Louie the Gohmert Shoots Off His Mouth


The tragic shooting in Tucson last weekend has sparked a host of proposed legislative responses, but none is as hare brained as Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) idea to allow members of Congress to pack heat inside the Capitol Building, and even when on the House floor. Appearing on WorldNetDaily’s Radio America [Thursday], Gohmert explained the need for his bill by falsely claiming that Washington, DC has a “gun ban” (the Roberts Supreme Court did away with DC’s handgun ban in 2008). But later on in the interview, apparently oblivious to the irony, Gohmert noted that there was a era when lawmakers solved problems with armed duels and warned, “we’ve come a long way since those days and we just don’t need to be reverting backwards” […]

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Well, someone must have told Louie the Gohmert how stupid he sounded, because he’s changed his spiel a little. From The Plum Line at The Washington Post:

Clarification of the day: GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas is not proposing to allow members of Congress to carry guns within the Capitol building itself or on the House floor, just on the grounds of the Capitol and throughout Washington D.C.:

Members of Congress don’t need weapons on the floor since the U.S. Capitol itself is very well protected by some of the greatest men and women in law enforcement today. But there are times when members of Congress do not have the protection of Capitol Hill Police in one of the most dangerous cities in America.

His full statement here.

This leads me to list the types of guns I would not trust Louie the Gohmert with:

    Any guns that use bullets
    Cap gun
    Nail gun
    Heat gun
    Screw gun
    Soldering gun
    Radar gun
    Stun gun
    Top Gun (the DVD)
    Spray gun
    Grease gun
    Cookie gun
    Staple gun
    Caulking gun
    Water gun
    Glue gun
    Condiment gun


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33 responses to “Louie the Gohmert Shoots Off His Mouth

  1. Friend of the court

    that’s right, we should be reverting forewards. where do they find these people? the very best way to avoid a shoot out in the congress, is to have no guns in the congress. this is a fact.

    • louie the gohmert doesn’t want to ‘revert backwards,’ but revert means to return to a previous state, so if you do that backwards, aren’t you going forward?

      guns in congress would make c-span a lot more exciting, but i still think it’s a bad idea.

      • Friend of the court

        now i’m a little dizzy.

        considering how much time c-span spends showing the rug…….

        • we’re all a little dizzy, what with all the planets and constellations getting realigned and changing our astrological signs. i blame the sun.

          • Friend of the court

            that’s grand, i could never spell sagitarias. hope i’m a leo now.

            • i am was a sagittarius, but now i’m a reince priebus…i mean an ophiuchus. i can’t even pronounce it, let alone spell it.

              p.s. i had to edit my comment to correct my speeling of sagittarius.

              • I was wondering when you’d bring up the new RNC chair. The bad news is that you don’t have Steele to put funny hats on anymore (well, maybe once more in a farewell post). The good news is that the next guy has a ridiculous name. Did you know that if you remove all the vowels from his name, it spells, RNC PR BS? That alone shows he’s perfect for the job.

                • and did you know that, if you anagram his name, you get cure penis brie? his name sounds like some kind of nasty blister you get from a venereal disease, and his anagrammed name indicates that it has a cheese-like discharge.

                • by the way, neon vincent, i think the person commenting in your diary is an asswipe and a troll. i should say, the other person commenting, because i left a comment, but i’d never call myself an asswipe and a troll. at least, not to my face.

                  • I know who you’re talking about, and I think they’re a concern troll who knows enough to keep from getting banned.

                    • i think more than just a concern troll. i looked at some of his old comments, and i think he’s just an asswipe. i don’t let people like him get to me, though. i answered him, but i won’t argue with him further.

              • jeb

                If the star signs change, will Louis still be an A-hole?

  2. jean-philippe

    I like Gohmert energetic efforts to become the most stupid person in Washington. But he doesn’t have the skills of a Tom Coburn or a Michelle Bachmann. But keep trying, Louis, you’re fun to watch…

    Did you forget Naked gun?

  3. No I think the gun idea in Congress is over the top- especially when Congress members feel OK about yelling “you lie” to the president during a formal address.
    These congress members are like hormone driven, out of control high school kids.
    No I think they should look to the Ukraine for guidance.

    • do they have a lot of food fights or a lot of sprinklers in disrepair? how odd that they should have umbrellas handy behind the desk.

      i think american politicians, with all their bluster, are too wussy for hand-to-hand combat. i think we should give them nerf bats and let them take out all their aggressions on each other that way. either that, or they can have a giant pillow fight. if they choose the latter, though, they have to wear pajamas.

  4. Pelting with eggs, fist fights, tear gas…. taking it up a notch.

    My suggestion is reasonable compared to the gun idea.
    It would just be a matter of time before someone lost it & used the gun.

  5. Gohmert the Pile, pride of east Texas, the Terror from Tyler, living proof that the word ignert will never go out of common usage. He can have the lead role in the new film “Last Congressman Standing” if the South Carolina delegation doesn’t make a big fuss about being the historical trouble makers (they do have a body count in the senate). He needs to stick to his area of expertise like animal genitilia, maybe intoduce a bill with the Florida wacko to end this animal husbandry thing once and for all. And now we all have to worry about the most pressing issue of the day, the zodiac shuffle. I fear that I may be a Darrien Toms!

    • can you believe he was ever a judge? someone over at the big orange said that she knows someone who knew him before he went to d.c., and he wasn’t batshit crazy back then. i suggested that either power went to his head, or he has some kind of mental deterioration going on.

  6. Eventually though, someone (hint hint) will have to photoshop our politicians into those tomato throwing festivals they have in Spain. La Tomatina.
    check it out on the google.

    Take that Gohmert!

  7. Mike Licht

    Washington’s Capitol Hill is dangerous. Those people in Tucson were killed outside a Safeway supermarket, and there’s one of those on Kentucky Avenue, a mere 14 blocks from the Capitol.

    See http://bit.ly/gOiEPp

    • hi mike, nice to see you again! 🙂

      you’re right, wherever there’s a safeway (such an ironic name now), everyone should be armed. in fact, wherever people are protesting mosques being built, they should protest safeways being built, too. that’ll keep us safe.

  8. I’m late. 😦

    The only way Gohmert could have been more Republican is if he wanted a mandate that members of Congress carry a gun. (Like the law in Little Virgin River, Utah).

    • it’s okay if you’re late. i didn’t post today so you could catch up. 😉

      i bet ol’ louie the gohmert wants them all the wear stetson hats, too, and call each other names like tex and slim.