From Salon:

Bill O’Reilly knows all about those liberal conspiracies to use “science” to slander intelligent design. But he’s not buying it.

O’Reilly once used the Earth’s tides as an example of how nature’s complexities could only be explained by divine intervention. Then, a viewer dusted off his old earth science textbook and informed the Fox News host that the moon causes the tides. Quite the gambit!

The Fox News hosts asks — and this is paraphrased: How’d the moon get there? How’d it get there? How’d it get there? And why doesn’t Mars have a moon, hmm?? (Mars has two moons.) Why doesn’t science have an explanation for the existence of the moon?

Actually, it most definitely does.

thetwilightsaganewmoonOriginal movie poster
(Video at Salon link)

From Salon:

All Bill O’Reilly did was ask an innocent question: How’d the moon get there? And the blogosphere erupted.

Sure, some could call O’Reilly’s query a little bit smug and didactic. But Stephen Colbert thinks the Fox News host gets too little credit. Some other things that can only be explained by God: Tivo, hot vs. cold water faucets, the cow that jumped over the moon and, of course, Bill O’Reilly.

(Video at Salon link)


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33 responses to “Moonstruck

  1. jean-philippe

    Anywhere but on Fox News, this would be a professional suicide.

  2. Colbert’s bit was hysterical. O’Reilly’s such a buffoon. And poster is perfect as the dumbest vampire story ever.

  3. jeb

    Mars has two moons? How was he supposed to know that?

  4. Now you should have known better than to watch a tweenie movie where the pubertyt challenged girls think it’ just so great to have a boyfriend, even if he’s kinda dead and even creepier than her father. Besides, you haven’t been twelve years old for several years now. But what of fate. The father of the bears is wearing….a brown shirt! How did it get there? Did the almighty look down and deem him to wear a brown shirt? Do the other foxers wear brown shirts when they are off camera? There’s just no other explaination. Should he have an armband and a strap? And how did they not get there??

    • i really should know better, but i was bored and there was nothing else on tv. next time there’s a tweenie movie on, and i’m bored, i’ll remind myself that tweenies think justin bieber is talented, and i’ll come to my senses.

      billO looks kinda natural in a brown shirt, doesn’t he? 😆

  5. It’s because of examples like this that I avoid (and dread) discussing subjects I know nothing about. It’s so easy to make an obvious idiot of oneself.

    It might seem incredible that any 21st-century citizen of a developed nation could be ignorant of how tides work, but in my experience, religionists who reject science are often amazingly ignorant about what they’re rejecting. I’m continually amazed at how profoundly evolution-deniers misunderstand evolution (they think it’s a “random” process).

    Twilight? I can’t stomach these wimpy, bloodless modern vampires. Give me Bram Stoker or Brian Lumley, or nothing at all.

    • it doesn’t take a phd in science to know that the moon controls the tides. he could have found that in a 5th-grade science book. now we know for sure what we always suspected–billO is not smarter than a 5th grader.

  6. Well, duh….of course he doesn’t know the answer to this question….he’s just an average Joe who just happens to have a radio show to entertain other average Joes who don’t know the answer to that question. Now they can all come up with their own answers and try to write history.

    • wouldn’t it be nice to have a job like that, where you can be so lazy that you don’t have to research anything, spew whatever bullshit comes into your mind, and get paid millions to do it?

  7. MNLatteLiberal

    You know what i’m gonna say because i already said it in the previous thread.
    So instead, i’d like to dedicate this brief musical interlude , courtesy of B-52’s, to Jesus, /nah, not grand enough/ Papa Bear:

    Dance THIS mess around, Bill.

  8. and now OReilly is interviewing Obama today before the Super Bowl – and on the 100th birthday of the Patron Saint of Idiots and Teabaggers -Ronald Reagan

  9. He don’t need no stinking science! Apparently he can run on pure bullshit & has a seemingly endless source of it.