Merry Christmas, Raisinettes!

I was busy going over to the neighbors’ houses to give the little kids their presents, so I don’t have anything prepared.Β  I hope you don’t mind if I dust off a few things to wish you all a happy holiday.

All the shopping is done…

…the presents are open, and the kids are playing with their new stuff…

Soon it will be time to put the ornaments away…

..but, until then, just relax and enjoy the holiday…

…no matter which holiday it is…

Thank you to all the Raisinettes for making every day a holiday for me.


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16 responses to “Merry Christmas, Raisinettes!

    • and to you and inspired and the girls, too.

      i don’t celebrate xmas, but i went next door to give the little twin boys there the present i got them–an adjustable basketball set. they used to have a basketball net outside, but it broke and got thrown away. they’re 4 1/2 years old, so they were naturally thrilled by the size of the box (it was about 5 feet tall and about 2 1/2 feet across–wrapping it was real fun). when i first got there, i just handed them each a bag with hot wheels, silly bandz, and candy in them. they got excited over that, but then i told them i forgot something, and i think i left it in front of my door. that’s when they saw the giant box, and the fun began. i was so happy over how happy they were with the basketball set (not to mention how happy they were with the box!). i got my hugs and kisses, went home to get the next batch of stuff, and headed over to the 6-year-old girl who lives next door to the twins. i brought her a bunch of stuff, and she was thrilled with the little craft kit i got her. of course, we had to make one of the little stuffed animals while i was there. i got plenty of hugs and kisses. see? being jewish on christmas doesn’t have to suck! πŸ˜‰

  1. Happy Boxing Day Nonnie! Those Brits love to return those boxes but I suspect it’s an excuse to drink hooch. My drinking days are done but I do have some boxes. Had a pleasant low key holiday with my Californicator relations and a good time was had by all. Next comes my time to celebrate in a big way, New Year, my favorite time to drag out all the insturments, hook up all the amps and try to get some folks over to play music from about sundown to when we can’t. As George once said: “I got blisters on my fingers”!

    • it’s boxing day? i knew i should have bought some of those big padded gloves.

      glad you had a nice california xmas, jerry. new year’s eve sounds like fun. wonder what kind of echo effect the mountains will have.

  2. Indeed, happy holidays to all. Have fun but be safe!

  3. I hope everyone had a great 25th of Dec.
    I did–such a happy 48 hours.
    And Nonnie, you rock year ’round.

  4. Happy Holidays Nonnie.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for a wonderful 2011. You’re one of kind!

    • don!!!! πŸ˜€

      you have no idea how happy you’ve made me by stopping by! happy holidays to you and your family. i hope york doesn’t wear the leather shorts for new year’s!

  5. I’m under the influence of Tryptophan .. the turkey high.
    After a bunch of cooking for the holiday, we will now skate on leftovers.
    It’s pouring rain in Oregon & today is my lazy do nothing day.
    Your fun with present giving to the neighborhood kids sounds like a blast.
    Oh to see those happy faces.

    Hope you had a kicked back day of relaxation too.

    • i didn’t do much of anything today except cook dinner and shiver. it’s cold here! it’s been cold and damp and really windy all day. it’s supposed to go into the 30s. 😯

  6. 30’s in Floriduh!!!! Gadzooks! Maybe because you have that light snowfall effect

    Just had a glimpse of that box of ornaments! Put them away! Quick!
    Don’t fall for the “We welcome you to Munchkinland” schtick!

    • it was in the 30’s last week. it was cold last year (yeah, i know this is almost tropical when compared to up north), but not this cold.

      p.s. those ornaments are not for looking at. they’re there for cats to knock around when they climb up xmas trees.

  7. afrankangle

    This is absolutely one of the best holiday posts I’ve seen for the holiday season. You’re a prime of example that Santa is a universal spirit of the season … that or you’ll do anything for hugs from the neighborhood kids.

    As for those ornaments … gads!