Crappy Birthday, Part 2

We left off yesterday with my visit to Dunkin’ Donuts, where the Ronald Reagan omnipresence was nausea inducing apparent.  I fled the donut shop and the horror to do some errands.  The first thing on my list was buying some paint.

Original image
😯 Screw it. My walls look fine. I’ll go get a manicure instead.

Original image

😯 On second thought, i can live with a few hangnails. I still haven’t had a thing to eat, and I’m hungry. I think I’ll stop by Wendy’s.

Original image

😯 I’ve lost my appetite. I need to have my daily recommended serving of veggies, so I’ll have a ketchup smoothie later on.

To be continued…


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28 responses to “Crappy Birthday, Part 2

  1. Dude is a dead ringer for Madge.

  2. Oh my God. Your imagination is just evil. too funny.

  3. jeb

    Your soaking in it dear.

  4. With a character like St. Ron, you don’t even have to make stuff up.
    Just quote him verbatim:

    “I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.”

    “Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.”

  5. And to think I used to work at Wendy’s. After that last image, I can’t even eat there anymore!

  6. I just love your ad parodies! “Are those tax cuts mild?….Why, you’re soaking in them!” And with all this culture arguing being revived, we have to ask the question: would that Dutch step up to the current social situation and put that finger in a dyke? Maybe Nancy could get a battery of her astrologers to do the old Fox sisters bit with one-for-yes and two-for -no answers to the life and death questions of today. And a word of warning about those donut shops-stay away!! lest they contribute to those bizarre ethnic stereotypes like “shape shifting”.And speaking of such, I didn’t know FOTC was Polish. (refernce to the SCTV opening absolving those make jokes at a certain ethnic groups expense and after finishing the editorial Dave Thomas reaches to the knob on a TV set while three others tilt it accordingly to turn it on)

    • Friend of the court

      worse than you think. Swiss. 😉

    • i love doing ad parodies, especially the old ones. i just wish they were a little easier to find. a lot of them are so old that the resolution is not very good, and, of course, it’s difficult to find a lot of them.

      i wonder if nancy fires up the old ouija board so she can still talk to ronnie. maybe she has the servants call her mommy (i gagged every time ronnie called her that).

      you’re confused. friend of the court is her full name, but you were going by fotc, which certainly looks like it’s polish, though it’s a lot shorter than typical polish names. 😉

  7. South Austin Viceroy

    Old, dead Ronny Raygun has a legacy full of unadulterated horseshit and if he’s the model of a conservative, well this is what Republicans want me to believe in:

    • excellent debunking of the st. ronnie myth. too bad so many people are too lazy to actually look into what he did instead of just swallowing the overly-airbrushed picture the propagandists try to paint.

  8. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    As much as I hate to admit it, Yes, my fellow Republicans have a way of belaboring a point into the dust. Yes, President Reagan was a good and decent man, but even he would want less staged pep-rallies and more substance within the party he loved. Wondering aloud how many times he may wince in heaven each time the likes of Sarah Palin invokes his name…

    Have a great week, Nonnie! Hope you had a chance to catch some of the “Puppy Bowl” on Sunday.

    • hi al!

      i don’t think reagan was any better or any more decent than any other man. he was a hypocrite, as what he did didn’t match his rhetoric. does that make him bad? no. all politicians make promises knowing that they can’t live up to them. the fact that he always wore a suit in the oval office doesn’t make him any more respectful of the office than someone who rolls up his sleeves and works hard. however, there are some who think that alone qualifies him for sainthood. on the personal front, he certainly didn’t live up to the standards of the religious right. how good a father is he when none of his children even talk to each other? nancy was knocked up when they got married. again, does all that make him a bad person? no. but it illustrates that he’s not the saint that some people want to paint him as. the same can be said of princess sarah. she was knocked up when she got married, too, so maybe she really is emulating ronnie.

      i did watch the puppy bowl (more than once), and i almost overdosed on cuteness. 😀

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