It’s Comical, Part 7: King of the Hill Edition

One of my favorite animated shows on television was King of the Hill.  It took place in Texas, so it naturally reminded me of Chimpy.  Since it’s the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court appointing Chimpy to the preznitcy, it’s fitting we begin with a picture of him (and even more fitting that it celebrates the end of his reign, knowing all the damage he did)…
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The other Rethugs celebrated…
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(l to r:  Mike Huckabee, Rudy  Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, John McCain, Duncan Hunter)

There were lots of people we looked at through the King of the Hill lens. There was Captain Underpants and Cindy Lou…

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…Princess Sarah Palin…

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…and, of course, Capt. Underpants, Cindy Lou, Princess and Todd together…

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Drill, baby, drill is still ringing in my ears (probably in Tim Pawlenty’s, too)…

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Princess Sarah wasn’t the only mama grizzly around…

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(Surrounding Capt. U from l to r: Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Meg Whitman, and Carly Fiorina)

The other guys were still hanging around, too…

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(l to r: Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani)

And, of course, if Capt. Underpants is anywhere around, you know that Lindseypoo Graham and Joe McLiebercain can’t be too far away…

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24 responses to “It’s Comical, Part 7: King of the Hill Edition

  1. Very disturbing, yet butt-ugly cast. I need eye shampoo after seeing Lindsey Graham doing ballet again. At least there’s not visible pit bush this time. 😀 Is this man ever going to come out of the closet? Does it have to come to an airport arrest?

    Gangsters for Mean Jesus is too spot on.

    Wild and crazy Ron Paul is my fave tonight. He had the lead balls to take up for wikileaks. (SNL has a hysterical take on Julian Assange.)

    • look how flexible lindseypoo is! is it any wonder capt u always wants to be around him? i didn’t realize the pit bush haunted you so, melissa. 😆 if i could erase that image from your mind, i would. i bet the national enquirer has already put a bid out on lindseypoo’s x-ray pic from the tsa.

      chuckleberry is about as manly as bobby hill, so it wasn’t much of a stretch.

      ron paul is like the broken batshit clock that’s correct twice a day. i can’t wait for reporters to constantly ask little randy about what daddy said, and vice versa. they’ll both be ready to appear on dancing with the stars, because they’ll have so much experience in doing the side step.

  2. …testing..testing…1,2.3..(little more treble)….Good news everyone! Finally got this damned DSL to work up here in the hills. Has to be brought in by pack mule. And remember kids, if you move, be sure to take the power strip or your next album will be titled “In search of the Lost Cord”. Sure got a lot of catching up to do. Good to see that the recycle program is being put to good use Nonnie. And you claim at one time W had his own rain!?! No one can escape the Hank Hill karma either. I come half way across the country to these remote Sierra foothills (that would be mountains elsewhere) and think I have escaped the influence but just look out in the back and there it is….PROPANE!

    • jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

      i’ve missed you so! i was starting to wonder if you were ever coming back. next time, give those pack mules some red bull. so how are things on raisin ranch? do you like it there?

      yes, w had his own rain, but unlike prince, it was yellow, not purple, and he loved sharing it with the middle class and the poor. he’d just let it all trickle down.

      so, so happy you’re back, jerry!!! 😀

      • Thanks for making me feel welcome and needed! Puting all net activity on hold till I can get caught up because HR is the best place for insight, biting wit, and it’s where all the hot chicks hang out. The Raisin Ranch is a challenge in rural living. There is a vineyard two miles east of here but, unfortunately, the only raisins are the ones who escape being processed into intoxicating vegetable matter. Sis’s 5 acre spread is in the rolling hills. We have moo cows that come around and an old haunted house on the west side. The sky is a vibrant blue every day and at night you can see every star in the sky. Compared to the D/FW Metromess, this place is like heaven. And unlike Texas, the rarest things around here are a piece of flat land and a Baptist Church!

        • i really did miss you, jerry. 😀

          the raisin ranch sounds heavenly. i think i’d rather live there than anywhere in texas. of course, i was only in texas once for a short time, so maybe i’m not being fair.

          • There’s lot of neat places: the big pine forest of east Texas, the splendor of the hill country (Hi Willie!), the super gulf coast areas, the granduer of the Big Bend, the vibrant farmlands of the panhandle…but I am givng it all up to sleep on summer nights where it gets down to 60 at night, not 85. Can’t take the heat anymore. The unfortunate uglyness is uncontroled urban sprawl, 3 million vehicles in the DFW metro area, and worst of all, the right wing asshole trend that has swept the state and going to extremes to prove to the country, even the whole world, that ignert is a two syllable word. Just look at last weeks news about removing the republican house speaker from his position. The reason? He’s a Jew! Welcome to Texas.

            • the rightwing asshole trend is what will keep me out of texas. howevah, with rick scott and the crazies taking over floriduhhh, i’m not feeling very comfortable here either.

  3. What a laugh riot these are!! I was perplexed to figure out who the “girl” was in the 1st group photo…. Rudy Giuliani!!!

  4. Good post, nonnie. I hope your hand is getting better. Progress?

    • there is some progress, apples. my ring finger has gotten some feeling back. my pinky is still numb. i think the new desk and chair are helping, though i might have to exchange the chair for a different one. i’ll probably have to go to the doctor eventually. i have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for something else, so i don’t think i’ll have a chance to photoshop, but i think i’ll try to do something wednesday to see how it goes.

      thanks for asking! 😀

  5. jean-philippe

    Giuliani looks more credible as a tramp than as a gangsta…

  6. afrankangle

    New do for Mitt is good … almost spiked. Is Fred Thompson still in the news? But his mug is a good fit here. Thanks for the grins!

    • fred thompson is one the news channels doing commercials for reverse mortgages. he has to put money in his young daughters’ college funds by ripping off people his own age.

      p.s. you know that you’re an official raisinette now, dontcha? 😉

      • afrankangle

        … and thank you for the honor! Maybe I’ll celebrate by going back to WriteChic to watch Putin sing Blueberry Hill again … Yikes … now there’s a stupid idea.