King Gets a Royal Slapdown


Rep. Steve King of Iowa fully expected to become chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration — and his party’s leading voice on immigration — when Republicans took over the House this month. He talked as if it were a done deal, and it was reported that way by many outlets.

But King learned last week it was not to be. Instead, even though he was the senior member of the panel, GOP leaders tapped veteran Rep. Elton Gallegly of California.

Why did they snub King, a quotable cable regular, as their chief immigration spokesman? Just guessing, but . . .

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1. He designed a wall topped with electrified wire to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the southern border and explained, “We do that with livestock all the time.”

2. He has a plan to prolong conservative rule: “Every time we give amnesty for an illegal alien, we deport a liberal.”

3. He says police can sense who might be an illegal immigrant by indicators such as clothing, shoes, accent and “the type of grooming they might have.”

4. In 2008 he predicted that if Barack Obama won the election, “radical Islamists” would be “dancing in the streets because of his middle name (Hussein).”

5. Last year he said the president has a “default mechanism” that makes him favor blacks over whites, and also called him “very, very urban.”

6. Last month he called Joe McCarthy a “hero for America” and said he favors re-establishing the House Un-American Activities Committee, “but I would support a different committee name so that we don’t have to deal with the history, and move forward.”


In an interview with National Journal, King blamed his situation on Speaker John Boehner and Boehner’s lack of commitment to the immigration issue. He said the Gallegly pick proves the House “is not a meritocracy.”

The day before he found out he wouldn’t be promoted, King introduced a bill to end automatic citizenship for all children born in the United States and instead limit it to babies of citizens, permanent legal immigrants and immigrants in the military. He doesn’t plan to abandon that crusade or others. Plan B is to take his case to the grassroots across the country, the goal being enough support and noise that “the guy with the gavel hears it.”

Is there something going on behind the scenes in the House, kids? Steve King is one of Batshit Michele Bachmann’s closest allies. Bronzo the Clown put Batshit on the Intelligence Committee, where almost everything is top secret. Was this Bronzo’s attempt to shut her up or get rid of her, if she can’t control her loose lips? Now he’s pulled the rug out from under equally wacko Steve King. Is this how the more traditional Rethugs plan on keeping Batshit Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus under control? Something’s goin’ on, kids.  Get the popcorn ready.


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27 responses to “King Gets a Royal Slapdown

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Oh shit. Pass the popcorn! Boehner’s going to attempt to control crazy. Wow.

  2. jean-philippe

    Steve King should leave the crazy shit to his homonym.

  3. afrankangle

    Hey Nonnie …. I’ve been saying that Bronzo is managing a house of horrors within his own party, thus I’m currently giving him a pass (with caution) … plus he’s not buying birther claims … I’ve never been his fan, but I’m rooting for him to put the fringe in their place. However … time will tell!

    • he’s trying to juggle, but he’s not really showing a lot of courage. he doesn’t buy the birthers’ claims, but he won’t come out and condemn them. instead, he makes excuses about everyone having their own ideas about stuff. funny, you couldn’t tell in the last couple of years when the rethugs voted in lockstep and none of them seemed to have minds of their own. i don’t think he showed a lot of leadership today either. instead of going to tucson, he went to a cocktail party. i don’t give a damn how long in advance the party was planned; he should have sent someone else in his stead and gone to tucson. after all, as speaker of the house, gabby giffords is one of his own, even if she is a democrat. do you think nancy pelosi would not have gone had it been a republican who had been attacked? what he did was politically tone deaf, and i don’t think it will resound very well with a lot of people no matter what party they’re in.

  4. This is right up there with giving the Energy committee chairmanship to Upton instead of Barton. At least Upton is sane.

  5. It’s like Dave said last week: “Doesn’t Boner look like every guy you’ve ever seen in a bar?” It is surprising that King, being from an agricultural state would be so anti-Mex. Colorado tried this a few years back and entire areas of harvest were left to rot in the fields for lack of workers. Barton is just saving himself so they can create some sort of tongue-up-the-ass committee to go with the revived HUAAC. Chaircreature Bachmann can open here first big investigation with the victimization of the Queen of the North. How dare those dead and injured in Tucson do this to the most public figure of dominionism we have? Subpoenas will be issued for the arrest of all those non-American members of the congress, the press will be censored and suppressed until they admit their crimes against the political simony that is modern goperism. While they are at it, why not start rounding up some Jews and beating up matzoh sellers, sending the evidence off to the crime lab so the Party Of God can get to the bottom of this blood libel thing once and for all.

    • like every guy in a bar and holding a beer in a bowling alley. i think it’s a wonderful idea for batshit bachmann to investigate everyone who is saying bad stuff about her buddy sarah. before she goes after the members of congress, she can hound those nasty pundints princess is so mad at.

      (sorry i took so long to respond, jerry, but i had to add the christian blood to the flour so i could put the matzoh in the oven.)

  6. Friend of the court

    sarah, dumb and tall, needs to stay home where she can devote her time to trig and trap and troop and the girls.

  7. i would love to say sit back and enjoy – since the craziness is just beginning (the Tucson thing is just a diversion for the teabaggers – they already are blaming Giffords)

    but they are going to gin up the base so much – Tucson will only be a start

    that is my fear

    plus – Steve Kings a fucking asshole lunatic – anyone who can make Bachmann seem sane is truly a man in need of thorazine

    • the teabaggers may get ginned up, but i think the rest of americans got a wake-up call, and i think they’ll be a bit louder than the teabaggers this time around. even batshit bachmann seems to be awfully quiet this week.

  8. McMonkey

    Sorry ’bout Steve…he’s from the crazy part of the state where, no matter how bad the economy gets and how many small towns become ghost towns, they vote for these dumbasses. However, since we’re losing a Rep from Iowa (now that the population is down more) he is up for redistricting…a small hope, but it has potential.

    • hello mcmonkey,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      you don’t need to apologize. he’s not your fault. thanks for that bit of potential good news. maybe not giving him the chair of the subcommittee was part of a plan to make him even more irrelevant so they’ll get rid of him? that would be one good argument for making his district the one that goes away.

      hope you’ll stop by again, mcmonkey, and let us know of any breaking news. 🙂