No Signs of Intelligence Found

From The Caucus at The New York Times:

Representative John Boehner, who takes over as Speaker of the House in the 112th Congress, named his appointees to the important House Intelligence Committee on Friday. They will join Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan, who had already been named committee chairman.

Besides with Mr. Rogers, five other Republicans will be returning to the committee: Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas; Representative Sue Myrick of North Carolina, Representative Jeff Miller of Florida; Representative Mike Conaway of Texas and Representative Peter King of New York.

The new members are Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota; Representative Joe Heck of Nevada; Representative Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey; Representative Devin Nunes of California; Representative Tom Rooney of Florida and Representative Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia.

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Serving on the committee can be challenging for those who enjoy chattering with the media, as Ms. Bachmann does. Committee members must remain silent about what they hear in their secure meetings; discussing those items can lead to expulsion. Members sign an oath of confidentiality before they are able to see classified information.


Rep. Michele Bachmann, one of the most outspoken conservatives in the House, has won an appointment to the secretive House Intelligence Committee.

The move by incoming Speaker John Boehner to put Bachmann on the panel surprised Republican insiders, who see her as a fiery grass-roots leader of the tea party movement but not necessarily a leader on national security among House Republicans.

Bachmann once suggested that Congress should investigate whether Democratic lawmakers were pro- or anti-America, and she’s been a cable TV favorite because she’s known for colorful sound bites.


“If you’re looking for media and controversy, that’s not the committee to be on,” said a Republican familiar with the discussions about Bachmann’s appointment.


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30 responses to “No Signs of Intelligence Found

  1. jean-philippe

    I love the take of someone on Hardball: “She’ll have a hard time to find the meeting room.”

    Poor, poor, poor members of the commitee… We ask too much of our public servants. As these meetings are on intelligence, I’m assuming we won’t get to know most of the pearls she’ll offer to her collegues…

    Btw, congratulations, that’s the first picture I see of Bachmman where she doesn’t look insane…

    • i wonder if she’ll be charged with treason the first time she blabs something classified she heard in a meeting. is it possible that boohoo bronzo the clown is counting on her not keeping her mouth shut, and this is his passive-aggressive way of getting rid of her? she’s a ticking timebomb for the goopers, even if she does pull in a lot of money.

      • jean-philippe

        I’m very surprised they didn’t create the “300th anniversary of USA celebration commitee” just for her.

        • they let her have her stupid tea party caucus to keep her busy. i guess that backfired. giving her a caucus made her too powerful, and now they have to throw her a bone now and then to keep the new teabaggers on their side when they have to vote in lockstep.

  2. OMG, please tell me that’s drool, and not. . . um. . .
    that other stuff.
    Could this be payback from the Weeper to keeper silent?
    Truly intelligent sentients want to know!

  3. Rep. Michele Bachmann, one of the most outspoken conservatives in the House,

    Oh, %$#@&….. There are times when diplomatic language is just dishonest. She’s an “outspoken conservative” in the same sense that Fred Phelps is an outspoken theologian. Sometimes you have to call a nut a nut. And this appointment is a travesty.

    I get the shitting bat and the one eye squintier than the other like she’s on drugs, but is that stuff supposed to be drool? It looks a little thicker and whiter than…, maybe I’d better just shut up now.

    • there’s diplomatic, and then there’s downright lies. acting as though she’s anything other than a far-right batshit wingnut is dishonest.

      She’s an “outspoken conservative” in the same sense that Fred Phelps is an outspoken theologian.”

      that’s perfection, infidel!

  4. Unbelievable…….I just cant believe it!This has got to be the lowpoint of the decline and fall of the American Empire..This is right up there with the Roman dude that Appointed a horse to the Roman Senate! Alas! The End is Near!

    • every time she says something off-the-wall (which will be approximately every 2 or 3 minutes with intervals for potty breaks), the american people should be reminded that this is the person that boohoo bronzo the clown, the incoming slurrer of the house, thought would be well-suited to keeping the countries most important classified secrets.

  5. My wife asked me recently if the Republican Party has chosen its female leaders specifically to prove that women shouldn’t be in positions of power.

    There are thoughtful, intelligent women who happen to be right of center.

    Bachmann is certainly not one of them. The idea that she’s going to be getting classified information routinely is more than enough reason to question whether Rep. Boehner hates the US.

    • your wife is a very smart lady, wken (but you already know that). there have been plenty of dems whom i am definitely not thrilled with, but i can’t say that i can think of even one as pernicious as some of the rethugs are. i know how the talking heads love to say that there are fringies on each side, but who one the left side of the aisle are equivalent to bachmann, steve king, virginia foxx, louie the gohmert, and many more (not to mention some of the teabaggers that are coming in)? are these people really the best the rethugs can get, or is there some plan to attract really stupid people to be in congress in hopes of them being easily manipulated?

      • The one woman on the left who might even come close to Bachmann and her ilk on the right in the batshit department would be Cynthia McKinney, a former U.S. Representative from Georgia who was a 9/11 Truther. Once that came out, she was run out of office at the next election. Last I heard of her, she was on the Green Party ticket, which means she was no longer with a major party. Other than her, I got nothing.

        • yeah, good ol’ cynthia. i had forgotten about her. there have been bad apples in the dem baskets over the years, but i don’t recall anyone as mean and/or stupid as an alarming number of rethugs.

      • Well, of course there are fringe lefties. But they don’t get prime spots on a “news” network, seats in Congress, or such.

        As Neon Vincent noted, McKinney was run out of the Democratic party for her oddities. Blago’s corruption got him booted, and even Dems don’t defend him.

        On the other hand, when Dick Morris got himself in trouble, he ran TOO the Republicans. Rand Paul says he wishes the Civil Rights Act had never been passed, and winds up in the Senate. Birthers have a place at the GOP table that Truthers would never be given at the Dem table.

        The Republican Party is absolutely not what it used to be.

        • you are so correct, wken. there are dirty dems as well as dirty rethugs, but the dems don’t seem to make excuses for their bad guys. you weren’t going to see nancy pelosi making campaign appearances for william jefferson after he was found to have a freezer filled with cash. you also would never have seen her campaigning with a guy who parades around in a nazi uniform in his leisure time.

  6. The artwork seems to be semenily challenged this evening but, hey, it’s Saturday night. Republican women don’t do that sort of thing as they barely allow intercourse for the purpose of procreation. Keep her mouth shut? No way! As a comedian once observed on the subject of why women can’t be mass murderers: “Carol, can you keep a secret?….I just offed Bob”!

    • it’s not just women. i recall karl rove and scooter-pie couldn’t seem to keep secrets either. they, of course, flapped their lips for political purposes. batshit bachmann constantly flaps hers, because she can’t live without attention.

  7. i really wonder what the rest of the world must think of how we run this Saloon. Boner, Bachmann, Cantor, GOHMERT, STEVE KING!!!!!! there are bad apples all over the world and there are insane leaders all over the world

    but this place – sorry – we have more than our fair share.

    bachmann is the worst piece of shit ever elected to the congress – and now she has her eyes set on Klobuchar’s senate seat

    • batshit can eye klobuchar’s seat all she wants, but the majority of minnesotans (who gave us al franken, remember) are not like the fundies in batshit’s district. even if they were, i doubt yertle mcconnell would want another headache in the senate, and the rethugs would fight to make her lose in a primary.