Prank and Vile

From Ezra Klein at The Washington Post:

Gonzo journalist Ian Murphy noticed one of Wisconsin’s Senate Democrats complaining that Gov. Scott Walker was impossible to reach on the phone. So Murphy came up with a prank call: He posed as right-wing financier David Koch and called Walker’s receptionist. Shortly thereafter, he was on the phone with the governor himself.

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To Walker’s credit, he doesn’t say anything incriminating. When Murphy/Koch offers to plant demonstrators, Walker declines. The worst you can say is that when Murphy/Koch makes a lewd comment about Mika Brzezinski, Walker doesn’t challenge him on it. But that portion reads to me as Walker politely grunting in response to an odd provocation.


But if the transcript of the conversation is unexceptional, the fact of it is lethal. The state’s Democratic senators can’t get Walker on the phone, but someone can call the governor’s front desk, identify themselves as David Koch, and then speak with both the governor and his chief of staff?


The critique many conservatives have made of public-sector unions is that they both negotiate with and fund politicians. It’s a conflict of interest. Well, so too do corporations, and wealthy individuals. […Walker] is not opposed, in principle, to powerful interest groups having the ear of the politicians they depend on, and who depend on them. He just wants those interest groups to be the conservative interest groups that fund him, and that he depends on.

For your entertainment:


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16 responses to “Prank and Vile

  1. and the media snored on this… walker is a koch-asslicker and total fascist. but the media – well the disgruntled labor —

    i only hope this disgruntled behavior spreads even more

    • i think the newspapers pick up the sense of the people, and the people are on the side of the unions. the newspapers (other than uncle rupie’s) seem to be pretty sympathetic to the protesters. the ones that i’ve seen have categorized this as a power-grab by wanker walker.

  2. Perfect poster!

    I wonder if such an anti-middle class position, will come back and bite Republicans. It’s clearly teachers and regular people having the screws put to them. And the Walker Shmuck thinks he was schmoozing with a billionaire. Fool.

    If these demonstrators don’t win, the middle class takes another hit…maybe a final hit.

    • thanks m’liss. i used the poster before for the anita hill/ginni thomas story.

      wanker walker looks like a fool, and the more he tries to explain the phone call and how it’s just a distraction, the more foolish he looks. he’s going to be on meet the press this sunday. lawrence o’donnell will on, too. i doubt that wanker will want to face a panel, so he’ll probably just have a one-on-one convo with david gregory. that’s a shame. i would pay to see larry o’d tear wanker a new one.

  3. jeb

    Besides the fact that he would engage in such a sleazy conversation sounding like such an absolute toady, what does it say for your chief executive that he doesn’t even have the common sense to ensure the bona fides of a caller before dropping to his knees?

    • that’s what i said yesterday in the comments. what if that had been a security issue? he’s shown that he and the people he’s picked to surround him are stupid enough to fall for a prank as long as their blinded by the thought of money.

      • jeb

        going back through the comments, I see that you did say that Nonnie. I may have read your comment before or perhaps I’m just so amazed that anyone could move up to a high level position like governor and fall so easily for something like that. I mean what kind of idiot does one have to be to be so easily and eagerly duped? Right Sarah Palin?

        One wonders where the Rethug party finds these idiots.

        • i can understand falling for a well-planned prank. that’s what makes successful pranks so entertaining. however, this wasn’t well-thought out. murphy used some bs story about his maid accidentally putting his cellphone in the laundry, and that’s why they couldn’t return his call, and he would have to call them back at a prearranged time. hello? the man is the head of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, and there’s only one phone in his office? they were so dazzled and/or intimidated by koch’s money that they didn’t stop and think.

  4. MNLatteLiberal

    i dunno if the media is sleeping, but today the Chief of State Police (or some big police honcho) formally requested Walker explain his statement regarding considering planting trouble makers to incite the crowd to violence. O’Donnell dedicated a part of his show to that earlier.

    so i dunno if he “didn’t say anything incriminating, as WaPo concludes. There was another item:
    on what used to be Air America Ed (? – not sure who it was, reception of AM950 is lousy in most parts of Washington County, MN) had some WI state official ready to open a formal investigation regarding 3 points: using official public phone for clearly political/personal/non-official purposes. the other two items sounded far more serious, but i am senile and cannot recall what they were for the life of me.

    ~ Latte

    • latte, i was surprised, too, that ezra klein said that wanker didn’t say anything incriminating. i thought the entire conversation was incriminating. why was he discussing state business with someone who has no official capacity. hell, koch is not even a wisconsin citizen. i thought the admission that he considered sending thugs into the crowd was stunning. he would have done it if he thought it would make him look good. i don’t know if any of that can be considered criminal, but surely conducting personal and political business is, at the very least, unethical.

  5. Great poster, nonnie. These guys just keep stepping in it. I’ve heard more than one person say that this caused a shift in their thinking and I certainly hope it woke some folks up to the awful truth. What slime. And the general public is slowly learning about the Kochs and the Kochlore they have been fed.

    • i think the phone call really opened up some eyes. the rethugs love to talk about chicago politics, invoking images of corruption and violence injected into the picture. now, everyone heard that wanker walker considered sending thugs into the crowd. that’s absolutely stunning. i think that alone sunk any future political aspirations he might have. that will be in every opponent’s campaign ad. i also don’t think a lot of people will like that wanker walker dropped everything for 20 minutes to give an update to a billionaire who doesn’t even live in the state.

  6. Maybe those four words on the subject of baseball bats -“we thought about that”- will come back and bite him on the ass. My favorite is turning state business over to his cronies on no bid contracts because thats what god would want. They all dwell in their smug little world where their mission in life is to get and keep all the money and prove to the working class and unpriviledged that they are better than us. The rich have suffered too long! Just tonight little Randy Paul was telling Dave that the well to do pay almost all the taxes and that teachers in Wisconsin earn $87,000 a year, both are flagrant lies, of course. Dave get a consternated look and tells him “I can’t believe any of these things you say”. Well said.

    • jerry, thanks so much! i really wanted to watch dave, because i saw on a commercial that little randy was on. of course, i forgot. i should have recorded it, but i didn’t think of it. i’ll have to look online to see if i can watch. i love david letterman, because he calls a liar a liar.

      i think wanker walker didn’t just shoot himself in the foot with that phone call, he took off his shin and half his thigh. sending thugs into the crowd and strategerizing with a billionaire won’t sit well with most people. even the some of the teabagger crowd has to be having some pangs of doubt about their wisconsin savior.