It’s Comical, Part 4: Comic Book Books Edition

There are some cartoon characters who start out in the funnies and then show up in books. For example, there’s Little Orphan Annie. It was a daily comic strip written and drawn by Harold Gray. It ran for 86 years, ending in June 2010. We don’t have to miss it, though, as Governor Jan Brewer has taken her place.   Makes sense to me, as Governor Jan sorta looks like a Leapin’ Lizard.  You probably heard the sad story Jan tells about her father dying while fighting the Germans in World War II.  Such a good story.  Too bad it wasn’t true

littleorphanannieOriginal book cover
(Sheriff Joe Arpaio is making a guest appearance as Daddy Warbucks Waronhispanics)

Dondi was another character from the comics. He was an orphan, too, and like a lot of other cartoon characters, he never grew up. Sort of like Rod Blagojevich…

Original book cover

There are some characters that started out as cartoons on television, but they still made their way into books. Here’s an example…
scoobydoo5Original book cover
(On wheel:  Deadeye Dick Cheney;  On The Mystery Machine:  Karl Rove;  On ice cream containers:  St. Ronald Reagan;  Back row:  Michele Batshit Bachmann, Virginia So-Not-A Foxx, Mitch Yertle McConnell;  Front:  John Boohoo Bronzo the Clown Boehner)


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20 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 4: Comic Book Books Edition

  1. jean-philippe

    Thank you for Boehner… 🙂

    Somehow he fits perfectly as a good for nothing pot smoking glutton… (no offense to Shaggy)

  2. I preferred Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne. Batshit Bachmann wishes she were so sexy.

  3. afrankangle

    Boehner portrayal fitting as Maynard G Krebs. Who’s playing with McConnell’s groin or ass?

    • that’s shaggy, not maynard, but ooooh, maybe a dobie gillis poster in the future? 😉

      • afrankangle

        I knew it was Shaggy, but meant to say that he would fit as maynard g krebbs … nonetheless … glad the dobie gillis idea came forth … but how many will even know the reference … but hey, that’s the fun and challenge. 🙂

        • sorry, afa, i shouldn’t post in a hurry. i wanted to answer you before shutting off the computer and getting ready to head home. my entire room is in complete disarray right now, and i can’t find my to-do list. i’ll try to remember to add dobie gillis to it, but don’t hesitate to remind me, especially if someone worthy of being dobie and/or maynard is in the news. 😀

  4. i think the dog – Sandy – would run away from Janny

  5. Maynard G. Krebbs made me what I am today. And learning to stay up late an watch Steverino. Smock, smock!

  6. I’d forgot about his spaz attacks when the word work was mentioned, but I remember the puppy dog pajamas!