That Was the Weak that Was

From abc NEWS:


Somehow two House Republicans […] neglected to get sworn in as new members of Congress.

A photo on shows, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas with Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania were on Capitol Hill but during the swearing-in ceremony they were not in the House chamber but rather in front of a television in the Capitol Visitors Center.

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Sessions and Fitzpatrick were on the House floor, voting and reading the Constitution – just like every other sworn-in member of Congress. And Sessions helped preside over a hearing of the House Rules Committee on the GOP’s push to repeal the health care law.

But once GOP leaders learned that two of their members weren’t yet legitimate members of Congress, they abruptly stopped the Rules hearing on the health care law.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-NC, was in the chair at the hearing and had just finished welcoming Rep. Rob Andrews, D-NJ, to the witness table when an aide whispered something into Foxx’s ear.

“I am sorry but we need to take a recess,” Foxx suddenly told Andrews.


Rep. John Tierney, D-MA – who was also waiting to testify at the hearing – was less amused, muttering, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”


Jennifer Crider, spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the snafu was no laughing matter.

“When Congressmen-elect Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick participated in reading parts of the U.S. Constitution on the House floor, Speaker Boehner should have given them Article 6 which requires Members of Congress to be sworn in,” Crider said. “Jokes aside, Congressmen-elect Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick’s actions raise serious questions: What in the world was more important to Congressmen-elect Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick than taking the oath of office, committing to support and defend the U.S. Constitution? Why did Speaker Boehner and House Republican leadership allow two people who were not sworn Members of Congress to vote and speak on the House floor? Republicans have spent a lot of time over the past two days proselytizing about House rules, but they don’t seem very keen on actually following the rules.”

Shortly after the Rules committee hearing was stopped, Fitzpatrick and Sessions both appeared back on the House floor and were administered the oath of office by Speaker Boehner.


Just before 5pm, the Rules committee finally resumed its hearing. The panel’s chairman Rep. David Dreier and the top Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter discussed –- in a rather confusing way –- what the snafu means in terms of the proceedings already undertaken before Sessions had been sworn in.

At one point during the two hour recess Dreier appeared in front of the confused crowd to try to explain the snafu.

“We all know that yesterday was an exciting day for members on the House floor,” Dreier said. “Families were with us and obviously just as today’s hearing has had a lot of people, downstairs there were a lot of people. Apparently accidentally Mr. Sessions was not on the floor when the oath was administered to all of us when we raised our right hands.[“]

How can you be missing accidentally when you’re watching everyone else take the oath on tv?


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26 responses to “That Was the Weak that Was

  1. kaylaspop

    I just really cannot take it.

  2. jean-philippe

    2012 is going to be there soon. Hold on.

  3. What a bunch of amateurs. All that grandstanding and hoopla and these jokers can’t find their seat in the classroom before the bell rings. They need to have their pay docked one day. And now the big illusory theme of the comeback is squashed. Kind of like that line out of From Here To Eternity when the guy says “looks like there won’t be any boxing finals this year”. The Arizona Sheriff said it best today about all this never ending vitriol from”talk radio and some TV shows”. And it don’t require a degree in media to know he’s referring to the 800+ right wing talk shows and the Rupert/Ailes/Luntz axis. Now these jokers have a day and a half to get their stories straight, scrub those websites (already happening), get experts lined up for Fox and Friends to explain away what went down today as having nothing to do with this never ending dribble of hate and derision. “We didn’t bring guns…this time!” the signs proudly proclaim. Guys walking around with nines strapped on, AR15s slung over shoulders. Angle alluding to shoot people to get your way. Grassley telling hostile crowd to pick up their guns and follow him to Washington. And now we all wait for the Queen of the Guns and her underling Pistol Princess to back pedal and suck up a whole lot of gunsmoke. These two media darlings have coasted a long way on quirky remarks and selling this sexy image that makes them think they are pretty. Now maybe not so much. Gabby was pretty too until this hateful rhetoric caused a deranged person to put a bullet through her brain.

    • i’m hoping that some of the teabaggers who are only marginally brainwashed and the rethugs who are only suffering temporary insanity will be jolted back to reality after this. there will always be the lunatic fringe, but if people start to revolt against this kind of nasty, hateful rhetoric, then maybe the big radio networks will realize that the profits they make from pure hate radio are just not worth the price that’s being paid by innocent victims. hopefully, the blood of a 9-year-old girl will spark some semblance of humanity in their greedy hearts. i doubt it.

  4. I’m “swearing in” right now!

    Boo hoo Boehner did not do a swearing in roll call to make sure all who needed to be present were there? Isn’t there some official in charge of maintaining a list of attendance for this formality?

    I bet it took everything Pelosi had not to bonk Boehner on the head with that giant gavel she handed over to him.

    They just started & the House is already out of order!
    It’s going to be a loooong 2 years.

    • you’d think they’d be a bit more careful. however, i’ve noticed that sometimes the government goes overboard and sometimes it’s very lax. when i had to renew my driver’s license, i had to bring my birth certificate, my marriage certificate (or some proof of why my last name changed), 2 pieces of correspondence addressed to my residence, and an official tax form with my social security number on it. it didn’t matter that i’ve had a license for years with my picture on it. when i was on a jury, though, in both federal and district court, i was never asked for any form of i.d. other than the summons for jury duty. i remember thinking how odd it was that such a great responsibility was met with such a lack of protocol.

  5. I fixed the calendar 😀

  6. i have no energy right now – i am drained and i am tired

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    We’d probably all be a lot better off, if the Republicans didn’t bother to come to work and, instead, just stood in front of the T.V., making comments about the commercials. It passes for governing, right?

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    The image I saw on Maddow, of those two buffoons, hands raised, staring at the TV is priceless. The only thing missing were the tinfoil hats on their heads.

    • sds,

      the 2 of them looked like frat boys at a toga party in that picture. that’s the attitude they seem to have toward their jobs. it’s not like they shouldn’t have known better–this is sessions’s 8th term (or something like that), and fitzpatrick served a term as congressman before.

      the rethugs want to govern by sound byte. that might work in the minority, but it won’t in the majority. time to grow up.

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