How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?

From THINK PROGRESS (2-1-11):

Amidst the political upheaval in Egypt, conservatives are scare-mongering about the possible Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. But leading neoconservative Frank Gaffney is taking Muslim Brotherhood fearmongering to new heights. This past weekend, Gaffney was a featured speaker at the Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis, an annual gathering of social conservatives. Gaffney used the opportunity to discuss how the Muslim Brotherhood is not only poised to implement a new theocracy in Egypt, but is also operating in the United States under “front groups” like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil liberties group dedicated to “protecting the rights of all Americans, regardless of faith.”

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After his speech, ThinkProgress caught up with Gaffney to probe his conspiracy further. Echoing the McCarthyist anti-communist rhetoric of the 1950s, Gaffney told us that there were already people in the federal government doing the bidding of “stealth jihadists.” When we asked Gaffney to name names, he pointed to President Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano […]


Earlier this month, Gaffney declared that the American Conservative Union, which hosts the influential CPAC gathering, had been “infiltrated” by “Islamism” and accused one of its board members, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, of doing the Muslim Brotherhood’s bidding. [Norquist’s wife, Samah Alrayyes, is of Palestinian descent and a Muslim.]  Similar statements in the past led Norquist, who is extremely well-regarded in conservative circles, to reprimand Gaffney in an open letter for his “racial prejudice, religious bigotry [and] ethnic hatred.”Gaffney’s paranoia also led him to call for the U.S. military to “take out” the Arab news network Al Jazeera during the Iraq War. Al-Jazeera has been widely praised this month for providing some of the best coverage of the democratic movement in Egypt.

(Transcript and video at THINK PROGRESS link)

From THINK PROGRESS (2-2-11):

During Hannity last night on Fox, Gaffney reiterated his extraordinary claim that the federal government was already being manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, who he alleged was giving surreptitious advice to the Obama administration. The problem went even further, according to Gaffney. The Muslim Brotherhood was currently waging “an influence operation against the conservative movement” as well.

Assuming the role of a modern-day Paul Revere, Gaffney yesterday tried to “warn” a group of “senior conservative leaders” about the ongoing threat of an Islamist takeover of the conservative movement.


GAFFNEY: What is going on here in part is that the Obama administration’s policies are being viewed through and actually articulated and now implemented through influence operations that the Muslim Brotherhood is running in our own country. It’s really extraordinary. The Justice Department has prosecuted some of these guys and the Obama administration – and for that matter the Bush administration before it – has been reaching out to some of these same organizations. You cannot possibly get your strategy right, you cannot execute it effectively if you don’t know that the enemy is actually giving you advice on how to proceed. I have to tell you, just this afternoon, I had a confidential meeting with some senior conservative leaders to warn them about an influence operation against the conservative movement. They don’t want to hear it either! This is endemic. We will not get this right if we don’t understood the Muslim Brotherhood there and here is the enemy.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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34 responses to “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?

  1. I’ll be singing this all night. 😀

    John McCain has a case of dia-Sharia of the mouth. El-Baradei equals Sharia Law. 😯

    • actually, the first song that came to mind was maria from west side story. howevah, a while ago, i was going to rewrite all the songs from wws, but i never finished. i looked for it today, and it turns out that i actually rewrote that song twice–well, one & 1/2 times. here’s chimpy singing about his favorite supreme:

      The supremest Supreme I ever heard,
      Scalia! Scalia! Scalia! Scalia…
      All the powers I need in a single word…
      Scalia! Scalia! Scalia! Scalia…

      I just need more guys like Scalia.
      And suddenly you’ll see
      How powerful a prez
      Can be.

      I love that fat rascal Scalia,
      He’ll take the law and play,
      So all school kids can pray,
      (To me!!!!)

      Say it once, on your mind, he’ll linger,
      Say it twice, and he’ll give you the finger.

      I’ll keep nominating Scalias!

      The Supremest Supreme I ever heard.

      and remember when chuckleberry kept calling sonia sotomayor maria?

      The most horrible sound I ever heard:
      Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria . . .
      All the liberal sounds of the world in a single word . .
      Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria . . .
      Latinas are all named Maria,
      We made that a law,
      Way down in Arkansas,
      You see!

      In me, she sparks no manly desires,
      Not like that hot chick, Harriet Miers.
      We don’t need a judge named Maria….

      • Wasn’t Scalia the one who said innocence of the accused in a death sentence case would have no bearing on his rulings?

        • yep! a lot of judges think that way. they don’t allow evidence of innocence when hearing an appeal. they’re only supposed to consider whether or not there were procedural errors which would warrant a new trial. that’s the scariest thing in our whole judicial system, along with way too much power in the hands of district attorneys who have their political careers to consider.

  2. JaxDem

    My Sharia no more, a law that must go away
    My Sharia no more, let’s keep the ‘merican way
    La la la la la la, La la la la la la
    La la la la la la, La la la la la la

  3. jeb

    Who the hell is this fruitloop?

  4. Fear & Loathing are alive & well in Gaffney’s mind.

    Awwww look a little fine art lapel pin– the Scream!!! How befitting!

  5. He’s worried the arabs are taking over CPAC? Boy, will he be surprised at the number of Nancy boys that plan to show up this time. All of them. Going to be a regular sausage fest! Seems that back in the olden days, as a child, I heard this same hysterical fear of the Mau Mau. (for all you history buffs, the last use of the B-24 Liberator was by the Brit colonials doing saturation bombing of the jungles trying to kill them). It is a strange paranoid world these people live in. It is amusing to see all the goper apologist line up to protect the Hosni dictatorship these days. What happened to the good old days when totaliterians could be safely bought off. Like Saddam. Or Noriega. Or Mobutu. Even Bin Laden used to be on the payroll. What could possibly go wrong?

    • i hope cpac is overrun with gay arabs. that will make c-span way more exciting. i wonder what ol’ frank has to say about darrell issa. he’s an arab, too. this will result in yet another rift in the good ol’ gop! they’ll have so many rifts, superglue won’t be able to put that particular humpty dumpty together again.

  6. Fred

    They’re feeding on each other more and more everyday!

  7. Are there people who actually take this nut-job seriously? Oh wait, of course there must be, duh. What kind of question is that. Man, am I naive sometimes.

    Love your title!

    • the sad thing is that he probably would only have credibility within his own little paranoid neocon circle. however, the media grants him gravitas just by allowing him to be heard. remember when we used to hear you couldn’t say it on tv if it wasn’t true? we hear all kinds of bullshit on tv these days, but people still believe only because they heard it on tv.

  8. Hearing about people with this kind of mindset is like watching a train wreck. But hysteria sells even better than sex. The more outrageous the accusations and finger pointing gets, the more attention the fear mongers get. It’s disgusting. The worst part of this is that we are a captive audience in this arena of death and end up collateral damage when they crash into the crowd.

    • remember when the news was about getting information to the people instead of being a series of reality shows duking it out to be the most outrageous in order to get the highest ratings? we not only need some grown-ups in political office, but in news organizations as well.

  9. I wonder if Gaffney will ever go into hysterics over the Saudi infiltration of News Corp? I doubt it.

    “The second-largest holder of voting stock in News Corp. is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king.”

    • money trumps everything. darrell issa is the wealthiest member of the house, so it doesn’t matter that he’s an arab. they have different rules for different people. i guess grover norquist isn’t rich enough, so he’s on the shitlist for having a muslim wife.

      • what about the fact the arabs own most of citicorp and other financial institutions

        gaffney is fucking insane – and a media whore
        then again so are most right wing idiots

      • “darrell issa is the wealthiest member of the house, so it doesn’t matter that he’s an arab.”

        It doesn’t matter that he has a very checkered past, either. Read all the illegal things he’s either done or is alleged to have done in this New Yorker article.

        He has a conviction for an unregistered firearm in Michigan (in fact, in the county where I lived for 7 years), and has been charged for auto theft at least once. And this guy has the nerve to call Obama’s administration corrupt?

        As for his or anyone else being Arab, I really wish that was a complete non-issue, despite my pointing out Gaffney’s hypocrisy and fearmongering above. I have a long rant about that topic, but your comments section isn’t the place for it.

        • and don’t forget the arson for insurance money. crime isn’t a mark against you in rethug circles. just look at rick scott. he was never indicted, but he was guilty as sin. when you’re rich, the law works differently (meaning it doesn’t work at all).

          you can rant here for as long as you want, neon vincent.

  10. We will not get this right if we don’t understood the Muslim Brotherhood there and here is the enemy.

    And WTF does getting it “right” consist of? Rounding up everyone that looks like they might be Muslim and sending them to Gitmo, now that it looks like Egypt won’t be torturing for us anymore?

    But nutballs like Gaffney may be a blessing in disguise— especially when they start accusing other conservatives like Suhail Khan and Grover the Norquist of sedition. The sooner they eat each other alive the better.