Des Moines Event


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is meeting with top Iowa Republicans Friday morning during her trip to Des Moines, POLITICO has learned.

Bachmann will meet with newly-elected Gov. Terry Branstad and state GOP chairman Matt Strawn.


The conservative firebrand is also planning to meet with several state lawmakers and other Republican activists amidst reports that she is weighing a presidential bid.

Original ad

ABC News reported earlier this month that Bachmann was seriously eying a run, but the congresswoman was mum about her intentions when asked by POLITICO.


After her meeting with the top GOP officials in the state, Bachmann will spend the afternoon in coffee shops and restaurants in Des Moines introducing herself to voters β€” something of a rite of passage for anyone wanting to run for president.

The Minnesota congresswoman is also planning to meet with the Des Moines Tea Party during her trip, the source said.

The trip is Bachmann’s third to Iowa in the last year.

If she were to run, Bachmann would be aided by a close relationship with conservative Iowa Rep. Steve King, along with her proven fundraising ability.


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32 responses to “Des Moines Event

  1. WOW!!!!!! She fantasizes she can be President. Maybe they like her so much because she secretly has testicles!

    Gorgeous ad…except for the poop which is a necessary evil given the subject matter. πŸ˜‰

  2. jean-philippe

    I’m so naive. I would think that nuts would keep their wrath for the other 364 days of the year and be a part of the State of the Union .

    I’m glad I saw that picture AFTER I had supper… πŸ˜‰

  3. Getting ready for next Tuesday, when Madame Representative and Young Gun Paul Ryan are giving duelling responses to the State of the Union Address?

  4. jeb

    F-UP! It’s the new Rethuglican Koolaid.

    This one’s a keeper.

    • great minds think alike, jeb. i said over at the big orange–first there was koolaid, then there was now, and now there’s F-Up.

      i had so much fun with this poster. i saw the ad, and i wracked my brain to figure out how to make it work. it was one of those images i just couldn’t pass up.

  5. This is a five star poster my dear! (thats three long laughs and long smirk) I can already see those Bachmann/Keyes yardsigns popping up like spring weeds. At least the Iowa economy will get a big boost from all the plane loads of the Moe-wanna-bees. How many are running? 30? 40? All of them?

  6. PS How about a stiring poster about your least favorite utility (Comcast) now that their evil juggernaut has begun at MSNBC. They will clear the whole line up and try to push a FoxLite, just wait and see.

    • Friend of the court

      comcast has been swimming in Fup floats for years.

    • wait until one of the comcast bastards becomes recognizable as the evil leader. i have another comcast story. i added showtime for 10 bucks a month and changed my internet service for a faster one, because comcast was having a special, so it actually cost less that what i have (even though it really isn’t any faster at all). so, my bill should have actually been less than it was. however, instead, when i checked online, it had gone up 20 bucks! i called them, and i got this idiot who didn’t know his ass from his elbow (or much english, for that matter). he kept telling me that he was filled with shame for the trouble i was having (he really did use those words–about 5 or 6 times). i was screaming at him. i was furious. he was babbling something about a mistake, cinemax, sports programming, and who knows what else. i kept asking for a supervisor, and he kept saying okay, but he didn’t transfer me. he just kept telling me how filled with shame he was. then he finally said he would have to transfer me to fix the problem. he disappeared, replaced by ringing of the phone. some woman answered and just said hello? no formal comcast greeting. i said hello. then she said what’s the problem? i blew a gasket! i told her that maybe she could tell me. i started screaming at her. i was so mad, i thought i was going to have a stroke. i screamed at her what my problem was, and she kept begging me to calm down and that she didn’t want to cause me any more aggravation. i kept screaming that i pay comcast way too much money every month, and i’m on the phone with them every other day for some kind of problem, and i was sick of it. she kept apologizing. i eventually screamed at her that i was not personally yelling at her, but at comcast, because the company sucks. as it turned out, when i added showtime, some genius over there decided that, since i wanted showtime, and i already had hbo and starz, that i would want everything, so they added the sports package and cinemax. then my decibel level went up again. i asked who the hell authorized that, because i distinctly told the person on the phone when i added showtime that i don’t watch sports, and i just wanted showtime for 10 bucks a month for 6 months, the special they were running at the time. she kept apologizing, and she asked me to hold on. i screamed okay and waited. she got back on the phone, and she said she was sorry again and that instead of the $165.28 that my bill said i owed, she was removing the charge for showtime and everything they added, so i should only pay $125.43. then she said that she was giving me showtime free for a year! πŸ˜†

  7. i cannot stop laughing at this poster.

    i cannot wait to see what gems come out of the anus mouth of Michele Bachmann next week – the woman seriously needs thorazine. i know i have said this before – she make Princess Mooseshit seem intelligent

    • glad you like the poster, dcAp! πŸ˜€ i can’t wait for batshit bachmann’s rebuttal of the sotu. i don’t think she makes mooselini seem intelligent, but i think she makes her seem more sane. batshit bachmann can think faster on her feet than mooseface, but once you parse what she’s said, you realize that everything comes from her own delusions.

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