Shooting Everything, Including Herself in the Foot

From Taylor Marsh at THE HUFFINGTON POST:

At the end of a defensive post about Sarah Palin’s hunting fiasco taped on her TLC show [Sarah Palin’s Alaska], the Wall Street Journal blog finally admits to a final insult out of the whole sorry spectacle:

“True enough. It was a young cow, something most hunters would have passed up, looking for a more impressive trophy.”

The caribou she shot was a young cow.

It’s not going to help Sarah’s image, which in the latest McClatchy-Marist polling has the Tea Party queen trailing the pack.

Original image
Ohhhh, those pesky Democwats!  They weawy make me angwy!

Sarah’s hunting stunt was a photo op, but I guess we can be glad she didn’t shoot someone in the face.

Among the basic items of protocol blithely ignored by Palin as she set off into the wilderness in a Rambo-style headband was her failure to take practice shots, or check the sights of the rifle, which duly turned out to be off-kilter. She failed to carry her own weapon, relying on her elderly father and his companion, Steve, to lug it around. When a beast eventually wandered into range, Ms Palin left Chuck Snr to load the rifle, and discharge spent bullet casings. – Hunter becomes the hunted as Palin critics say she can’t shoot

“Does it kick?” is now the question heard round the web. If Sarah was a Democrat, she’d be flayed for this fakery.


It seems not even her fans are willing to put up with Palin’s preening. From the UK Independent:

“What a joke,” wrote one viewer on Palin’s Facebook page. “I was a fan before the show. No one who is a true hunter lets others carry their rifle or can’t load their own shells. Sarah, you are a phony.”

“What kind of a question is that?” wrote a fan called Brad Schegel on Palin’s Facebook wall. “Doesn’t matter if it kicks or not, you shoot it the same. That was a girly question, momma griz.”

Sarah now becomes yet another in a long line of right-wing politicians who think it’s important to show she can shoot, when she actually is not only clumsy and tentative, but doesn’t respect the hunting of animals enough to make sure of the animal she’s shooting.

I won’t even get into the fact that she couldn’t catch one salmon in another Sarah Palin’s Alaska episode, in a scene that had the fish lined up for the hook.


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38 responses to “Shooting Everything, Including Herself in the Foot

  1. Her bullshit is so elaborate. The Fudd costume is perfect, and her cock eye.

    • her bullshit is elaborate, and she’s not smart enough to keep track of all of it. she’ll be scraping her own shit off the bottom of her rnc-paid for naughty monkey shoes.

      • Eek. I read why her hunting was so cruel. She used a little gun on big game because she didn’t want the kick from when the gun hits your bicep. Little bullets on big game mean a slow painful death or animals walking wounded. That’s just evil.

        • Also…my experience with hunters (which mostly came from working with researchers who had me counting buck points during college), they only shoot males. Females are supposed to be passed over because they make new game.

        • jean-philippe

          In Canada, when you need votes, you go buy a donut at Tim Hortons.

          • i’ve always wanted to go to canada. if i do go, the first place i’m going to is tim horton’s, because i’ve seen that name so often on the internets that i’m curious.

            • jean-philippe

              There are a lot of great restaurants in Montreal (also Vancouver) for after your “WTF is that” Tim Hortons experience.

              Little piece of gossip, Gordon Ramsey just bought a legendary chicken BBQ restaurant in Montréal and Toronto was furious he didn’t pick something in THEIR city.

            • There are Tim Horton’s here in Michigan. Best donuts in town. Great coffee, too.

              • are they dunkin donut-type donuts or krispy kreme-type donuts? i’m not crazy about krispy kreme. i don’t drink coffee, so that doesn’t figure into the equation for me.

                • Better versions of Dunkin’ Donuts. You’re from New York, so you’re preferring them to Krispy Kreme doesn’t surprise me.

                  Which is more common in Florida, Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme?

                  • there was a time when krispy kreme had a bigger presence in south floriduhhhh, but that’s changed. there are only 3 of them left in south floriduhhh, but there are dunkin donuts all over the place. they just opened one a couple of miles from my house.

      • “naughty monkey shoes”

        Hey, you remembered my post in which I used those as the title! Thanks!

        That was enough to make me go back to the original article.

        I recalled the following passage.

        “This whole hunter thing, for Sarah? That is the biggest fallacy,” says one longtime friend of the family. “That woman has never hunted. The picture of her with the caribou she says she shot? She got out of the R.V. to pose for a picture. She never helps with the fishing either. It’s all a joke.” The friend goes on to recall that when Greta Van Susteren came to the house to interview Palin “[Sarah] cooked moose chili and whatnot. Todd was calling everyone he knew the day before—‘Do you got any moose?’ Desperate.”

        Yep, all fake.

        • those are the names of those red shoes she wore in the veep debate. i’ve read in a couple of places that the whole outdoorswoman thing is just bullshit. if i recall correctly, even levi said it was crap.

  2. jean-philippe

    To her defense, there’s only so much guidelines you can write on your palm.

    Universal rule: you have to choose between being phony or doing a reality show.

    • the phonier you are, the more you’re wanted for “reality” shows. there’s nothing real about those shows, and the more cooked-up drama, the better. i’m surprised they didn’t have princess sarah shoot kate gosselin. that would have been the pinnacle of manufactured “reality” show drama.

  3. When not traipsing around in Alaska for her fake photo shoots, Sarah had a little interview w Barbara Walters– she asked Palin if she would do Dances w the Stars…. oh gosh no! I’m such a clutz, said Sarah.
    A clutz w a gun…. maybe her & Cheney should go hunting together & cancel each other out??

    Let’s just hope god does not tell her otherwise & she decides she can do better than Brisket!

    • i didn’t watch. baba wawa’s selection of who is the most fascinating has been ridiculous for years.. princess sarah would never be on a show where there are judges. she can’t stand any criticism whatsoever.

      • i actually used to have respect for walters – no more – between the brainless palin and the talentless bieber – just because twelve year old girls and seventy year old men get all horny for these two doenst make them fascinating….

        fascinating = ratings = selling commercial time

  4. Politico, no surprise, has a relatively flattering article about Princess Sarah.

    I’m too tired and tipsy to bother copying and pasting relevant passages.

    BTW, thanks for reccing my diary on the Big Orange.

    • how long before princess attacks the lamestream nielsen ratings?

      i keep telling you that you don’t have to thank me for reccing your diaries at the big orange, you big silly!

  5. When I saw the TLC listing, clicked the channel and she was beating the fishes to death with the club. Watched one whole minute. And now she is executing game to get the blood lust up for those who worship firearms. All that to pull 12% on a DC poll this week. The bloom is coming of this old rose fast.

  6. At least it looks like if these space cases ever do try that “Second Amendment solution” stuff on us, they won’t actually be able to hit anything.

    She should stay home and shoot at Russia from her front porch — even with a target that size, she’d miss.

  7. afrankangle

    OMG … she shot a cow? I really try not to follow her because she simply isn’t worth my time and effort. I would watch Putin’s Blueberry Hill before tuning in to her. On the other hand, in many ways, she is the gift that keeping on giving by 1) thrilling her base, 2) laughing all the way to the bank, and 3) convincing the majority that she shouldn’t be.

    But … I know of one Tim Horton’s in SW Ohio … probably less than 10 miles from Boehner’s place.

    Thanks Noonie for starting my Saturday with a chuckle … well, I’m shaking my head too.

    • afa, i will not watch that show, but i’ve seen the clips on some of the news shows. she shot a young female caribou. it was a gorgeous creature, and after being instructed step-by-step by some friend of her father’s, this “expert” hunter, princess sarah, finally killed the caribou. afterwards, the adviser kept saying you got it baby, you got it, baby, and it was absolutely creepy. they were all breathing hard in some orgasmic ecstasy over killing a living thing for publicity. it was gross and disturbing.

      • And didn’t she claim this was necesary to feed the family that night? And chatterbox goes off on a rant about the Nuge (who has and oral machine gun sex fixation). And on the execution front, Texas was bragging before I left about how much kill-chem they have on hand while the other states are running out. My guess would be a couple of tank cars on a siding by Huntsville. California is out of the stuff and getting ready for its first execution in five years. Back in Texas, we would say its the first one in the last five minutes!

        • yeah, they don’t have any supermarkets in alaska. everyone has to go out and shoot dinner. 🙄 maybe she can be a roving executioner for those states who might be low on kill chems. she seems to take a lot of pleasure in killing things.

          • she is slowly killing this country – her oozing poison is gradually ringing any life out of this nation

            i hope St Peter is really a Caribou when she meets her maker – or more likely in the other place

            • i think she’s slowly but surely killing her own career. she’ll never be elected again, and even people who used to like her are getting sick of her. she’ll always have a small group of fans, but it will get smaller and smaller, and she’ll be increasingly irrelevant.