It’s not a wonderful day in this Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood!

From KRWG:

LAS CRUCES, NM (krwg) – House Republicans proposed eliminating public broadcasting funding entirely last week as part of an effort to cut $100 billion in federal spending from the president’s 2011 fiscal year budget.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting or CPB provides funding for PBS and NPR stations across the country.

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Congressional Democrats are vowing to fight the public broadcasting cuts as they did with previous budget battles.


[Senator Jeff] Bingaman-“I think unfortunately this is an issue that has more of an ideological bent to it than it does a fiscal conservatism bent to it. I think some particularly here in the congress on the republican side feel the CPB is too liberal in its programming and doesn’t adequately reflect the more conservative right wing views that they favor and accordingly it has always been a target for them in spending proposals.”


Republican Representative Hal Rogers, who is chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said in a statement he believes these reductions are necessary to show that congress is serious about returning the nation to a sustainable financial path.

However, President Obama’s budget proposal released Monday keeps a $451 million dollar appropriation in place for the CPB until 2014 which would be a $6 million increase over its 2012 appropriations.

Washington (CNN) – All-but-declared presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a warning for Republicans in Congress who want to slash funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


The former congressman and senator said on Fox News Monday he tried to cut federal funding for the CPB when he was in office but faced a powerful backlash from supporters of the legendary kids shows.

“When I came to Congress, I was one of the guys that said we got to cut the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It wasn’t necessary anymore,” he said. “Well the ‘Barney’ contingent came out and the ‘Sesame Street’ contingent came out and these are programs that are popular among families and so they hit you pretty hard.”

The comments come a week after House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Kentucky, proposed a budget blueprint that eliminates all funding to the CPB, which helps subsidize NPR and PBS affiliates. Last year, CPB received more than $400 million from the federal government.


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23 responses to “It’s not a wonderful day in this Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood!

  1. It always looks bad when you want to kill Elmo:

    😀 He’s so cute. 😀

  2. Republicans are really just SUCKING nonstop this week. Incremental sucking is much less conspicuous.

  3. It’s a bad day when Santorum is the smart one in the room.

  4. Doesn’t meet the criteria of Reagbolah thought which can handily be condensed to two positions: (1) does this make ME any money? (2) who needs to be killed.

  5. Friend of the court

    i think i may have become radicalized. i would like to see big bird peck rogers’ head bald.

  6. Educational programming w minimal commercials?

    It’s an outrage in the GOP playbook.

    For profit rules.

  7. The most interesting observation today by a pundit was the fact all of these amendments, pontifications, moral policing, all of it means NOTHING! It won’t get any senate consideration and the prez would veto anyway. All of this is theater to entertain the pobucker constituants. But I suspect the Big Bird thing may be Fruedian: fear of something with a large pecker.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    Yeah, enough of the grandstanding, “let’s show the liberals whose in charge” craaaaap. When a party’s entire reason for being is just to thwart so-called liberal policies and interests, nothing will get done by our elected representatives. The pandering just sounds good to the numbskulls.

  9. wait till programs do get cut and the people that voted for assholes like the freshmen teabaggers and bachmann lose things they dont realize they will lose

    everyone wants generic cuts – no one wants specific cuts – and it will come home to roost

    gawd i hate the GOP more and more every day – they are making Mubarak look normal

    • wait until they have to start paying double for services they used to pay for through their taxes. it should be evident that there is power in numbers, and you can get a better deal if you purchase things through large groups of people rather than individually, but the teabaggers have never been very bright.