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All That Glitters is Often Tarnished

From abcNEWS:

Prosecutors at the human rights trial of former Liberian warlord Charles Taylor alleged Thursday that Christian televangelist Pat Robertson had lobbied the White House on Taylor’s behalf in return for a gold mining contract.

The controversial pastor and former Republican presidential contender met with then-President George W. Bush on Taylor’s behalf, prosecutors charged during cross-examination of Taylor in a Dutch courtroom, allegedly in return for a contract to mine gold in southeast Liberia — a contract they say that Taylor had no legal right to grant.

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What’s in a Name?

So, here’s the scoop, kids. Glenn Beck was jawing with his radio sidekick, Pat Gray (apparently, one dumbshit per show is not enough) about the prez, Barack Obama, daring to use his name. Not Glenn Beck’s name, Barack Obama was using his own name, Barack Obama. 😯 Well, kids, I found out something quite interesting about Glenn Beck on teh Google that you simply have to read!

It’s this, from the sidebar:

Children   Mary, Hannah (from first marriage); Raphe, Cheyenne (from second marriage)

Stay with me kids, and I’ll ‘splain.

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Everything Changes, Except Rethuglican’s Small Minds

From Planet Washington (McCLATCHY Trusted Voices):

In 1993, when Congress strongly resisted President Bill Clinton’s attempt to end the U.S. military’s ban on gay service members, Gen. Colin Powell, then the top military officer, helped broker a compromise policy that came to be known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Wednesday, Powell joined the Pentagon’s current leadership, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, now the nation’s top officer, in urging the policy’s repeal, saying that “attitudes and circumstances have changed.”

They have indeed.

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Does This Mean Japanese Beetles are Now Called Freedom Beetles?

From Hot Dish Politics at the Star Tribune:

Speaking to a crowd in Rochester yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann warned that Democratic health reform proposals could eventually prompt the government to use health care as a tool to limit people’s free speech.

The Post-Bulletin has a video and story of Bachmann’s address to about 200 people.

She explained that a man recently approached her to say that in Japan, which “had the government takeover of health care,” the government puts people who criticize the health system on “a list” and denies them treatment.

Is that what the man really said? Maybe what he really said was just…

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Did you lose your Japanese to Batshit Babble Dictionary, Michele?
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Hannity for the Defense

From David Zurawik at THE BALTIMORE SUN:

Give Sean Hannity credit: At least, he had James O’Keefe, the ACORN video boy, on his show Monday night. Unlike some other folks at Fox News, he didn’t act like this comic-book crusader was suddenly dead to him after O’Keefe was arrested for entering the office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu under false pretenses.

On the other hand, maybe he should have ditched O’Keefe, too. What a sorry excuse for an interview and a lame defense O’Keefe offered for his actions. Hannity struck one of his favorite interview poses in such situations — that of a defense attorney trying to establish his client’s version of the facts of the case. But the 25-year-old O’Keefe wasn’t able to even do the light lifting that his half of the game required.

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Toyota Prius? Or ‘Toyota, pry us out of this wreck!’?

From abcNEWS:

In his first public comment about the massive safety crisis surrounding his company, the President and CEO of Toyota apologized to his customers for causing them so much worry.

“I am deeply sorry,” said Akio Toyoda in a brief interview with the Japanese network NHK as he left his hotel in Davos, Switzerland. After the interview he was seen leaving in a black Audi.

(emphasis mine)

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I Thought He’s From South Carolina

Kids, did any of you watch the Miss America Pageant? Me neither. However, I saw this in The Boston Globe, and frankly I was shocked, shocked I tell ya!

LAS VEGAS—Organizers say Miss Oklahoma Taylor Treat has won a $6,000 scholarship at the Miss America Pageant for her volunteering and community service.


Miss New Hampshire Lindsey Graham was first runner-up for the award and won $4,000.

(emphasis mine)

Of course, I had to do some digging. Is it kosher for a senator who says he represents South Carolina to represent a New England state in the pageant? And how did Lindseypoo do in the pageant? I had no luck researching the first question, but I did find some screencaps of Lindseypoo in all his finery. Here he is in the evening gown portion of the competition.

As you can see, John Boohoo Boehner lent Lindseypoo some self-tanner, and Carrie Prejean let him wear her lucky hubcaps earrings.
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