It’s Comical, Part 6: What a Character Edition

We’ve focused on comic book and book covers, and today I thought we’d concentrate on the characters.  When I was little, I always read Blondie comics, and my favorite characters were Dagwood and his boss, Mr. Dithers.  I did a bit of a update during the Chimpy administration years.  Here’s Chimpy with his boss, Deadeye Dick Cheney (with an appearance at the end by Laura Pickles Bush and Barney).  Of course, Deadeye Dick never dithered

blondie chimpy and cheney 1

blondie chimpy and cheney 2
blondie chimpy and cheney 3
blondie chimpy and cheney 4
Original comic strip

There are a lot of funny cartoon characters. Remember Yosemite Sam? Here he is as played by Rod Blagojevich…

Original image

And who could forget the iconic image of Barack Obama Charlie Brown trying to kick the football when Chuck Grassley Lucy pulls the ball away? Barack Obama Charlie Brown never learns, no matter how many times that football is yanked away.
lucyandcharliebrownobamaandchuckgraOriginal image

There was the very famous Mr. Magoo (played here by Tony Got-My-Life-Back Hayward)…
Original image
…and the lesser known Word Girl (played here with hilarious effect by Princess Sarah Palin, with her sidekick and fellow wordsmith, Chimpy)…
Original DVD cover
Any Bill Cosby fans? Anyone ever watch Fat Albert? The Cosby version is much better than the Rethug version…
Original image
(From top left, clockwise:   John Boohoo Bronzo the Clown Boehner, David Where-the-Hell-You Frum on the wall, Rush Fat Bastard Limbaugh, Michael Phathead Steele, Mitch Yertle McConnell, Mark Appalachian Trail Sanford, Phil Georgia Peach Gingrey)

And speaking of pigs, I wonder what all the Teabaggers think about Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama.  They seem to hate earmarks and pork, but back in February, Shelby put a hold on 70 pending nominations, because he  wanted contracts to his contributors approved.  Smells like rancid bacon to me…

porkypigOriginal image
Th-th-th-that’s all folks!


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35 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 6: What a Character Edition

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing these. I’ve missed too much! Tony Haytard made himself such an easy target. I’m so glad he was sentenced to Siberia. He was deserving of so much worse, but I do get some satisfaction that he has to eat Russian food…which is worse than British food.

  2. jean-philippe

    That’s very kind to you to make Bouncy Rush thinner. I love the way his belly fat intermingles with Mitch’s chins… Smithsonian worthy. Assuming the GOP doesn’t nuke it first.

  3. I just realized Princess Sarah is playing Word Girl in the middle of a recycling symbol. Oh, the horror–for her!

  4. Fat Bastard is inspired, especially with the David Frum wanted poster.

    Porky Shelby probably does smell like rancid bacon, but he looks a bit like Satan.

    • that poster was made back when david frum dared to bad-mouth rushbo and not apologize for his blasphemy. he got fired from the american enterprise institute shortly afterward, if i am remembering correctly.

      i don’t think shelby is like satan. satan is evil, but he’s not stupid. shelby is a moron. seriously, he’s one of the stupidest people in the senate.

  5. again – time to go buy a new keyboard. fat bastard has to take the cake (and eat it…..)

    after a very rough week – i know exactly where to go to get me in a good mood

  6. Yertle could fix his problem if he would just go se a chinologist. One of the regular panelist on Fernwood Tonight used to wear a leather strap chin device he got from one.

    • wouldn’t it be easier if he’d just put a paper bag over his head? it’s not just the chin (or lack thereof) that’s the problem. he fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.