The Bland of Pawlenty

From politicalticker at CNN:

Phoenix (CNN) – With no Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich or other potential presidential candidates in attendance, Tim Pawlenty did not have to elbow much for speaking and face time with conservative activists gathered at the American Policy Summit in Phoenix on Saturday.

Amid the thin lineup of potential candidates at the Tea Party Patriots’ three-day event, the friendly crowd was served red meat from the former Minnesota Republican governor – who emerged on stage to a splashy video presentation.

“I’m here today to say, ‘Thank you.’ Thank you for standing up to the ruling class. Thank you for standing up to the liberal power brokers, guardians of the status quo and the royal triangle of greed: big government, big unions and big bailed-out businesses.”

Thank you, because I can’t blow each one of you individually.
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“The Constitution was not written to limit freedom, it was written to limit government,” Pawlenty said. “It appears President Obama has forgotten what this says. It says in the Constitution: ‘In order to form a more perfect Union.’ Mr. President, that does not mean coddling out-of-control public employee unions. And Mr. President, Wisconsin does not need a lecture from somebody who’s never balanced a budget in his life.”

Pawlenty recently launched a website praising Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker as he battles with union opponents of a Republican bill that would strip most state workers of the bulk of their collective-bargaining rights.


Pawlenty is appealing to a group whose support he’ll surely need should he decide to run for president. Recently, he’s made the rounds of conservative events, visited early 2012 primary states, and traveled the country selling his book that’s part memoir, part conservative manifesto, “Courage to Stand.”


Representative Ron Paul spoke after Pawlenty. The Texas Republican enjoys a committed base of support in some conservative circles. He laid out familiar themes that often excite his followers.


“How did we get into this mess?” Paul asked.

“We allowed the wrong kind of people to take over our government. We allowed them to go for all the spending. And we allowed too many people to go to Washington that did not ever take their oath of office seriously. If that’s the cause, why shouldn’t the solution be: sending only people to Washington who take their oath of office seriously and obey the Constitution.”

People who take their oaths seriously? You mean, like Rethuglicans Pete Sessions and Mike Fitzpatrick who took their congressional oaths while watching television at a fundraiser?

From ClickZ:

As organizations on the left rally support for union workers across the Midwest, GOP presidential hopefuls are glomming on to the issue themselves. Likely GOP presidential candidates including Tim Pawlenty and Jim DeMint have latched on to anti-union sentiment online, recognizing the issue’s national relevance and hoping to generate donations and signups from supporters they can go back to during their 2012 presidential runs.

“The gig is up for public employee groups who demand better benefits than the taxpayers who are paying the bill. I’m confident Governor Walker’s reforms will succeed in Wisconsin. Stand strong, Scott — average taxpayers everywhere are rooting for you,” states, which redirects to Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC website.

Similarly, The Republican Governors Association recently launched its site, which asks people to “Support the RGA as we defend Scott Walker.”


Pawlenty, formerly Minnesota Governor, is promoting a petition and video through his Twitter and Facebook accounts and the PAC site, supporting Walker as his showdown with the state’s public unions dominates national news coverage.

Like the campaign promoting Pawlenty’s book, “Courage to Stand,” the Walker campaign push is accompanied by a high-impact, sensationalized video. In this case, it employs close-up images of cable TV talking heads to tell of the happenings in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere in the country where Republican governors are waging legislative wars with unions.

(Video at the ClickZ link)


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44 responses to “The Bland of Pawlenty

  1. jeb

    “There’s something about Ronnie.” LOL, I think that really sums it up. Bunch of lameazz Gipper wannabees.

  2. The anti-union slogan is it then. The big conservative idea for 2012. πŸ™„


    wildscreed πŸ˜†

  3. Friend of the court

    i’ve read the Constitution and i don’t remember the section that ensures the “freedom from facts”, that these baggers keep exercising.

    • you’re reading the wrong one, silly! the teabaggers have their own version of the constitution. it only has one amendment, the second, and the rest is just shit they made up as they went along.

  4. Hey, Nonnie! Sorry I’ve been absent. What’s been happening?

  5. Yes, the excitement in Arizona is contagious this weekend. After winning the Friday night truck race, Kyle Bush today set a track record leading 200 laps and winning the Nationwide series stock car race. A win tommorrow in the Cup race will give him the trifecta. Go #18…oh, I’m sorry….was this supposed to be about Pawslenty…..TIMMEH!!!

  6. “Thank you, because I can’t blow each one of you individually.” – Now that made me laugh into my Sunday morning coffee. Excellent.

  7. jean-philippe

    I spent hours last night trying to figure out which of the siamese twins has the brain…

  8. MNLatteLiberal

    thanks, nonnie.
    somehow, your poster makes them look intellectual
    maybe that’s because the original film was such a waste of great acting talent. don’t get me wrong, i am all for dumb and dumber; it’s just that Kinnear (Something’s Gotta Give) and “Dogma” Damon could do so much more… and looking at your poster, i keep thinking about that old “I’m with Stupid” classic T-shirt from the ’80s. Trust me, those two on the poster are dumber than they look.

    Koch brothers, on the other hand, are smarter. Very calculating and dangerous: their brains + money combination is not to be taken lightly. An MIT grad, a basketball star and an Ivy darling to this day because of all the tens of millions he donates to cancer research, science and his alma mater, David Koch is far from stupid. We ought not simplify the enemy; we need to expose their philanthropy as blood money.


    ~ L

    • they should thank me for leaving out the drool.

      you’re absolutely correct, the koch brothers are far from stupid. they’re also ruthless. howevah, everyone has an achilles’ heel, and i suspect that their arrogance will be theirs. in addition, they can’t do this on their own, so there will be plenty of weak links in the chain. wanker walker is just the first.

      • Just a word of thanks for pulling up that wild family bio on the billionaires. The old mans mistake after making a fourtune was not to give most to charity, lest the reletives fall on it like vultures. And this pattern is so predictable: Head of family makes his fortune, the kids grow up being lackeys and weasels, the grandchildren are the textbook definition of totaly worthless. All this goes to prove the old Chinese wise saying-If a family is rich for three generations, the fourth will be poor.

        • it reads like a harold robbins novel, doesn’t it? they’re all trying to prove that their weewees are as big as their daddy’s was, and they’ll stab their own siblings in the back to do so. if they weren’t such asswipes, i might feel sorry for them. since they don’t have a drop of empathy for anyone else (anything charitable appears to be done only for the glory), i won’t have any for them.