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From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Under pressure from liberal critics, Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court acknowledged in filings released on Monday that he erred by not disclosing his wife’s past employment as required by federal law.

Justice Thomas said that in his annual financial disclosure statements over the last six years, the employment of his wife, Virginia Thomas, was “inadvertently omitted due to a misunderstanding of the filing instructions.”

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The justice came under criticism last week from Common Cause, a liberal advocacy group, for failing to disclose Mrs. Thomas’s employment as required under the 1978 Ethics in Government Act. While justices are not required to say how much a spouse earns, Common Cause said its review of Internal Revenue Service filings showed that the Heritage Foundation paid Mrs. Thomas $686,589 from 2003 to 2007.

The group also asserted that Justice Thomas should have withdrawn from deciding last year’s landmark Citizens United case on campaign finance because of both Mrs. Thomas’s founding of another conservative political group in 2009 and Justice Thomas’s own appearance at a private political retreat organized by Charles Koch, a prominent conservative financier.


Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, said he found Justice Thomas’s explanation about the omission to be “implausible.”

As a Supreme Court justice who regularly hears complex legal cases, “it is hard to see how he could have misunderstood the simple directions of a federal disclosure form.”

Deborah L. Rhode, a law professor at Stanford University who specializes in judicial ethics, said the recent episodes could do some harm to Justice Thomas’s reputation. But she added that it was unlikely to have any lasting impact on him or on the disclosure requirements that give justices wide leeway to decide whether they have a financial conflict in hearing a case.

Professor Rhode noted, for instance, that it was still unknown who contributed a total of $550,000 to Liberty Central, the conservative legal group that Mrs. Thomas founded in 2009 in opposition to President Obama’s policies. The amended disclosures filed by Justice Thomas, which do not include income in 2010, do not mention Liberty Central, and no regulation requires the group or the Thomases to disclose the source of the group’s financial support.


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31 responses to “American Gonifs

  1. jean-philippe

    I’m glad I don’t see any pube on this one…

  2. jeb

    Hmmm, sounds like they need to do a special porno version of the ethics training so that he can pay attention and learn.

    I never can get over how everyone else is held accountable but if you reach a position of great power over others in life then ignorance is an excuse. Happy now Poppy?

    • good thinkin’, jeb! and anita hill can leave a reminder on her answering machine for clarence to disclose ginni’s income on the disclosure forms. when ginni calls, she’ll hear it so she can remind clarence.

      too bad poppy doesn’t have the stones to admit that he’s embarrassed by these asswipes.

  3. The guy makes $213,900 a year (plus benefits)….
    You’d think he could hire H & R Block to do his taxes & get it right!

    Judicial Oversight indeed!

  4. Oh & nice slipping the classic art piece too- American Gothic, Nonnie.

    Gosh dern it anyway! I plum fergot to report $686,589.
    I don’t reckon the IRS will mind. I got no problem with my own ethics, ’cause I can be the judge of that!!!

    • this week is artsy-fartsy week at the raisin. all fine art, all the time.

      forgive ol’ clarence for not understanding the form he’s been filling out for years and years. it’s not like he’s knows about legal stuff!

  5. Friend of the court

    perfect choice to launch the series, nonnie.

  6. ‘…the recent episodes could do some harm to Justice Thomas’s reputation.’

    snort…Yeah, I’ll bet that puts a serious crimp in all that bench-bound sexytime daydreaming…er, serious judicial deliberation.


    • hey db! 😀

      something tells me that ol’ clarence doesn’t really care too much about his reputation. he’s above everyone else, and he has his own set of rules.

  7. At least Justice Kagan has the integrity to recuse herself from cases she argued as Solicitor General. That’s more than I can say for Thomas. I guess his excuse is IOKIYAR.

    • just another example of rethuglicans disrespecting government. how can someone be a judge and have such total disregard for the law?

      • I don’t have an answer for your question, other than if it does happen, it can happen. Thomas is a perfect example of it.

        Speaking of disrespecting government, MSNBC reported that Alito, Scalia, and Thomas were planning on not attending tonight’s State of the Union address. I guess they didn’t like being told that they screwed up by deciding Citizens United they way they did.

        • scalia hasn’t gone to a sotu in many years. i guess he doesn’t like anyone else getting all the attention. ol’ clarence travels in scalia’s ass, so he can’t be there. alito is the one who wussing out, because he was told that his wife wouldn’t be allowed to sit directly behind him and sob hysterically over the injustice being done to him when people point out what an asshole he is.

  8. The thing you have to always remember is that the rules do not apply to these people because they are doing God”s Work ™.

    • i don’t think that’s the case with ol’ clarence. i don’t think religion has anything to do with his arrogance. i think his arrogance is a direct result of his anger, and he’s one angry sonuvabitch. did you see the 60 minutes segment on him? he’s mean!

  9. My contention on this one is pretty much the same as in the Timothy Geithner case … I don’t really care if it’s corruption or incompetence. Both are really big problems in this kind of case. We either have a Supreme Court justice who doesn’t know how to fill out his 1040 or one who lies about it. I see a problem here.

    • hey wken! where’ve you been? we’ve missed you!

      i see a problem here, too, but i see an even bigger problem in that the justices can do just about anything they want to without consequence. they speak to and get paid by interest groups with no oversight whatsoever. there’s nothing we can do to rein them in, and they have lifetime appointments.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    Bob Edgar’s use of the word “implausible” was pretty generous and civil. The word is “dishonest.” I think by now, facts have established Thomas as being one of the biggest scoundrels to ever be part of SCOTUS. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas need to pray about this – it would help them see the error in their ways and help them own up to their lying and deception. Yeah, right.

    • i think dishonest is too generous, too. i think arrogant lying sack of shit pretty much covers it. i don’t think praying will help much. when the missus prays, it appears that the message she gets is that she should get anita hill to apologize. ol’ clarence just gets struck by lightning.

  11. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Thomas need to pray about this…’

    Yes, and with all due and tremulous speed – before Mean Jeebus comes in the dark, dark night to put them in the ‘sinner sack’ and take them to H-E-double hockey sticks! REPENT!


  12. Al

    Oh, let me guess, Justice Thomas, Anita Hill was responsible for filing your statements, and–motivated by revenge–she filed incorrectly so it would reflect negatively upon your sainthood…Hmm….

    Hi Nonnie’!
    Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

    • hi al! 😀

      we know that it must be anita hill’s fault, because nothing that ol’ clarence does could possibly be wrong. good thing he has ginni the enforcer to make phone calls and make people apologize for all the wrongs committed against her husband.