Bronzo is Blue!

Poor Bronzo the Clown! No wonder he’s always sobbing. First, there was this: from TALKING POINTS MEMO:

House Speaker John Boehner told reporters Wednesday morning that he did not watch Michele Bachmann’s Tuesday night response response to the State of the Union.

“No I did not,” Boehner said at his weekly press conference. “I had other obligations.”


House GOP leadership was not pleased when Bachmann decided to freelance, and in the days before the speech, Bachmann herself sought to recast the rebuttal, apparently hoping to reverse the impression that it was a Tea Party alternative to the official Republican response.

theblueboyboehnerOriginal painting

As if that was not enough to get the tear ducts going, there’s this, from the St. Petersburg Times:

WASHINGTON β€” House Speaker John Boehner addressed the growing controversy surrounding Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami, for the first time Wednesday at a news conference but said he is reserving judgment.


State investigators are looking into, among other things, $510,000 Flagler Dog Track paid to a company owned by Rivera’s mother and godmother as part of a deal for Rivera to manage a pro-slots political campaign. Rivera long denied receiving money from the parimutuel, but days before taking office in Congress, admitted receiving $132,000 in undisclosed loans from his mother’s company, the Miami Herald reported.

The controversy has caused problems for Rivera in Washington as reporters keep asking the new Republican leadership how it squares with their “zero tolerance” ethics policy.


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21 responses to “Bronzo is Blue!

  1. jean-philippe

    It should be hang in the House.

  2. Friend of the court


    Rivera got a loan from his mom. he intends to repay it, $5.00 a month, forever with no interest, unless he forgets. it’s all on the up and up. πŸ˜‰

  3. Sara


    I am curious about how your brain works…. okay, I know I gave you a big set-up there! Do you decide your topic and then look for the proper picture or find the picture you want to use and then tailor your post to it?
    Or maybe you are so brilliant it is an instaneous happening…….

    • Friend of the court

      IMHO, door number 3.

    • brain?

      sometimes, i see or hear a story, and i immediately think of a movie or some kind of picture that i want to use. sometimes, i see a story, can’t think of a movie, so i do searches with key words that might lead me to a suitable pic to use. other times, i accidentally find a pic that i really like, and i go searching for a story to go along with it. sometimes, someone makes a suggestion, and my life is much easier.

  4. Boehner is working those fancy pants. Do you think anyone ever pulls the “Orange you glad we took the midterms, Mr. Speaker?” or “Orange you gonna congratulate Batshit Bachmann on her response?”

    I would.

  5. Fruit cabaret! The best Boner chuckle came from Martin Short last week on Dave describing him turning up in an airport bar at ten in the morning asking the bartender if he know how to make a rusty nail- “You take two shots of (blubbering starts and gets worse)…It took me a while to stop laughing. Those empty hooch bottles are a nice touch Nonnie.

  6. afrankangle

    Hmmm …DarTANian?

    Regarding the crazed woman from Minnesota, I appreciated these words from John Avalon: “People have been asking whether the GOP has a Michele Bachmann problem, but I think that misses a larger point – the Tea Party has a Michele Bachmann problem.”