The Cain Scrutiny


This weekend, David and Charles Koch, co-owners of the Koch Industries conglomerate of chemical, timber, oil and manufacturing interests, are hosting their twice annual meeting to coordinate strategy and raise funds for the conservative movement. In October, ThinkProgress brought these meetings to light with a memo detailing the last Koch event, held in June, where corporate interests collaborated to help Republicans dominate the election last year. The memo we published showed that the last meeting included a number of wealthy business executives, along with leaders from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Glenn Beck. Previous meetings have featured top Republican politicians and conservative Supreme Court justices [Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas].

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ThinkProgress is reporting from the ground in Rancho Mirage for this meeting, and has learned new information about the attendees:

    Ken Langone, an investment banker and founder of Home Depot, is attending the Koch meeting this weekend. Langone helped found the new Karl Rove network of front groups known as American Action Network, American Action Forum, and American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS, which together delivered an unprecedented wave of attack ads against Democrats last year. 


    Karl Crow, a Koch-funded operative, will unveil a new voter-targeting system to help Republicans win back the White House in 2012. Last summer, Crow published a memo arguing that corporations should take advantage of the Citizens United decision to flood money into the midterm elections.


    The first “serious” GOP contender for the presidency, Herman Cain, is at the Koch meeting. Cain, a talk show host and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, has been a frequent guest at events sponsored by Koch front groups like Americans for Prosperity.


Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) will be in attendance, according to National Review.


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25 responses to “The Cain Scrutiny

  1. Egypt took the attention away from the Republican’s Rape Bill. If the upcoming election boils down to ideas, they’ll lose.

    (And our SCOTUS is just embarrassing.)

    • hopefully, it will boil down to ideas instead of spin. with faux news, citizens united, and all the hate radio talkers, what’s really going on never makes it to a large percentage of ears.

    • jean-philippe

      Egypt might inspire the American people to ask more from their leaders.

      • when i was first watching the protests and hearing that the middle class and poor are in turmoil because of the lack of jobs and low pay, my first thought was when it was going to happen here. yes, we have elections, but they’re controlled to a large degree by redistricting and the electoral college. with citizens united in the picture, it will be even worse, because corporations will control what redistricting can’t.

  2. The flying fuck theme goes well with a story about the Crotch Bros. I had my own idea decades ago to mint special coins in the “one fuck” denomination for married men to earn as premiums for obedience. They could also be given during the holiday season to fight the “I don’t give a fuck” syndrome . Also perfect for birthdays! And speaking of free enterprise, I saw the damnest thing today coming back from a daytrip to Sonora. Heading back north, we took the old ferry road back and going through the town of Columbia, I saw it. There was this big mountain on the west side of the road with the entire side laid bare showing craggy white rocks and zero vegatation, absolutely barren. This was once the prime spot to do hydralic mining with the giant hoses. Even a 160 years later, a total wasteland. This is why California passed the first environmental law in 1851 to stop this foul process. Government interference to stop the businessmen from raping the land and fouling the rivers. Maybe the Mother of Bears and BB can help reclaim our rights to fuck everything up.

    • what a pity that people seem to think that money is more important than the planet. your example is a stark reminder that the earth can’t heal itself, and much of the damage we do to it is permanent.

  3. They got a warm welcome…..
    (25 protesters arrested!)

  4. afrankangle

    Hey Nonnie … On the back wall, is that Judge Scalia imitating Phil Silvers?

  5. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    Another interesting and thought-provoking post, but somehow it only strengthens my notion that my fellow Republicans continue to rely on either personal attacks or money to “win”. What’s wrong with simply engaging the electorate fairly and letting the chips fall where they may (well, on 2nd thought–given the current state of affairs within our party–I don’t want to know the answer just yet).

    Please stop over and share your Super Bowl pick this weekend if time permits. Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

    • hi al! 😀 i wish more republicans were like you, especially those in office. that’s the way things used to be before the party got hijacked.

      i’ll stop by, but i’m afraid i’m not much of a football fanatic. i’ll most likely be watching the puppy bowl on animal planet until the 4th quarter when i’ll turn on the game. that’s my usual superbowl sunday.

  6. Fred

    All you need to know about Herman Cain is that he’s good buddies with Neal Boortz of Atlanta! With Boortz now showing up to do his morning “Lie and Whine” fest less and less, Cain substitutes more and more!
    Boortzs’ 6-7 regular bloggers have gone completely goo-goo over Cain ! You know the type that hears someone on the radio for the first time and immediately blogs that person should run for president!
    Boortz will raise the IQ of Atlanta 75 points when he heads down to Naples Florida and stays there!

    Nonnie,you need to do a Boortz Scene! He’s got plenty to work with, from being full of it, lying about being a Texas A &M graduate for over 38 years, to being a card-carrying Yellow-Back-boned Chickenhawk! His past is built on one lie after another and probably is the biggest butt-kissed on AM radio today!I could go on and on about “The Whinemaster” or as some of his detractors call him Mr. Whiny,but that’s for another day!

    • hi fred! 😀

      i was going to welcome you to the raisin, but i figured out that you’ve been here several times before under different names. so, instead, i’ll say welcome back. 😀

      thanks for the background on peewee cain (i’ve decided that will be my nickname for him, at least for now). i did a search, and i can’t believe i’ve never put boortz in a poster. 😯 i’ll have to keep my eyes and ears open for him to make news so i can belittle him by giving him a starring role. i didn’t know all that about his background, but i can’t say that i’ve studied the disgusting waste of oxygen.

    • ” lying about being a Texas A &M graduate for over 38 years”

      As someone whose first wife is a Texas Ex, and whose second wife was born in San Antonio, I ask, “who would lie about being an Aggie? Why couldn’t they lie about being a Longhorn instead?”