3-Ring Caucus

From Roll Call:

Sen. Rand Paul on Friday announced the launch of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, making good on an idea he floated during last year’s campaign.

GOP Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.) and Mike Lee (Utah) will join the Kentucky Republican as the first members of the caucus.

Original DVD cover

The group’s first meeting will be on Jan. 27. The Senate group mirrors the House Tea Party Caucus, which Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) announced she was forming last year.

According to a joint statement announcing the caucus issued Friday afternoon, “citizens will be invited to speak so we can hear from them and address their concerns about what’s happening in Washington.”

…and ignore all the stuff they don’t like.


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27 responses to “3-Ring Caucus

  1. What a funny cover. 🙂

    What’s the next incarnation of Republican? The Satan Caucus? Wait, Dick Cheney had that one.

  2. jean-philippe

    I can’t stop watching these teabaggers perform:

  3. Friend of the court

    i’m glad to see the elephant running away. elephants are wonderful animals and should never have been associated with the GOP! elephants never forget, alberto.

  4. Only three Teabaggers in the senate? Really? What about Johnson from Wisconsin, Rubio from Florida, or Toomey from Pennsylvania?

    As it stands right now, we have Paul as the Mad Hatter, DeMint as the March Hare, and Lee as the Dormouse for the Mad Tea Party. Oh, look, here’s a video of their first meeting.

    • i don’t know about toomey, but rubio is trying to distance himself from the teabaggers now that he used them to win.

      • Only three Teabaggers in the senate?

        More will join once they realize that, with Rand Paul in charge, the caucus will be able to insist on not letting blacks in.

        As for Rubio, he’s occasionally spoken of as a possible Presidential contender — he’s got a lot to gain by keeping the fringe types at arm’s length.

        • i think almost all the teabagger-endorsed candidates who won will distance themselves from the teabaggers, at least in the senate. the congresscritters don’t have to worry as much, because they have their concentrated pockets of bigots and morons. the senators, however, have to appeal to a more diverse constituency. i give you exhibit 1: nekkid scotty brown. he couldn’t run from the teabaggers fast enough.

  5. “citizens will be invited to speak so we can hear from them and address their concerns about what’s happening in Washington.”

    As opposed to using them as doormats & cash cows, & getting tax cuts for the rich as a top priority???

    What a novel idea!

    Did they pay someone to come up with that brilliant strategy?

    • this is like when they had their ‘america speaks’ website up, and most of the comments supported everything the rethugs hated. they never listened to the people, and they never will.

  6. From the look of things today, this great religious crusade of the tea leaves is unravelling fast. Their politicians lied to them. What! They are not following the proclaimed path of purity. It can’t be! The gopers have played these naive fools like a cheap violin. By the way, anyone who missed the O’Donnell interview tonight with AZ rep Franks need to check out the true face of the boneheadedness of the teabag. Lawrence asked him at least fout times to say a thirty round clip was a bad thing and Trent could not do that thing.

    • wasn’t that interview amazing?! i couldn’t believe it as i was listening to it. it was like a scene out of a courtroom drama where the attorney takes the witness apart. i don’t suppose we’ll be seeing franks on the last word again very soon. that was brutal! 😀

    • afrankangle

      Thanks … but no thanks on watching anything with O’Donnell. I don’t need further torture.

      I imagine the caucus will continue to give you countless material. The question is who will step forward to earn their mug onto a poster.

  7. jeb

    Here’s an alternative title for these wankers; 3-ring circle jerk.

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  9. the only animal that should be associated with the GOP/Republicans/Teabag party is the unicorn – because it doesnt exist

    • but unicorns are nice and good, and the rethugs certainly aren’t. i think the cockroach might be a good symbol for them. nasty, carry disease, and always seem to survive.