Too Bad She Can’t Get a Heart Transplant!

Did you see this, kids? Governor Droopy Dog Jan Brewer of Arizona posted it on her Facebook page to wish all her constituents a Merry Christmas. Well, all of them, except those awaiting transplants. Screw those Debbie Downers!

I don’t know why she has to roll up her sleeves in order to ring a bell, but that’s not what’s important at the moment.Β  As you can see, there’s been a terrible mix-up, and someone on her staff used a picture of some young attractive woman instead of the real hag with a face like a used teabag Governor Jan. Good thing I’m in a holiday mood and not holding any grudges. I’ve corrected the error.

(Click on image and then on that for a larger version)

From Sarah Smith at Channel 4 News:

[Arizona] is facing a budget deficit of over a billion dollars so everyone accepts that some pretty severe spending cuts do have to be made. But a lot of voters were shocked to discover that one of the things the state will no longer pay for is organ transplant operations.
In Phoenix, I went to meet Randy Shepherd; a young man in his 30s with three children. His weak heart means he really struggles to keep up with them. He doesn’t have the strength to carry on working as a plumber and in the US, no job generally means no health insurance. That is why he has to rely on the state Medicaid fund which covers healthcare costs for people who can not afford any other kind of cover.

He has been waiting for a new heart for about 18 months and he had just got to the top of the transplant list. The next suitable heart would be his – or would have been if the state hadn’t suddenly decided to stop paying for any transplant operations. He got a letter starkly informing him that he was off the list and the decision could not be appealed.


The Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, is notorious both for her right wing views and her aversion to answering questions from the press. I managed to “doorstep” her as we call it in TV – i.e. I caught her at a public event and just started asking questions, uninvited.

“How many people have to die before you are prepared to reverse your decision on the transplant operations?” seemed like the obvious question.

She said she thought that was unfair and started to explain how dire the state’s financial situation is. If people are so worried about the transplant patients then they should ask the federal government in Washington to send us more money, she said. But she would not explain to me, or to any Democrats in the state capitol, what she has done with the nearly $200 million she was already given in ‘stimulus funds’ to spend on anything she liked.

There are nearly 100 patients in total, who had already been accepted into the transplant programme, who have now been told that they are no longer eligible for treatment.


Doctors in Arizona are furious because they know they are going to see organs that could have been perfect matches for their very ill patients either go to waste or go to people further down the transplant list. All because some patients can afford private medical cover and some cannot.

This situation has nothing to do with the controversial health care reforms President Obama introduced nationwide. Those relate to people who buy their own health insurance or get it through their employers. The patients who are being denied transplants in Arizona are only those who have to rely on state health coverage. But isn’t it ironic that during the debates about “Obama-care”,as the Republicans called it, the right wing kept repeating the lie that Obama wanted to set up “death panels”. Bodies that would decide who was to get treatment and would die instead. It wasn’t true then, but in Arizona now it seems that Gov. Jan Brewer has effectively set up a death panel of her own.

Happy Holidays!


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42 responses to “Too Bad She Can’t Get a Heart Transplant!

  1. PSzymeczek

    Mr. Shepherd probably didn’t even have health insurance when he was working. My husband works for a plumbing company and we don’t have insurance.

    • if they took all the waste out of the health care system, they could cover everyone for a lot less money. that’s what pisses me off more than anything else.

  2. jean-philippe

    A Grinch face would have worked as well. And it’s still prettier.

    She’s making-1930’s-German-brown-shirt-guys-cry-because-she’s-too-nasty material.

    Maybe the MOST cold-hearted public official this country ever had (sorry, Nixon).

    • the grinch is in the back, looking at gov. jan with disgust. you’re right, by the way, the grinch is prettier than she is. nixon was a sonuvabitch, but i don’t think he’d kick a little kid who was in his way. this bitch would. i can’t believe that there are so many hate-filled people in arizona who would vote for such a vile excuse for a human being.

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  4. And a bunch of people who call themselves pro-life have no problem with this, I suppose …

  5. Look how cute you are with your holiday hat…though I’m still fond of your bikini look last summer. πŸ˜€

    Nice job with the sun-damaged dinosaur skin. Love your name in candy canes. πŸ™‚

    And Brewer’s “don’t ask me about organ transplant” ornament. That’s the Christmas Carol spirit! (All of the book except the end) 😦

    • awww, thanks, m’lissa! πŸ™‚ i ate too much over thanksgiving, so i won’t be wearing that bikini again.

      i tried 6 different faces for gov. jan. she’s so ugly that it was hard to choose which one to go with. there are some people who are physically unattractive, but they have such an inner light that they become better looking the more you get to know them. she’s ugly to the bone.

      the candy cane name was the easy part. it’s a font called candy time.

      • I was going to go after Brewer when I read about the Arizona resident who will die because he cannot get the “Cadillac” liver transplant, but I kept thinking of my friend losing her brother and couldn’t delve in. 😦

        It’s no accident Repukes use “Cadillac” to describe life-saving procedures. This was how the frenzy was whipped up to destroy the “Welfare Queen”. She has a Cadillac parked in her yard…The reality was 94% of recipients were off welfare after one year. 96% after two years. 4% of the population (at least is considered “always poor” often due to mental illnesses and other disabilities. ) There was very little fraud.

        If the poor are getting a Cadillac, well, surely they haven’t earned this. “This” being life.

        • i was thinking of eric while i was putting the diary together.

          she gave $50 million to the prisons. of course, she’s not rewarding the prison lobbyist chief-of-staff, right?

          • 😦 I just remembered in Yuma…a friend of mine’s twin son died of hepatitis when he was two. Two of the older children were diagnosed with hepatitis yet this little one was sent home from the hospital. His mother was told the tot had a cold. He died that night. The health system basically, passively euthanized a patient, probably because he was poor, little, brown, and had no way to take up for himself. I can only imagine how much worse it is now.

  6. *Blink* I had to check her Facebook page to see that Jan had acually posted that image. Wow, did she make herself an easy target!

    Inspired pointed out that you added the age spots to her hands. Nice detail! Speaking of details–great work on the ornaments! I particularly liked the “No Mexicans” (Actually “No Mariachis”) one.

    • can you believe how self-deluded this woman is, thinking that she actually looks like that? did you read the comments? not one negative one. she must have people deleting like crazy.

      give inspired a hug for me for noticing the age spots. the arms took me forever! and thanks to everyone for taking the time to look at the ornaments. πŸ˜€

      • jean-philippe

        OMG… I didn’t notice the age spots… Great job… πŸ˜€

        I heard the body of the artist who made the original rip off of we-can-do-it has been found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon…

        • i finally squinted enough to make out the name of the “artist” on the image. it’s linda eddy, and she has a website with her shit on it. this is hilarious–here’s one of her xmas ornaments she has for sale. as you can see it’s a picture of allen scott. πŸ˜• who? apparently, the moron combined the names of allen west and rick scott. she’s a conservative activist who apparently doesn’t know the names of conservatives! πŸ˜†

          • jean-philippe

            Well, somehow I feel relieved that Linda didn’t jump into the Grand Canyon over shame – or do I?
            ( 😯 why did I click on that link!!)

          • Ummmm … wow.

            Why would I want ornaments with the faces of politicians on them, whether people with whom I agree or not?

            “Allen Scott” is apparently the token African-American. That he seems to be a fictional character just makes it all the better.

            • i wish allen west and rick scott were both fictional characters. they’re so mean and nasty, though, that i don’t think anyone would believe them.

              the only reason i can think of anyone wanting ornaments with the visages of politicians on them is that they get a kick out of hanging them.

      • One would have to “like” her to leave a comment. I won’t stoop that low–“liking” her, that is.

        I passed along your thanks and a hug to Inspired.

        • i see. i’m not on facebook (yeah, i’m the one!), so i don’t know how these things work. the comments, however, were still sickening. i’d like to smack each and every idiot who’s fawning over this worthless piece of shit.

          p.s. hi inspired! πŸ˜€

  7. That first poster is Jan from her days working the swing shift at Vega riveting Liberator bombers back in 1943. This would explain why she looks 90+ years old. As far as the stated fifty million in prison money, Arizona, just like Texas does massive business with CCA, a.k.a. Wackenhut, a larger megaprison-for-profit outfit that makes lots of money from these punk ass politicians.

    • riveting? she’s the least engrossing person i can think of! i bet the prison lobby is lining her pockets but good. i doubt she’s doing everything for them just for campaign bucks. she’s getting something else out of it.

  8. At least the Grinch had a heart “2 sizes too small”… apparently Jan Brewer has no heart at all.

    Did someone say something about “Death Panels”???

    Sarah Palin & the tea party should be all over this.
    I’ll stand by for the outrage.
    Or does this count as being a Maverick?

    It’s all so confusing. Like a bridge to nowhere.

    • i hope jan brewer’s ugly face is all over the news for the next 4 years. let people see what the new rethuglican party looks like. let them see how they won’t answer questions and how they will do everything for lobbyists and nothing for those most in need. their heartlessness and hypocrisy should be on display for all to see and hear.

  9. Nana

    Living in Florida, it struck me that if Brewer shaved her head, she and Rick Scott would look like identical twins.

    • hello nana,

      welcome to the raisin!

      i think brewer would look like rick scott’s mother. she’s like the picture of dorian gray in reverse. that first pic is what she wishes she looked like, but that ugly mug of hers has all her evil written all over it. she looks like they dug her up. the cryptkeeper is more attractive and youthful-looking than she is.