It’s Comical, Part 5: Miscellaneous Comics Edition

There are some comic books are are not as well known as most of the ones we’ve already covered, but while the comic books might not be as familiar, the people pictured in them will be.Β  For example, I’ll bet that you never heard of Cookie comic books, but you know who Cokie Roberts (and her guest star, Glenn Beck) are…
cookie2Original comic book cover

You might not have heard of the Zippy (no relation to our beloved Raisinette, Karen Zippy Zipdrive) the Chimp comic books, but you certainly know who Chimpy is…
georgiethechimp2Original comic book cover
If your not Neon Vincent (also a beloved Raisinette), you probably never heard of The Heckler comic books (and you wouldn’t know that The Heckler is actually the good guy. Just forget that I even told you that). However, I know you remember Joe You Lie! Wilson from President Obama’s State of the Union speech…
thehecklerOriginal comic book cover
There are also some titles that you are very familiar with, but you might not have known that they were adapted for comic books. One example would be The Three Stooges. Here are Jim Demented DeMint, Sharron the Obtuse Angle, and Joe Sore Loser Miller filling in for Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe as The Tea Stooges
thethreestooges2.jpgOriginal comic book cover
Another popular TV show of yesteryear was Our Gang, and yes, there’s an app a comic book for that. Here’s John Captain Underpants McCain thinking he could step into the Oval Office once Chimpy left (with Rush Limbaugh’s approval, of course)…
ourgangmonkeycopyOriginal comic book cover
Finally, there are those comic books that you’ve most likely heard of, but weren’t aware of some of the people who appeared in them. I’d be willing to bet that most of you have heard of Richie Rich comics, but do you remember when Mitch Yertle McConnell and Boohoo John Bronzo the Clown Boehner were featured?
richierich2Original comic book cover
Remember The Howdy Doody Show? Well, there was a Howdy Doody comic book, too…
howdydoodyOriginal comic book cover


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28 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 5: Miscellaneous Comics Edition

  1. last post from the ritzy part of floriduhhh. i’ll be heading home in a couple of hours, so i’ll talk to you from there, kids. πŸ˜€

  2. You just slay me! (remind me to call the cops)



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  4. jean-philippe

    Tea stooges… πŸ˜€

    At first I thought I saw Georgie the chimp on a segway… πŸ™‚

  5. jean-philippe

    Hey Nonnie… I’m thinking about making fun of the Rethuglicans by linking these Jesus freaks to 6 of the 7 deadly sins (sloth is not a sin when you operate a blog about inertia and anyway they all work so hard to screw people).

    I’d like your insight about lust. I looked back at your Macaca Awards about Humpin’… Maybe I could pick Vitter… But to me lust is not that much about cheating or prostitutes… Limbaugh and the brain-dead babes he marries and then divorce after a few years speaks more about lust. But he’s already casted for gluttony.

    Larry King or Donald Trump would make great lust target but they are not GOP figures…

    What do you think?

  6. I’ve been waiting for you to post “The Heckler” cover! Thanks for that and the shout out!

  7. afrankangle

    What a great way to start my Saturday morning. Tea Stooges is priceless … (thus a big thank you too) …. But in Our Gang, I did a double take with the smaller pic in a frame. Well done.

    • glad i could get your saturday started with a chukcle, afa. i can’t take credit for thinking up the tea stooges. that title was a suggestion from jeffw over at the big orange.

  8. the our gang is brilliant – but how can you malign turtles by associating them with Yertle the Chins McConnell

  9. Looking at all these covers makes one think: did anything ever used to sell for a dime? (almost caught up, pant, pant)

  10. Yea, but that just sounds so narky. We used the term lid, and for a long time they were always ten bucks, though my jazz buddy sold them for six! Whew, now officially caught up on everything and it has been enjoyable, though exhausting. Girl, I don’t know how you find all the energy to do what you do, and do so well. Hope you like my Willie story on tonights post. I’ve heard that song many times and had no idea of that back story. Saving the Silent Night story for tommorow, hope you like it. And have a super holiday. You are a treasure to all of us Raisinettes!

    • glad you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane, jerry. i still can’t believe you actually went through each post. such dedication! πŸ™‚

      i love hearing the back stories behind songs or tv shows or movies. thanks for not talking about a “willie story” in the other post where we were discussing uncle miltie et al. πŸ˜‰

  11. If someone told me you only get one website to look at, it would be HR withM’liisa as runner up (you’re next writechic!) And Zippy. It’s just fun to take a hot topic, watch how you skew it with artwork, and just hear what’s on the collective raisin mind, sort of like having 50 penpals. That’s what make the archives so interesting when you try to get a mental image of all the regulars and everyone is so open minded with the assortment of personalities and creeds. And HR is blessed by not getting a flood of horrible trolls taking the site over because somebody said something bad about the princess or the dark father. I do sort of miss those massive scripture battles from year one when those folks posted those long attack and counter attack verses and acting like norse gods hurling lightning bolts at each other. Ah, those were the days. And remember, indescretion is my middle name here. All of the better weenie and bun jokes will come through a plain brown modem and put away where the kids can’t find ’em.

  12. That should read DISCRETION but, alas, it doesn’t seem to.

    • i do sometimes go back through the archives just to read the comments. the raisinettes are such an intelligent and funny bunch. they make me laugh, and they teach me all kinds of things. i think the trolls, especially the religious ones, stopped coming here, because wken, our resident biblical and religious scholar, puts them all to shame.

  13. Yes, Wken is very well “versed” in these things and there was another regular at the time, but I can’t recall his/her name. Now I have to do my job and go look it up! When reading through the great biblia ten years ago, I realized the empowerment you get taking a position on things by knowing what it says and even more, on what it doesn’t say! So glad you can enjoy the holiday with your neighbors and the little kids. It’s so much fun for the small ones. And on the theological side, no sweat, we got you covered with the “free gift” clause.

  14. Yep, that’s them. You just saved me a lot of work looking!