Saint Conspiraca

We’ll have to take a little break in the continuing coverage of St. Ronnie Reagan for a different saint.  I didn’t have time to photoshop anything today, but I did make a pic for Seneca Doane over at the Big Orange, so we’ll use that over here tonight.  My apologies.

From Hot Dish Politics at the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Rep. Michele Bachmann might have arrived a half-hour late for the first nationwide Tea Party Town Hall, but she got there in plenty of time to raise the alarm – Paul Revere style – about the imminent threat of a faraway government with designs on its citizens’ freedoms and liberties.

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Taking part in the Tea Party Express’ live webcast (produced by Tea Party HD, the folks who brought you Bachmann’s State of the Union rebuttal) the three-term Minnesota Republican had some sobering news for followers taking part Tuesday via Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Chat and just plain old email.

Since the Founding Fathers, she said, 21 generations of Americans have “passed the torch of liberty and freedom” to their children.

Now, thanks to Obama and Co. and their Big Government ways, “that question is up for grabs on the table.”


Sharing the stage with Bachmann were Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, along with House allies Steve King and Allen West, the freshman Florida Republican who described Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison as the “antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established.”

Asked via a Web questioner whether her Tea Party rhetoric might be considered divisive, Bachmann said that “far from being divisive in any way, what we’re trying to do is bring together a great unity.”


“Our founding documents, they cannot be improved upon,” said Bachmann, giving an almost Biblical rendition of the work product of the nation’s first generation of politicians. “They’re brilliant. We believe in them. That’s not divisive.”

Tip of the hat to Seneca Doane for the inspiration.


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21 responses to “Saint Conspiraca

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    “Our founding documents, they cannot be improved upon,” said Bachmann, giving an almost Biblical rendition of the work product of the nation’s first generation of politicians. “They’re brilliant. We believe in them. That’s not divisive.”

    guess we can flush all the Amendments down the toilet.
    i do wonder, however, if she’d do away with the 19th first?
    i mean, universal suffrage? wtf? why let Michele [spit] suffer?

    • i wish someone would ask saint conspiraca, patron saint of batshittery specifics about the founders and things they actually wrote or said. i bet she’d have the same deer-in-the-headlights expression that princess sarah had when asked about the chimpy doctrine as she continued to flap her lips.

  2. “Our founding documents, they cannot be improved upon,”

    “My learnings, let me show you them.”

    Nice try, Madame Reprehensible, but it’s your lack of learning you’re showing.

    Sheesh, what a Ballon-head!

    • but she rocks the tinfoil, doesn’t she? hey, i just thought of a new fundraiser for st. batshit balloonhead bachmann conspiraca! 😀

      • The tinfoil makes it! 😆 Plus, the whacked out expression on her face. Steve King is one ugly baby, too.

      • MNLatteLiberal

        you do remember that she believes that the Pope is the devil, right? it’s one of the key tenets of her wacko congregation. i mean, that goes just as nicely with the tinfoil veil as that crazed expression so atypical for the usually sedate and accepting saint types. but those guys probably just lacked her passion. yeah, that’s it.

        PS: imho she should be holding something a bit more meaningful in her hand than a tomato. i was thinking something fruity, like a banana, but that might be a tad phallocentric. how about a citrus that goes nicely with tea? like a lemon?

        • i didn’t know that she’s anti-pope. i wonder how many catholic teabaggers there are who might be interested in that info.

          is that a tomato? i wasn’t sure. i thought it might be a bagel. actually, after i posted it here, i regretted not replacing that with something else. as it happened, however, while i was working on that, my internets connection crapped out for hours. the next day, i had only about 3 hours sleep and was sidelined for hours on a phonecall with a credit card company, disputing a charge. anyway, i hadn’t even noticed the tomato/bagel when i was working on it originally, and when i did notice, i was just too tired to change it. let’s have fun with it. maybe it’s not a tomato or a bagel. maybe it’s a testicle of one of the rethugs who is scared of the teabaggers primarying him.

  3. jeb

    “far from being divisive in any way, what we’re trying to do is bring together a great unity.”

    except for anyone who doesn’t look like us, pray like us or agree with us!

  4. Frosty

    If you didn’t see King last night being owned on “The Last Word,” by Lawrence O’Donnell, you owe it to yourelf to watch it! muslim

  5. Frosty

    Don’t know why it didn’t highlight the word ‘muslim’ in site address! Must be a Tea-Party plot to keep you from watching the exchange between the two!

  6. jean-philippe

    “Our founding documents, they cannot be improved upon”

    What a […]!!!

    1865 abolition of slavery and 1920 right for women to vote…

    This quote is the most hardcore conservative quote in a long time…

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    I wandered over to the Twin Cities Star Tribune to read some of the comments posted about her recent encounter with lunacy. Fortunately, in my beloved Twin Cities, the majority of commenters share my views:

    Bachmann claims: Your passion is about fiscal conservatism, and I am one of you,” said the three-term congresswoman. “For some of you, your passion is about defending the moral values that grounded this country, and I am one of you…. Again, Bachmann merely demonstrates the significant overlap between the religious right and the tea party. Indeed, they are synonomous. Out of one side of their mouths comes talk of “liberty,” out of the other, the call to shove their religious “values” down everyone else’s throat. The hypocrisy is apparent to everyone but, oddly, them. These people will say anything, no matter what the contradiction.

    • i love your comment, sds! that’s it in a nutshell. the teabaggers (at least, the batshit bachmann/steve king/princess sarah contingent) are all about freedom, but only the freedom for you to do exactly what they say you should do. they want a combination theocracy/corporatocracy. religion is the tool to keep the unwashed masses under control so that the corporations can do whatever they want.

  8. Isn’t it odd how King keeps mentioning the Cairo speech. Isn’t it something that todays news is the biggest event ever in the Arab world and has every despot and monarchy sweating blood! Wasn’t the defense of totalitarianism by blubberbutt today on the radio the most fantastic thing he has ever said?! He named off every group, creed, sex, only excluding overweight old white guys who take narcotics. Oh yea, what an icon you have there! Methinks she’s holding her brain, or maybe some womans uterus that had to be turned into POG headquarters. The icon becons: “Bring forth the tax cuts into the temple, that they may be worshiped”!

    • it’s not really odd that king keeps mentioning the cairo speech. he probably never even heard it, but frank luntz told him to talk about it ad nauseum.