Crappy Birthday, Part 3

Oh, kids, I don’t know what to do!  Ronald Reagan continues to haunt me!  Maybe I should see if there’s something on TV that will distract me.
😯 I’m changing the channel!

Looks like a commercial.
Original image
😯 What the hell is it with Republicans and their love of insurance companies? Forget the TV, maybe I’ll do some reading. I think I had a magazine around here somewhere.

Original magazine cover

😯 This is giving me heartburn. Let me see what I have in the medicine cabinet.

speedyalkaseltzerOriginal image

😯 I need to get out of the house!

To be continued…


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22 responses to “Crappy Birthday, Part 3

  1. someone’s going PS crazy! 🙂

    • this was going to be a 1-night subject, but i found too many pix i wanted to use, so it became a 2-night project, and then 3. tomorrow is night 4. i don’t know if it will be 5 or 6 or a whole week. someone stop me!!! 😉

      • Debbi L-B

        Hi Nonnie – can you email me at the email addy nonnie redacted – I am coming to Florida and wanted to give you the dates – thanks a bunch – miss you! Debbi in NS

  2. jeb

    Speaking of TV, maybe they should have buried him in Borax in Death Valley so he wouldn’t haunt you.

  3. No one can ever say you did not give at least 3 (days of posts) for the Gipper!

    Here is a little nostalgic clip:

  4. Poor Flo! I’d rather have had you photoshop Ray-Gun onto the Geico Gecko!

  5. I was suggesting to M’lissa recently that Mrs. Bearlady become the new spokesperson foe Regressive Insurance (M: “the anti=Flo). You can not escape the Reagan! When I left out of here in 1967, heading back to Texas, my mind dwelt on the fact that I wouldn’t have to listen to that stupid governor anymore. It’s a curse I tells ya. There is good news starting to manifest today: AZ and Idaho tabled birfer bills for ballot candidacy. The Co goper chairman quit and let the nutters know why they are killing the party. And a kook anti abortion state law was lambasted in the state assembly of Wyoming by four repub women legislators telling the ultra right to stay out of the private decisions of a woman and her doctor. The bill was voted down. The internecine fight is starting to brew up big time, will need extra popcorn. Even Nanookie of the North can’t sell tickets anymore but a great three word description poped up this week on HP comments that describes her to a tee: Blather, Rinse, Retweet!—-almost forgot Speedy-did a HS paper on bromines years ago. Much like Reagan, they accumulate in the body over time and could in the long term lead to death with high dosages.

    • it appears that some rethugs with some reasonable views are daring to stick their heads out of the foxholes. what happens next will be interesting. will others be emboldened by the courage of a few, or will the teabaggers plot their undoing in the next primary? bronzo the clown and widdle ewic don’t seem to have a clue how to keep their cats herded. i guess actual legislating is a lot harder than just flapping ones lips.

      • Gosh! That description makes me think I should try politics. One day last November while out checking the perimiter of Raisin Ranch, I noticed the felines were following me to all corners of the front so I did what any normal person would do: got a old hoe handle for a staff and went out into the land of the moo cows to go check out the creek with the catmother, 2 catlets, and three kittens following along. Kind of felt Moses-like in a wierd way watching them dart in and out of the bushes and trees like little panthers. After a while, we headed up to the top of the hill behind the place where I hoped to see where the old mine was (where the water comes from) We get to the top and I’m standing, gazing, a half a dozen moggies milling around within view from a little country lane where the occassional car would go by with someone, no doubt looking out to see me and my flock thinking: “What’s that guy doin’ over there? Oh, he’s herding cats!”

        • not just a delightful story, but i learned a new word, moggie. the moggies will be pleased with tonight’s poster. you’ll understand when you see it. 🙂

  6. She’s back!! If you want a good laugh, check out the fundraising letter from Christine the Pure over at TPMuckraker. It will send “shockwaves” through you!

    • i almost feel sorry for little chrissie. almost, but not quite. she has no other alternatives but to continue her grifting by trying to extract money from idiots who actually believe that she’s a viable candidate and/or that she’s important enough for anyone to think that she’s a threat to democrats.

  7. citizenx

    Reaga-Seltzer? I’d rather deal with the hangover than face St. Ronnie as Speedy.

    Poor Speedy.

  8. God how I hate that Progressive Insurance commercial!

    Now I know why!

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