Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Bullshit


Rep. Michele Bachmann was on a tear: In one of her most fiery stump speeches to date, the tea party leader told a South Carolina audience that the tax code was a “weapon of mass destruction,” that President Obama is “babying” terrorists, that the rich pay too much in taxes, that social issues like marriage and abortion cannot be put on the “back burner,” and that Fox News’ Glenn Beck can solve America’s budget deficit.


“We are looking at a time of bubbles,” Bachmann said, referring to the housing and tech bubbles. She said that Americans are witnessing a “government bubble.”

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“If Obama is allowed to continue what I call his ‘reign of error’ for another second term, we will be at $21 trillion in debt,” she said. “We are talking Greece territory in the greatest country in the world. We are talking Greece.”

She added, “When you add it all up — I’m a former federal tax lawyer — when you add up the tax burden on today’s kids — and I believe this is a low estimate — they are looking at in their peak years, at having 70 percent of their income to pay their tax bill.”

That’s a claim that Bachmann made at CPAC earlier this month when she claimed an even higher number — 75 percent, and according to the Washington Post, it simply isn’t true.

“The bottom line, when you ‘get out your calculator’ and add all this up: total taxes of about 25 percent, rather than the 75 percent in Bachmann’s telling,” wrote the Washington Post, which used tax experts to assist in its calculations of federal, state and local taxes. “We presented this math to Bachmann’s spokesman and are still waiting for a response.”

Bachmann blasted entitlement spending and urged reform in Social Security. “The problem is our health care welfare spending which is out of control,” she said. “The good news is we can solve this problem. It needs to be a market based approach.”

She offered up a somewhat non-traditional solution: “We need to simply tell people the facts, like Glenn Beck, with that chalkboard, that man can explain anything. I think if we give Glenn Beck the numbers, he can solve this.”

Bachmann also said there’s a business bubble because the U.S. has the “highest corporate income tax rate in the world.”


She also said that the rich pay the most in taxes. “Don’t let people tell you that those dirty rich people don’t pay their taxes: The top 1 percent pay 40 percent of all income taxes, the top 5 percent pay 60 percent, the top 10 percent pay 80 percent,” she said. “So we need a radically new system.”

In addition to the government bubble and the business bubble, Bachmann spoke of the education bubble, decrying $44 billion in Pell grants for low-income students.

She also talked about the “family bubble.”

“The family is on a bubble right now. The rate of cohabitating couples in one year increased 13 percent,” she said. “The family is the ultimate first form and first unit in government and society.”

She added, “The bureaucrats now hate our values; there’s a war on marriage, a war on family, a war on fertility all while funding and promoting abortion.”


Yet another bubble Bachmann sees is the “national security bubble,” and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the ban on gay and lesbian servicemembers repealed by the U.S. Senate in December, is one of those things that is creating the bubble.

“President Obama is applying a politically correct standard to the United States military that cannot be tolerated in our country,” she said, adding that Obama is babying jihadists.


She also called on Wisconsin school boards to consider firing the teachers who called in sick to protest a bill that eliminate some collective bargaining for state employees.

“I want to give a shout out to Scott Walker up in Wisconsin,” she said to hearty applause. She derided teachers for “calling in sick on work time, showing up to protest and they bring the kids they are supposed to be teaching.”


Bachmann concluded, “So it is our time and it’s about 2012 and I’m in, and so I ask you tonight, are you in for 2012?”


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24 responses to “Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Bullshit

  1. jean-philippe

    And a lot more is coming if she runs for the nomination… 😀

    • there’ll be a lot more coming whether she goes for the nomination or not (and i have no doubt that she’ll be running). she’s an attention whore, pure and simple. it has nothing to do with the country and everything to do with her.

  2. Sara

    Nonnie, great visuals but I cannot even be witty after reading her blather.
    I just want to vomit.

  3. Let it be….Bachmann and Beck on the ticket and all will be well again!!

    I think I’m going to vomit.

  4. jeb

    Well that’s a first. I grew up in cattle country and I’ve never actually seen bullshit bubble before. Amazing.

  5. I for one am thrilled this woman may run on the Republican ticket for president. Barack Obama— calling her by her first name— “Michele”— will have a loving tone when he says it, but he will rip her crazy out with a chainsaw in a velvet glove.

    And her bullshit may bubble for awhile, but she’s a lightweight crazy, and I predict a total psychotic breakdown on the campaign trail. In the long run, it’s unceasing exposure of backward ideas that leads to their undoing.

    • she’ll never make it to the presidential debates. she might win the primary in south carolina and maybe a couple of other states, but nothing more. however, she’ll still be helpful, because the other candidates will have to respond to her nonsense. when they disagree, the teabaggers will go all apeshit on them. it will be so amusing to watch them try to strike the balance between appeasing the teabaggers and not offending independents. i don’t think it can be done. that said, i hope that the pressure really starts to get to batshit bachmann and her spouse to the point where he has to hit the airport mens room to get some relief, and he gets caught.

  6. I may join your vomitfest…

    What is it with this newfound “fiscal responsibility”, during 8 years of Bush, when HE racked up the big fat Ntl Debt…. the lockstep GOP turned a blind eye.
    Now suddenly they give a shit about debt? They are all atwitter about it?
    All we need is Beck & a chalkboard?

    Healthcare “welfare” is the problem— not the war budgets!!!!

    Pass the bucket– Quick!

  7. When I read the title, I thought it would be about Christine O’Donnell and how she leaked that she might be on “Dancing with the Stars.” Poor witch, they’ll probably disinvite her now.

    • i heard about little chrissie. i have to wonder why dwts would even want her. i doubt she has a huge following that will bring them all kinds of ratings. in fact, i would bet that the vast majority of people have no idea who she is.

  8. Bubblebutt sure seems intent on cornering the guano market. We are all so fortunate that she has pull with the spazBeck, knower of all and the worlds foremost authority. You don’t find genious like this every day, with all that chalk talk and fire pictures. While trying to digest the latest theory on how reform Jews are going to kill the planet, I had to take leave and consider my own peril lurking about, acting like nothing is going on, groups of two or three, sometimes 10 or 15 wandering about near my back fence, sometimes down by the creek. I hear their strange calls (to prayer probably), their disconected demeanor, and I know they all use grass. Some are black, some white, some brown, some black with white spots, some white with black spots! Always watching, mocking me with those eyes. But thanks to spazBecks teachings, I finally figured it out. Them damned cows are all Moo-slims.

    • “You don’t find genious like this every day, with all that chalk talk and fire pictures.”

      I should introduce you to Time Cube and David Icke.

    • oh no!! not the mooslims! 😆 i bet they give jihadist milk.

      i wonder when there’s going to be a public cat fight over who gets to keep glenn blechhh–batshit bachmann or princess. i have a feeling that it won’t be long before blechhh is radioactive. i wonder what the 2 morons will do then, throw him under the bus or push some bullshit about him being the victim of the lamestream media.

  9. When I hear these ridiculous claims it brings me back to the days of the “new math” that didn’t catch as far as I ever noticed. Where DO they get these figures from?

    • batshit bachmann has an endless supply of facts and figures, like the indian paper that told her how much pres. obama’s trip to india would cost, glenn blechhh’s blackboard, and sean hannity’s ass.

  10. i wished they had oscars for Political performances. bachmann is like the new joan crawford.

    but of course the MEDIA doesnt bother to call her on her insanity

    • i wouldn’t care if they didn’t call out her insanity if they stopped treating her as though she has gravitas. why do they have her on serious news shows?