It’s Comical, Part 2: Superheroes Edition

Most of these were originally posted over at American Street in 2008 on Super Tuesday…
For those too young to remember, that’s Tuesday Weld. For those of you guys who are old enough to remember, you’re welcome. Now put your pants back on.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was a Hillary supporter, and I voted for her in the primary…

Original image

…but that doesn’t mean I was mean to then-Senator Barack Obama…

Original image

You know that I wouldn’t forget the Rethugs. Here’s Mike Huckabee in his superhero costume…

Original image

(What’s really super is the material his costume is made of, because it makes him look at least 200 pounds thinner–and that’s a miracle!)
…and if you were ever wondering why I call John McCain Captain Underpants, it started here…

Original image
I still call him Capt Underpants, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still dress him up in other costumes…
underdogOriginal image

Do you remember Capt Underpants’s super-duper idea 💡 of a League of Democracies?

Original image
(Green Lantern: Nicolas Sarkozy; Batman: Gordon Brown; Stuporman: Captain Underpants; Wonder Frau: Angela Merkel; Flasher: Silvio Berlusconi)

More comics tomorrow, kids!


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12 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 2: Superheroes Edition

  1. okay kids, i’m out of here. i won’t be home until friday, but i think i’ll be able to use the offspring’s computer, and i lined up a bunch of posts in the hopper. be good! i’ll probably be back later tonight. mmmwwaaahhhhh!!!

  2. Love the Hil and Obama!

    McCain was born for Captain Underpants’ body.

    Berlusconi…what a dirty, old coot! Good choice!

  3. I too love HRCs graphic. Enjoy yourself Nonnie!

    • thanks dusty! i am enjoying myself, even though i’ve been doing laundry and cleaning. it doesn’t feel like work when it’s not your own house, especially when you can look outside and see the waves rushing to shore. this view is just spectacular.

  4. jean-philippe

    You might share a cell with Assange after what you did to Hilary…

    Huckabee 😀

    OMG I first thought the first one was JonBenét Ramsey 😯

    Great, great selection today… So sad our chubby Harper didn’t make the cut 😦

  5. I linked to the League of Democracies image in my personal blog the first time you posted it, and I had both of my geeky French friends laughing their butts off at Sarkozy as the Green Lantern.

  6. hey kids! i finally figured out how to turn on the offspring’s computer (you should see the damned thing–he built it himself, and it’s clear with blue neon lights and water running through it). i kept trying the remote control, because i know he has it programmed for it, but i couldn’t get it to work. finally, after 3 tries (did i mention he only has one tiny lamp in his bedroom–who can see?) over the course of several hours, i pushed what i thought was a decorative silver bauble, and suddenly, it all came to life. i am totally useless with a regular mouse, and the spacebar on his keyboard has to be hit with a sledgehammer, so forgive me for not answering you individually right now. i will once i get used to this thing.

    anyway, i made it here safely. it’s cold (in the 40s), but there is something spectacular looking out the glass doors in the back and seeing the ocean waves, even in the dark. the water is pitch black, but the white caps of the waves as they wash up toward the beach are calming and breathtaking at the same time. the city looks gorgeous from the 12th floor.

    okay, gonna go. i’m pretty tired. just wanted to check in with you kids. forgive me, all my blog buddies, for not visiting. i will as soon as i can (if i can find you all–i miss my bookmarks!).


    p.s. more comics tomorrow and the rest of the week! love you all! 😀

  7. Finally, I get to read about someone elses travel and adventues. And yes, I did know that was Tuesday before reading the caption, thank you very much!