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[Tuesday,] Yesterday, hate radio hosts Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had their nationally syndicated radio shows dropped from WPHT in Philadelphia, which is the second radio station to drop both of the conservative commentators.


Just weeks ago, Beck was dropped from WOR in New York, but the most recent cancellation in Philadelphia hurts Beck even more. Beck got his start in Philadelphia, and many of his radio staffers still live in Philly, including Beck’s side-kick Stu. Immediately after being dropped yesterday, Beck dropped all affection for the city where he got his start, saying, “Philly sucks”[…]

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Last October, Hannity was dropped from KSL Radio in Utah, which is managed by Deseret Media Companies (DMC), a for-profit arm of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to reports, Hannity’s drop in Utah may have been due to a clash between DMC’s “Mission Statement,” which calls for the declaration of “light and knowledge” along with the advancement of “integrity, civility, morality, and respect for all people,” and Hannity’s constant lack of civility.

WPHT reportedly dropped both Beck and Hannity because they wanted more local talk content, but the most recent cancellations may be part of a pattern in which advertisers and broadcasters have become wary over the rhetoric spouted by hate radio. Color of Change reports that, so far, 81 companies have quit advertising on Beck’s Fox News show and Media Matter reports 100, including a list of those who haven’t withdrawn their advertisements.


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25 responses to “The Philadelphia Story

  1. Beck as never looked more in his element, Nonnie! Great poster.

  2. jean-philippe

    Looks like Rupert Murdoch is getting fatter and fatter these days…

  3. As they love to say, the market sounds like it’s speaking and it’s marking these two off as losses. Nonnie, I used your prophetic comments from March on my post today, kinda scary how close we called this, ok, you called it. Dead ass on too. Well thought, ma’am.

    • dont’cha love it when rethugs get bitten in the ass by the things they profess to love? it doesn’t look like glenn blechhhh is loving the free market right now! 😆

      i’m honored that you quoted me, rick. how the heck did you ever find that from way back in march?

  4. jeb

    I remember reading how Hannity was always crowing about how Air America wouldn’t make it and the market was proving him right. Well, hopefully that same market is jumping up to bite him and Blech in the ass now (and if anyone can lift Rushbo, please throw him in there too).

    It’s like Lebron James tweeted when crowing about his former team in Cleveland losing in a blow-out recently, “Karma is a bitch.” Right after that he injured his knee to prove his point. I hope these that these hate-mongers are doing the same.

    • what really makes me want to vomit every time i think about it is that rushbo’s shows are carried by armed forces radio (sean hannity and dr. laura, too, i believe). why are we underwriting hate radio?

  5. Looks like you gave Blech a new name–Buffalo Chip. So would a female version of him be Cow Patty?

  6. Ain’t that a load!

    Glad the airwaves are taking a load off!

    I could go on….. but I will stop.

  7. So the bullshit factor is begining to diminish. How wonderful! The proper use of the radio device should be an uplifting experience with good music (it is out there folks) a bit of humor, maybe some NPR news, maybe not. I sometimes feel that the listeners of hate-talk sit there and stick themselves with pins just to stay a little more angry at the world that has passed them by. Old cretins working up a hate on waiting for the Beckoning to the funeral parlor.

  8. i think the people who listen to him are in the car, stuck in traffic, and already pissed off. others are stuck at home with their regrets, pissed off at the world and looking for even more reasons to be more pissed. they’re all really angry at themselves, but they won’t admit it, so they look for things outside themselves to resent.

  9. Snoring Dog Studio

    This is exactly what needs to happen. Thanks for the links, nonnie. You have to hurt them in the pocketbook so they’ll get it. We can wait for some of the advertisers to just do the right thing, but sometimes they need a push. This is the kind of activism we need more of.

    • the links are those of think progress. i am far too lazy to look up all that stuff. 😉 you are exactly correct. the only thing that matters these days is money. hit them in the pocketbook, because that’s the only place they feel pain.

  10. i think glenn beck’s heads would make great bowling pins