these… Good memories…

    #2 is probably the best synthesis of the Bush legacy I have ever seen: taking a dump on the world.

    Oh no… I’m going through another Archie withdrawal syndrome…

    • i spent so much money on comic books, mad magazine, and nancy drew books.

      #2 (no pun intended) was the second version. the first didn’t have the toilet. i kept looking at it, and i realized that something was missing.

  2. Excellent capture of Fred’s jowl! You must have a wall-size monitor! I like Little Devil and Spiderman comics as a kid…

    And this from the Archies:

    (i hope wordpress has fixed youtube command)

  3. I bet you have the superhero comics coming up next.

  4. Fred Thompson. The man who made Law and Order a cringe worthy experience…

  5. Al

    Hi Nonnie’,

    Thanks for rekindling some fond memories from my youth…can remember exchanging the latest Archie’s comics with classmates, who were just as interested in keeping up with the antics of Reggie, Moose, Jughead, Midge, Archie, Betty, Veronica, etc…I’d hide my impish grin when I saw my English teacher approaching in the hallways and thought of Miss Grundy, hahaha.

    Have a great week!

    • hey al! nice to see you! 😀

      glad i could rekindle fond memories fro your youth. that’s much better than rekindling youthful memories of fondling. 😯

      did you see years ago when the archie comics went all fundie? i remember seeing them on a rack in the supermarket, and i couldn’t believe the religious right had ruined that, too.

      when you mentioned miss grundy, you reminded me of mr. weatherbee. there’s a pic i forgot to add. i’ll do that now.

  6. Of course Bush would have to be Jughead. A perfect fit!

    There are so many candidates for the Veronica role — the slightly-spacey super-rich girl — but Veronica was nice, so it doesn’t fit.

    Other comics have possibilities too — Karl Rove would be Lex Luthor, of course, and how about Rand Paul as the Joker, or maybe the Penguin?

  7. The Weatherby match is perfect. Those fundie funnies wer proably a liscence deal and I’d bet money they were Charlton group, because the regular publisher just announced this year the long time romance would be resolved-he picked Veronica, rich and high maintenence, leaving poor lovable Betty behind. All of this proves the boy is an idiot.

    • the christian archies were done by the spire christian comics, only until 1984. here’s an article about it.

      from what i’ve read, archie never did pick between betty or veronica. he proposed to and married veronica in one issue, but then in another, archie proposed to and married betty. they were parallel universes to see how it would be different with each girl.

  8. Ethan Persoff would know. He’s even got the FBI sponsored issue on the list of sketchy comx available to see. His site is a hoot.