Tweedlejon and Tweedlejohn

From Alex Pareene at Salon:

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl explained on Fox yesterday that allowing gay men and women to serve openly in the armed forces ” is not a constitutional right as was the issue of racial segregation,” and he went on to argue that repealing the policy that bars them “could disrupt unit cohesion… and cost lives.”

That’s right: Repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” could kill soldiers.

Considering that this may very well kill people, the next Congress should probably repeal the repeal, right? I mean, it’s literally a matter of life and death. We need to re-ban gay people ASAP, right, Senator Kyl?

“I don’t have any plan in place” to repeal the repeal in the next Congress, Kyl said on Fox today.

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(Kyl also said on Fox yesterday that he probably wouldn’t vote to give 9/11 first responders healthcare, because the GOP might not be allowed to amend the bill, and because “it’s a lot of money.” As enraging as that is,  it was perhaps the first time Fox News viewers learned that this bill was being opposed by Senate Republicans, and not just unnamed politicians on Capitol Hill.)

(Video at Salon link)

Before the Senate passed a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on Saturday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) made an angry — and somewhat rambling — speech on the floor against the repeal. He warned of “distractions” for servicemembers, adding: “I don’t want to permit that opportunity to happen and I’ll tell you why. You go up to Bethesda [Naval Hospital], Marines are up there with no legs, none. You’ve got Marines at Walter Reed with no limbs.”


McCain added that he’s heard from “thousands” of active and retired military personnel, who tell him not to repeal DADT. But, McCain said, it will be repealed, “and all over America, there’ll be gold stars put up in windows, in the rural towns and communities all over America that don’t partake in the elite schools that bar military recruiters from campus, that don’t partake in the salons of Georgetown and the other liberal bastions here around the country, but there will be additional sacrifice.”

(Video of Captain Underpants’s insanity at TALKING POINTS MEMO link.


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30 responses to “Tweedlejon and Tweedlejohn

  1. afrankangle

    I don’t laugh aloud very often, but this brought enough of a chuckle that my wife had to ask. So saw her first Raisin portrait and she laughed!

    The Jackwagon and Mr. Crankypants … that says enough. And now Kyl is balking at START – something that he actually supports.

    Thanks for the evening chuckle.

  2. jean-philippe

    This also could have been interesting material for the Kyl McCain duo:

  3. Yeah, well, here’s the thing …

    The military doesn’t seem to agree with him. In his 0 years of experience in the military (according to his bio at the Senate), I don’t think he’s better-qualified to speak to this issue than, say, Colin Powell. You know, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Guy who served in the Army. A man who actually dealt with unit readiness and cohesion.

    I remember when DADT was being created, and I’m sad to say that I was against it … I was among those who believed at the time that the military SHOULD be asking and expelling gay members and candidates. In my defense, I was a sophomore in college. I learned.

    Still, the talking points being thrown around now are very much the same as what we said back then. And we’ve been shown wrong.

    We could also point to the experience of the military everywhere else in the remotely-free world. The UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc. are all integrated. That means that our troops do serve with openly-gay troops in joint NATO operations, such as Kosovo and Afghanistan, and in places like Iraq where we’re working with allies.

    If DADT was an experiment, then what it’s proven is that the military can survive having gay troops around, and that its opponents couldn’t have been more wrong if we’d tried. At this point, it’s time to go the rest of the way and catch up with the rest of the world.

    • spot on, wken. dadt proved the point that it’s unnecessary. there are gays serving in the military already, and apparently, unless someone is digging into someone’s background, they’re so much like their fellow soldiers that they are undetectable. therefore, it has been proven that having gay soldiers will not hurt security one bit. in fact, it will make us more secure, as all those translators that were discharged can now come back (if they give us the honor of having them serve again after being treated so shabbily) and help to detect the bad guys.

  4. Brewer, McCain, Kyl, Arpaio…wow, the Grand Canyon State has some real winners in elected office. Who else is that bad? Well, maybe Texas with Goodhair, Cornyn, and Hutchinson, but who would be in Arpaio’s spot?

    • well, texas has louie the gohmert. he’s not a sheriff, but he’s so much stupid wrapped up in bigotry that he makes up for arpaio. still, arizona is making it very hard to beat in the stupidest/meanest state category.

      • Goehmert makes for a good counterpart, although he’s more stupid than mean. Arpaio is the reverse, more mean than stupid.

        BTW, I have a diary up on the Big Orange. Three nights in a row.

        • Arizona lately has been dishing out a lot more GOP venom on the national scene than our dimwits in Texas.
          Come on, without that senile old geezer McCain dragging Sarah Palin into the national spotlight, we never would have heard of the bitch. And Kyl is just a dick, plain and simple.
          I think a lot of states are starting to make Texas seem a lot more moderate and less degenerate. Florida, Utah, Arizona, even Minnesota have had their share of dangerous nutcase Republicans. In Texas, ours are just dumb and on the take.

          • don’t count floriduhhh out yet, zippy. we’ve got rick scott coming in (after his multi-million-dollar inauguration party) as well as allen west. that said, arizona wins for pure venom. they’re really hateful there.

        • i was just over there! you’re on my hotlist. 🙂

          p.s. it’s not necessary for anyone to specify what kind of list i’m on.

  5. Tweedle Dum: If you think we’re waxworks, you ought to pay, you know.
    Tweedle Dee: Contrarywise, if you think we’re alive you ought to speak to us.
    Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum: That’s logic.

    So you see– they are all bout LOGIC.

    REVERSE logic that is!

  6. This is a thing of beauty, Nonnie! The Jo(h)ns on vintage Arizona postcards. I love it. 🙂

    • i had to go back to find the original arizona pic to see exactly what it was. i thought you were correct, and it was a postcard. however, it was actually a picture of a billboard.

      • Yes! You got the Mexican family X-ing sign! Go you!

        • yayyyy!!! 😆 i get so excited when someone finds one of my little jokes.

          now i have to put on 4 more layers of clothes and go back outside to see the eclipse. i went out 2 hours ago, and it was so overcast, i couldn’t even find the moon. an hour ago, it looked awesome, and a half-hour ago, it looked even awesomer. #:17 is supposed to be the optimal time to see it, so i have 4 minutes to get out there and freeze.

          • Can you believe it’s cloudy! I have pj’s, a winter coat, and I’m fixin’ to put on sneakers to run out again….

            (jeopardy music)

            Shit. The clouds are thicker. I can only see a patch of red cloud where the moon should be. 😡

  7. Monsoon here, something they call the pineapple express. At least it will wash the gold nuggets down here so I can find some. Those two Arizona jokers could be the answer to the planned goper obstructionism. Just get them started on a rant about what pisses them off. That should take a couple of years.

    • i wonder if insanity is contagious in arizona. it seems like all the politicians there have gone nuts. i don’t remember kyl being such an asshole before. it’s like he’s trying to catch up with brewer and capt u in the fruitcake dept. i guess fruitcake is fitting for the season.

  8. while there are a lot of candidates for this title – i gave Douchebag of the Year to Kyl – mean, stupid, ugly, hideous, bigoted, an imbecile and corrupt – all wrapped into one big enchilada.

    these guys are so tunnel visioned on destroying obama – they forget when they lie, they forget they turn against the very things they support and they forget thatn EVERYTHING is now recorded for posterity

    as bad a fucker as Kyl is – worse are the people who vote for him.

    • i wonder if the rethugs ever sit around and talk about how they are being perceived. they think they’re being slick, but they look like petulant egomaniacs. the history books will not be kind to them.

  9. Al

    Hi Nonnie’,
    Your post is spot on! Sometimes, it’s not easy being a Republican considering the company we keep (glaring over at tweedle1 and tweedle2). Oh, well, my consolation is at least by returning here I’m an official member of the “Raisinettes” now–woohoo!
    Have a great week…safe travels and Happy Holidays!

    • hello raisinette al! 😀

      the biggest shame is that reasonable rethuglicans (i still believe there are some) are being overshadowed, outshouted, and cowed by the vocal fringe.

      have a wonderful holiday, al! 🙂

      • afrankangle

        … and the reasonable ones (at this point) continue to be ridden out of town … one by one …. but yes, that will too end … and reasonable will come back in fashion … the question is when.

        Have a good holiday noonie.

        • the pendulum swings in one direction, and then it swings back. i think a lot of people already have buyer’s remorse, and it will only get worse as the rethugs in the house overstep their bounds, as they always do. as though the teabaggers weren’t bad enough, boobhoo bronzo the clown will have to deal with asswipes like darrell issa, who will do anything to get attention. yertle mcconnell will be smacking himself with his own dewlap as he tries to deal with little randy paul and the other teabaggers who will be driving him crazy (not to mention that he has to be sweating over his own reelection chances ever since he pissed off the teabaggers by backing trey grayson instead of little randy).

          have a wonderful and safe holiday, afa. 😀

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